Friday, October 31, 2008

Closing a little early today...Happy Halloween

Shop will close a few hours early today...somewhere around 3-4:00 hope you dont mind. My husband and I will be handing out treats in North Salt Lake and we have 4 haunted little grandchildren to fuss and giggle over too.
Hope you too are making the most of your Halloween day...wonder how the voting lines will be today? Thanks for helping clear out Halloween merchandise...there will be some odds and ends still today & Saturday in case you want to stash away for next year, 1/2 off price too.
See you soon...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gobble Gobble Gobble...

The originals of these pumpkins and turkeys are in the shop.

Exciting note...Women who creates first issue along with Sumerset Life, imaginative ideas for inspired living... has been shipped, plan on it next week...should be soooo great!
The pumpkins & Turkeys are watercolors by Carma Hendric of Clinton, she has great design and has made these painting into gift cards or to frame yourself.
We also received marvelous crown wall hooks today in many styles.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sneek peek...

For those who are Just tired of's a sneak peek of Christmas!

Gumdrop ballerinas, Chocolate cupcakes, antique purple glass

Our lavendar area has been updated with gumdrop ballerinas, strawberry topped chocolate ceramic cupcakes, glittery "magic" sign, old purple glass from the early 1900's, silver/gold vintage pieces, lavendar mineral bath salts, lavendar floral plates, crystal costume jewelry & more. Didnt the girls do a great job displaying this area. The antique desk this arrangement is displayed on is from an estate which came out of New Orleans, many many years ago, its very old, it has beautiful design and patena and priced reasonably as all our antique pieces are.Lavendar is a perfect color to mix with your fall colors, don't be afraid!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the fall Disney goes all out for Halloween
So here we are all dressed up in sunny Florida to go to disneys "not so scarey" Halloween party.

In an earlier post I shared that we went one night too early!!!

This is Stevi and Caprese...we rode rides until 1:00 a.m. that's because little Caprese would throw herself down after each ride and cry "more, more". Obviously she loved it, we all did.

So my favorite part of the whole trip is a picture that I think got erased accidently. Picture this: little caprese is the princess and her dress is big fluffy 1:00 a.m. they are closing Disneyland and she just collapses to the ground head first and all you can see is a big fluffy pink netting...nothing else!!! So we joked about her melting...she's melting. That was 2 theme parks in one day...we were all ready to melt.

Epcot Center is beautifully landscaped acres with like a lake/big pond in the center, you walk over bridges, along a path and discover quaint villages filled with gift shops, eateries that represents many countries all around the world. Like Paris has a big eiffel tower and pastry shops. It's a busy place, you see people from all over the world enjoying the shops. There is a big aquarium where you can scuba dive, some educational rides, & food.When going through England look who we discovered...why it's Mary Poppins! What is so cute about this is that the night before all of us watched Mary Poppins the movie (hadnt seen it in 25 years!) and the children just laughed themselves silly. Funny Movie! Note: This is my daughters family and her neice is the oldest girl 11.

Halloween just has to go!

Oh yeah...I just got this computer set up to allow pictures, so I will add the ones thats been collecting the past month when I take little breaks today. I'm so excited!
A quick note I was putting up Christmas in the shop yesterday I discovered something really important...HALLOWEEN JUST HAS TO GO!!! So this week, well... just tues-friday as SATURDAY it will be boxed up and out of there, it is on sale for 40% off, that's the lowest it will go so come in and save. We still have some awesome Halloween/fall decor left. can get a peek at our Christmas and get an early start! tuesday/wednesday I will be home cleaning house as our grandchildren are coming for a party/sleepover Sat. night. The car will be loaded up with more Christmas for the shop & finishing up holiday florals, plus some tea staining of vintage linens.
Hope you too are enjoying your spectacular fall days!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Antique lovers...Acorn antique show coming up

