Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colors of the BUTTERFLY

in pretty colors
even red and royal blue
with more to come.
Sale: 10% off

Make perfect gifts

Lacy scarves 10% off this week

New styles have arrived for summer scarves and more on the way...let's have a 10% off sale on them this week!

We still have back room items and tagged sales in store.  sale items will be restocked.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

22 hours of rain and more

UNCONTROLLED WATER...the man told us, he has lived by the Ogden river next
to Lorin Farr Park 50 years.
Water from bridge bottom less than 6" hitting into it
This photo right after 22 hours of POURING non stop RAIN.
Weber county

Same Ogden River another Bridge only closest to Prairie Schooner.
Snowing in Mountains at the time

11th Street and 3200 S. west weber
Muddy Weber River
flooding the fields near it

This is the sad one...you'll see for yourself.
Farmland under water surrounding beautiful home
Location out 12th street West Weber or Warren area.

One side and front of this same home
little goats looking on
Channel 2 took photo's, said over 2,000 acres at least flooded.
channel 2 monday morning.

Other side of this home, much worse

We are on a bridge on top of this river, reason for flooding.
Isn't this high?

Same bridge.
Driving around miles and miles and miles of farmground, saturated,
muddy,puddled, some crops of corn inches up, most unplanted.
Many homes sandbagged, waiting for the REAL floods
expected THIS week.

Haunted Hollow 1900 west 13th street all under water.
It gets deeper every week now.

Lots of carp swimming trying to find deeper water there.

Ominous heavy clouds still 3 hours after these photos taken
70% chance rain through the night.
News said 1 1/4" today
with rain/snow through the night until afternoon Monday
The bright side:
It was nice to drive past the Ogden cemetary, cars lined to get in to pay
their respects to loved ones and the colors brightened up the gloom.

Hanging my head in shame:

on my last post this morning I was crying over a little flat of baby sized vinca's
I worked so hard to plant yesterday and then the 22 hour storm came.
I worried and worried.
Then our drive.
I now must say to myself:
Put on your coat of COMPASSION and GRATITUDE
These are neighbors and our community and state that have their livings in crisis
 it's not over it's just begun
We didn't lose a small loved one in the river today nor our living for the year.
Our home still stands it's not twisted into kindling
I will give thanks and forget my selfishness
what's a few little flowers.

It's time to pray for those in crisis right now.

Hope this finds all we love safe and well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

5:30 a.m...and Vinca's

SWEET Vinca's
they remind me of a new born baby

Vinca's love sunlight
they are a hardy dainty cottage flower.

THIS is Vinca's planted
I will share this place early this week
It reminds me of Hansel and Gretels house.
2nd clue: it's in Farmington

Our white picket fence prop is down and for sale:

Just a bed of roses  paper bag holder Headboard display selling:

5:30 a.m. I poke snoring husband to get up for the newspaper for yard sales...He sleeps through proding.
zzzzzzzz  zzzzzzz  zzzzzzz
 I get up and wander through the yard,  a beautiful morning and to be honest I hadn't done ANY yard browsing this year.
I start to pull weeds, here and there in bathrobe, soon its an hour.
I crawl back into bed.
it hurts.
We sleep in until 9:00 a.m.
(unheard of for us two.)
I tell Mr. Roses, my YOU have been VERY busy outside, but... I helped you!
Smile on my face.

He arose and off to one yard sale we went:
If you think you know someone controlling and bossy ...if it's not THIS LADY, then
We thought we'd met every kind of personality...
Arriving home I started thinking I must venture out soon to find WHITE PETUNIA'S
because... I saw them in a window display
also pink VINCA'S along a path.
Obsessed now

For 6 hours I planted 2  1/2 flats and re/arranged
garden furniture in our "way to big" of yard for "our age."
filled 3 wheelbarrows.
At 6:00 p.m.
showered. TOOK PILLS. slept hard.

Mr. Roses is required at his employement on holidays...I am not and because Lisa of http://www.blueandshoe.blogspot.com/ SAYS I HAVE DEEP POCKETS
being shopowner
I can stay home whenever I want.