I love the Acorn antique show...its full of beautiful antiques & collectables. It's coming up this Saturday and Sunday ( Nov. 1 & 2 ) out at the Weber county fair grounds beginning at 9:00 a.m. I will be there early to shop as I just crave to be surrounded with Victorian & Primitive pieces of furniture with nice patena , charming one of a kind collectables so unique, chippy and worn too which are just waiting for a new home to treasure them for another century. Hope you can find the time also and just go enjoy each vendors wares and friendship. You'll probably find something you just cant live without. I got the most awesome cherub pole lamp the other day from my jewelry gal...oh my goodness, I will have to share pictures of it and its going right next to my old clawfoot bath tub.
While you are in town stop in at my good friends shop Rustic Rose on 29th Washington Blvd. its a big shop full of lovely antiques/collectables along with a few other quaint shops attached to it. She also takes antiques & nice collectables on consignment...great way to make some extra money for the Christmas season.

And OOPS I have made a mistake...I was informed by the new manager of Re-creations that it is NO LONGER an ANTIQUE I apologize to the many many customers I have sent that way in search of a lovely antique.

And don't forget Lavendar House in West Jordan, 90th & Redwood rd...this store is full of vintage decor, LOTS of creativity with vintage and a cozy friendly atmosphere. Can you smell the lavendar! Dixie has a love of antiques like no other, besides you will love it there and be amazed at the transformation they have made to this home.

Enjoy these beautiful fall days!

Sense of Humor AND forgiveness...

My sister is an angel, she really her son who was in the accident last night wanted to find the man whom was driving the truck that hit them and visit him. They didnt even know his last name, but they found him at the University Hospital. The man had broke his ribs, his head all stitched up and his left side like hamburger so it was stitched in layers and they were doing other tests for anything else. It could have been so much worse.
They had a great visit, talking over the details of the accident, which is was an accident after hearing his side and their side of the stories. His wife was there also and my sisters family fell in love with them as they were so loving and had such great sense of humors in such a time of tradgedy and they all realized it could have had a grim ending. Im sure they will be friends forever and ever.
There was no bitterness, just love and compassion, she said her son just loved having this experience today and it was the same for the truck driver.
Isnt it nice that a sense of humor and forgiveness can turn a tradgedy into a spiritual experience, can build our character which will get to go with us when its our turn to leave this earth.
So please send prayers for this man and his family that he can blessed to recover soon and that my nephew will be able to mentally over come this experience.

Haunted HOLLYWOOD HALLOWEEN party and angels...

My daughter and her husband went to a Haunted Hollywood Halloween party last night, its the one where I showed the invitiation was a finger in a pretty black box, she said it was lots of fun and creative. I'm hoping she can add pictures to this post this weekend.
Some of the costumes were: Dorothy & husband dressed up like a tornado (quilt batting wrapped up like a tornado with little doll furniture etc stuck on it. Her husband was King Kong, she was the girl he was in love with. The broke back Mountain couple, they came as 2 cowboys with pills in pocket and a little rolled up sleeping bag. There were more... but I was almost asleep when she called, she will have to jog my memory.
They had thriller playing, the haunted movie playing and something else. I will have her ad the other details. I remember her saying something about Karaoke too.
Just after that phone call my sweetest sister Janine called and said her son had just been in a vehicle out in grantsville that had got hit by big tanker truck. Their vehicle missed death by 1/2 of an inch they were told and ben was behind the driver that got hit. She talked to Ben only for a few minutes and he was probably in shock and was starting to hurt. He also went with his cars driver to find the driver of the truck who had been thrown out and to help him until life flight came. Ben is a very mature just 14 year old.
so thats the reason I am up early...hoping to find the story on which its not on it so I will have to find more out later this morning. I just love Ben, and so thankful he will still be with us. My sisters world evolves around her 4 sons, so this is very tramatic for all of us. He was on the last scout outing of the season, they were going to tell angel stories around the campfire he had told his mom before they left, and she'd had an uneasy feeling before he left... I think they have experienced angels saving their lives, dont you?
So here is an update on the accident: The truck that hit them was going 80 mph and was passing them, it was also a 3 tank explosive carrier that had just dumped its load. It rolled the length of 3 football fields and the driver got thrown out. My 14 yr. nephew had to comfort him, put his new hoodie on the man, run getting sleeping bags to warm him and turned off the truck that was still running. So he is a hero in my eyes. He is taking this so well as far as in a spiritual way. He is mentally truamatized for sure and probably needs to rest today, but he wants to go visit the truck driver today in the hospital (isnt that sweet) to let him know that he is forgiven. Thats all the man kept saying was that he was so sorry, please forgive him. It could have been so deadly.
The mans wife had told him to get home safely as they were waiting to go to a movie as a family. So prayers for the drivers family too. My sister cant cant be more thankful than have her son and all his friends alive.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Before I forget to tell you...

The new Christmas issues of Victoria AND Romantic homes are, I have ordered the first edition copies of "Women who Create" which should be due in November...You will be the first to know...I promise!
I'm getting really excited to get Christmas up...but until then we have a week of Halloween savings so you can finish up your parties and gifts in style.

P.S. dont think I have mentioned that the Wild style beauty shop is moving , maybe within the next two weeks. Oh how I love their customers and hope they will continue to come in. I really enjoy all the girls who work there and will miss seeing them so much. The only good thing I can possibly think of is that there should be more parking places available for customers. If you ever have a hard time with parking you can pull behind the building in the school district parking lot, its never a problem. And on these beautiful fall days its really a good thing to do.

Another thing you may not like to hear...Home Companion by mary englebreit is doing its last issue Nov/dec. apparently it lost its publisher (economy?? not sure why), anyway, be sure to get your last copy. Mary englebreit is not quitting, just going in some different directions, it will be fun to see what that direction will be, something creative I'm sure.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For those of you who are new to shopping at Just a Bed of Roses...must know that on a regular basis I meet with a vintage jewelry collector/addict (it's true, no offense!) and buy many pieces of fun costume jewelry. Thursday a new load is coming in...rhinestone pins, beads, fun old pieces with lots of glam to dress up your holiday projects and a big pile of bagged broken pieces etc. 2 weeks ago the shop was re-stocked with vintage beads etc. Vintage style Christmas Santas, small wreaths, snowmen are starting to appear now in order to get the shop glistening for the Christmas season coming soon.
Plus we just found some boxes of neat HALLOWEEN CUPCAKE TALL MUGS ( they were hidden under the Christmas boxes) ... SO WHIMSICAL & SCAREY! They would be way fun to fill with treat to suprise a loved one with.

Saturday our shops backroom will be getting a new ceiling (oh our prayers do get answered!), so you will hear a bit of pounding. Soooo in order to celebrate... FRIDAY & SATURDAY we will have our HALLOWEEN at 30% off of what is left and 10 % off everything else. We have a great selection of fall purses right now too! Come in ...enjoy... plus save money!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reminded today of something really funny...

For months we had been talking and preparing for our Disneyworld trip...every time I talked to the grandkid we would build the excitement about trick or treating at Disney and what we were going to dress up as, bought the tickets way ahead to make sure we could get in.

So after a big day at Adventure Island we came home to prepare 5 children PLUS ourselves AND get pictures before dark. So we drive 25 minutes to get there, trick or treat bags in hand and we were so anxious to be there. Well...we pull into the parking and the parking attendant started chuckling at us and said " A...honeys...the event is TOMORROW EVENING!!!

Now Shellie is quite a traveler planner and usually doesnt mess she was in complete shock.
And US...we were SO GLAD IT WAS HER MISTAKE...and NOT fact we remember her husband saying out loud "glad it wasn't MY mistake!!!
The good news...we just decided it was dress rehearsal and did it again the next evening!
You don't do things like this do you???