I should not be left unattended, because I am like my father, once I get going, it's not easy to get us to stop.
called...NO sense.
Now in pain AND rain pouring
on my fragile baby like Vinca's and
purity white petunia's.
9:30 p.m. Mr. roses arrives home
I share the good news.
He seriously wants to take a flashlight out in the pouring rain.
Because you see...He is like the controlling
yard sale lady, he thinks he owns
our yard. He asked IF I WATERED the new plants.
I stated: did I not feed and raise our 4 babies and insist we rode up to see new 3 week grandson to FEED him this morning.
(Oh ye of little faith and confidence)
I have been known to plant my flowers
and then let them tend themselves.

Like the sign says:
Work Hard
and be nice!

Sunday morning update:
still raining cats and dogs, non-stop.
My vinca's...
so worried, sleeping husband must get-up
and cover them or they will drowned.
This rain is scaring me
How about you?

Saturday Memorial weekend

Enjoy a day of play, maybe doing your favorite things?

Here in the North...it all depends on the weather doesn't it?

The sun will come soon...hang in there till it does.

We are open today, Saturday, last day of our 25% off in shop sale. We will still have the close-outs in the backroom for some time and certain items in the shop marked down until gone.

Todays hours: 11-4:30
We will be closed Monday Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love my garage...for sale:

radio flyer vintage red wagon
little rusty included

Childs rocking chair
could use a new coat of paint.

Pair of metal utilitarian file drawers
chippy pale yellow
28.00 set
each has little feet to stand alone.

vintage washtubs
$18.00 each
one kind of normal one warpy fun!

2 rusty wagon wheels

Antique dresser

drawers slide good, and has all the hardware pieces as shown.
this is 3/4 sanded and ready to paint or restain.

also: Our antique black and white dotted display case we use for the counter in the shop. It's solid oak painted black with hot pink interior, shelve area behind it and tissue bar.

Our black headboard on the wall that holds our bags on vintage style hooks for sale also:

These are all in Weber county...outwest.
If you would like to purchase at the shop I will be glad to get the item or items to the shop.
phone: 801-628-0890
or 801-451-2556
cash check or visa

Monday, May 23, 2011


Rustic Washtubs
We're always asked about if ours at the shop are for sale.
Well, this set is
Love the rusty base?
price is firm and NOT included in our sale this week

Make fun drink containers for summer gatherings!
But my favorite it to plant them
there are holes in the bottoms for drainage.

You better call the shop if interested
Tubs are in weber county but I can easily bring them to the shop

VINTAGE  bundles of crinkly wrinkly ribbon
Love the antiqued colors, they are not tea stained.
5.00 for 10 yds.
they would be 25% off this week

Come see what's in our back room on clearance this week.
We may close at 5:00 today
depending on the rain.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summertime Vintage Vignette

Summer Vignette in Beehive Birdcage:
Today I robbed my husbands Antique General Store
(he doesn't prosecute)
creating a summer vignette for our new entry way which
now has distressed hardwood floors
which I am love with:

Roller skates
canyon trips Postcards
Hires Rootbeer crock mug
KOOL-AID lemonade packet
antique jacks
lawn seed
Yellowstone bear
gardening plates
brass calendar

He will be pleased that I made something nice to enjoy with
HIS treasures.

That is something we both have always had in common
Collecting old things
Rotating our collections
Sharing our love for them with others

Isn't it fun to play with your collectables!

The wheat grass...it's 20 years old, I swear.
It sprouted
It grew
Kind of fun!
Who knew?

What else is summery...Our BIG SALE
One to not miss out on
and it's right before Memorial Day

Acorn antique show at the Weber County fairgrounds is
going on thru Sunday at 5

I get an ANTIQUE HIGH pretty severe during and after!
an illness
But we can live with it

Let the summer begin!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Escape... and shop bargains this FRIDAY thru NEXT FRIDAY!

Our backroom is now shopable,(just barely) thank goodness it didn't rain much today and I was able to go down and finish it up...well, the FIRST round anyway.

Items in the shop have sale signs and if not tagged the beautiful shop merchandise is 25% off...that's HUGE for us!

CONSIGNMENT items will be 10% off, best we can do, hope you understand.

There is a large amount of vintage dishes and larger of vintage linens, they are all 1/2 off and more if you buy quantities. That's why Joni will be working, so I don't cry as they go out the door. I am a vintage linen horder... that's why.
   Bear with us with the rain...it's a little tricky in our large shop to hold an outdoor sale inside!

See you soon!
Have fun scooping up the good stuff and know that the backroom sale items will be restocked as I am also cleaning out some workspace and garage items from home to add to it.

   WELCOME TO ANY NEW ONES JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT OUR SHOP...come in just to say hi. We are located directly across from the old courthouse in Farmington. Have lunch or dinner at Franciscos Mexican Grill almost next door, it's authentic! (you'll have a new addiction, our shop, his food!)
Brenda Klomp


Not a complainer...it's time to make lemonade out of lemons...meaning TOO MUCH RAIN...good grief!

   For the first time in 4 1/2 yrs. of shopkeeping there has never been time to spend longer than 1 hour in a day to clean out the back room.

   This week I have been organizing all those boxes of vintage, one of a kinds etc. holiday.
Due to LOTS OF RAIN...too much right!

   THIS SATURDAY THRU WED. we will have one heck of a SALE. Those back room items will be priced at 1/2 off and lower, some even $1.00 each.
   INSIDE THE SHOP...we will sell at 25% off!
Excluding some consignment. Some pieces have simply been marked on sale.
          A sale NOT to miss!
This sale will include any new merchandise that has arrived and still coming in.

Note...WE ARE CLOSED TODAY THURSDAY. Open Friday, even though rainy to finish getting ready for our ESCAPE SALE!
Escape for whatever reason you need, and we'll see you soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Antiques you may love also and want to buy

Antique secretary/wardrobe.
This is early 1900's maybe earlier.
It is handpainted to look as tiger oak which was popular to do in its day. 
May be Mormon pine...don't know for sure.
I've owned it 20 years.
It's a nice antique and love the function
of the secretary desk and closet.
Condition for it's age: excellent.
Price: 595.00

Nice painted grain and you can see the little cubbies inside desk area.
closet has a metal hanger for clothes on door and inside.
Measures: 43" wide  58 1/2" tall  19 1/2" wide

Mission solid Oak quarter cut Antique
rocking chair. Original leather seat which
is not torn just warpy underneath, probably something to do with the springs. There is a tear in the leather on the back.
We've also owned 20 years.
Price: 275.00

Long Antique empty console
fixer-upper for sure. Shabby style
with the curvy legs and panels.
The two back pieces come off in case you want to use for a tv or electronics.
fun storage piece too. Solid piece.
Price: $100.00

closer view.
Measures: 75" long  20" wide and 30" tall

Triple Bassett mirror company, vintage.
label on back.
Heavy has hanger on back
Frame is the heavy plastic that paints up
so nicely.
Painted up it's a luxurious piece!

fuller view
Measures: 5' wide 42-43" tall  2" thick
Selling for: $150.00 unpainted
seems the last one sold 250.00 or 300.00 painted.

                                                          one little curly q bumped off.
To be honest its not that noticeable and I have priced it with this in mind.
I would not hesitate to put it in my own home in this condition as I thinks its such
an awesome piece.
really makes a statement.
These items are not in the shop.
If interested call at 801-628-0890
or 801-451-2556 shop
I can bring it to Davis county to the shop or they can be sold
in Weber county.
Want to make it easy for both of us, right!
cash, check or visa payment
You can also email brenda:
will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Friday, May 13, 2011


wheat grass
This is the start of making it.
At the 365 swap it was growing in jars and I thought it was refreshing.

Wanted something live and fresh in our summer displays.

First start soaking your red wheat, for some unknown reason I think it needs to be outside on the porch collecting vitamin D?

Speaking of grass...ours got cut today for the first time...after our long season of rain
How about you?
 Holding our new grandson was the biggest joy of the day!

We will be marking more and more on sale each day.
Watch blog for our summer Rise and shine event...
because to be honest we haven't quite scheduled it.
But... we are getting ready!

Sunshine sales going on...

we've gone through the shop and clearancing some items, also baskets of $1.00 items plus vintage tablecloths are all marked to an all time low price...how fun!

At home I am going through more linens that will be 1/2 price! yeah!

Enjoy our sunshine sale at Just a bed of rose!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

365 swap on studio 5 today

If your home today check out studio 5 at 11:00 to see the 365 swap.

Great internet pictures of the event: http://www.cultivateyou.blogspot.com/

Good news...TWO MORE BABY FEET added to our family...our son Tim's. Can I just say a BEAUTIFUL BABY and we're so happy! He was a few weeks early...so it was a pleasant suprise.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Living antiques for the garden

The antique rose emporium in Texas: http://www.weareroses.com/  and http://www.heirloomroses.com/ are places you can order vintage roses.

How did your flower gardens do over the winter? We lost many bushes and 1/2 of the roses.
My husband was afraid too tell me I am sure.

When an article in the newspaper came out last weekend that 299 of 300 rose plants in Ogdens botanical gardens died, then he braved up, realized it wasn't his fault and took me for a walk outside to show me the dead plants.
Did you know that we had a cold front move through in Nov. after it had been so warm, they figure it did alot of damage.

I had specifically picked my roses from The antique rose emporium because I wanted old fashioned styles. You can order a catalog and all bushes sell for 18.95 and ship from Texas.
There are only certain months they ship and they will come as a sturdy stick. But they do grow quickly.

I'm sure the local nurseries carry nice roses too.
Although we are winding down on the home re-do (getting carpet Tuesday, finally yeah!) I wasn't planning on a yard re-do. But it will be kind of nice to have a new look going on out there too...UNLESS...I just wait till next year and do it up right. How about you?

Hope you had a nice Mothers Day..

Closed today- monday

we will be closed today, monday.
Will see you Tuesday-saturday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

TULIPS...on a rainy day

Tulips from my little Dutch boy, Jeff, for Mothers day...love you too son!
One thing I am sure of I love each child of mine with all my heart.

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's fun...365 swap party

Invitation to the semi-annual 365 odds and ends swap
truely it was odds and ends...RANDOM is my word...
THAT was the theme...JUST LOOK AND SEE:

Guests with their emails signed in on a monster huge chalkboard
standing like a fence in the backyard.
Note the tree with glued on blossoms of paper.

Whimsy Cupcake business treated us to the most unique delicious cupcakes
from their shabby aqua counter.
You'll find their blog and other participants blogs if you'll go to these blogs:
(I believe it was her home, the hostess)

I was just there at cultivateyou and started reading jen funks blog , grab a kleenex BOX
a heartfelt blog...will not give her story away... can't wait to go back when time allows me.
It makes me appreciate my husband/my business partner, my guy who fixes, redo's
carrys 1/2 my load most of the time WITHOUT complaining
 He could and should complain, trust me on that one, it's been 38 years of selfless what can I help Brenda with next!
You'll find new creative blogging friends for sure!
Paper plate balls, garlands, banners of MANY types were EVERYWHERE
not kidding one bit
Quite entertaining
Quilts and old tableclothes draped over rope for backdrops

Here is studio 5 waiting for "365 swap" guests to arrive.
(approx. 50 guests)
This is as you entered the backyard...wooden boards painted brightly
with a wall of doors. Large Bench may as well say "welcome, come and be
cozy with old and new friends and swap your stuff for theirs!"

Vintage bicycle with basket of flowers and tricycle are
the door greeters!

Here is a close-up of the most divine cupcakes
all the food containers unique, whimsical, thrift store finds.
Made the food look and taste better!

This is new to me...appetizers in plastic cups with the dip right in the bottom,
just add your veggies...so picnic like and for once the weather was perfect!
Meant to be girls, you chose the right date.

Antique piano served as a candy counter
lots of odds and ends here, you could fill your bag as you left the swap.
We had the funnest eclectic name tags I have ever seen.

Antique linens were cheerful and seems nothing was
meant to match

Here is Becky Stratford making/ setting out the food.
Becky thank you for inviting Christa and I, we had an amazing time and you
were having a riot...not hard to figure that out!

Becky made her garland from odds and ends of cut books, hot pads, s&h green stamp pages,
large and small records, lots of non matching ribbons.
Each hostess created a unique garland for the outdoor decor.
The chairs you will note...non matching, not a one.

As you can tell...this is just some of the decor...have not shown all the tables that were
for placing your swap items or explained or shown the items and how it works nor the
GUESTS...well, I must have put my camera in my purse when all those swap goodies stared showing
up and I could clip my name on them with a clothespin.

What I will do is add links to some guests who certainly took other photos, their own version,
and tell you that next thursday on studio 5 this swap will be featured.
Hope you enjoyed and were inspired
you may want to do one with your friends!