Oh...did you realize that you can vote now? Check your voters handbook that came in the mail and you see where the places are to vote if you are interested, we are having lots of new voting customers come in that are curious about the shop and its so nice to meet them.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fussy fussy computer, just wont let me add pictures

I was able to add this picture though...I wanted to post some pictures of Disney trip with the grandchildren, may have to wait until my real computer gets back home.
Anyway...Shellie would think this was the best place on the trip...she found a Betsy Johnson store and my husband will tell you she dissapeared in here for hours...she got some fabulous dresses & shoes for half price though. Me...ahhh, they don't carry my size!
I also want to add that I hope to not be insensitive to anyone at this time mentioning a vacation when our country is in economic distress, our way of life & jobs are changing and we are not sure how things will play out in our lives. We had planned this for some time to travel with our daughters family before the economy started its crumble. Traveling with grandkids is not for the weak either...I'm grateful to do this before getting into my 70's as I would never make it...of course the kids would be married by then too! Seems we always had at least one child having a melt down! Dont get me wrong though, they were darling and really good and the boys were collecting the collectors pennies, you know where the machines smash the pennies...they loved it.

I know how to count to 5 really easy every 30 seconds I was counting children everywhere we went.

I do want to show you some neat places in case a family trip is in your near future...we also loved staying in 5 star vacation homes...(on the internet)...big beautiful homes where you can fit 12 or more easily...(hey, the more the merrier, don't you think?) pool attached to home, home theater, decorated rooms, the kids room was painted like a pirates with 2 bunk beds, tvs every room, internet access, a bit calmer than staying in noisy hotels.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Resting up a minute from Disneyworld vacation...

Oh dear...this picture is upside down...turn your head sideways and you can read the invitation that was awaiting at Shellies door when we returned. It's a bloody finger in a fancy black box inviting them to a Haunted Hollywood Halloween party...doesnt that sound creative...ohhhh I cant wait to hear how it turns out, I will pass on some party ideas okay!

Can you see why I HAD to have THESE Mickey Mouse ears!

Saturday was a beautiful autumn day down here in Farmington, so fun to see and hear customers and hear about their HALLOWEEN activities and UEA weekend fun. Everyones getting their costumes pulled together. I saw some really neat ones at the "not so scarey" Disneyworld parade...grave diggers...corpse bride and grooms, lots of princess' and families in hippie outfits...way cool ideas.

Because it's time for putting up Christmas next week, taxes due too ...the shop will have a sale of 25% off Halloween until its gone and if there is something in shop that must go in order to fit Santas, snowmen , wreaths etc then we will do some wheelin' and dealin' okay!
Besides while I was enjoying the very sunny Florida weather...the shops storage room got to leaking and the roof was ready to cave Alayna brought extra merchandise into the shop to keep it safe.
We now have a new roof, and need a new ceiling in back room... very thankful and glad its not worse, could of been in the shop I suppose (well, we dealt with that the week before). Remember me blogging about the psychic saying something heavy over my shop and to have things checked out...well the Landlord beleives me now as he had to remove some HEAVY snow from the old old roof. These old buildings are quaint...BUT!
Speaking of very thankful...I cant thank Elayna and her parents for being so helpful when the snow came and saved the merchandise in the freezing cold. Lisa too for her hard work and supervision all week and for calling me even though I'm sure she didnt want to bother me. I have the best team. Thanks a million everyone.
Can't beleive I am talking Christmas , werent we just trick or treatin in Disneyworld?
Later...must rest (oh and cook plus do laundry). Too bad vacations have to end.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Deer Hunt Week-end SALE

Lots of Halloween gifts and decor, many with the vintage look you love...You'll have to come visit and see for yourself...since this computer is being tempermental about letting me add picures.

It's the deer hunt that means its time for a sale...SO... all store merchandise is 10% off and Lisa has the go ahead to mark some purses, Halloween and other odds and ends 20% off.
We will have the same sale for next Friday and Saturday since it's the UEA week-end! So many events coming up for October isnt there?
Behind the scenes here at Just a Bed of Roses we are unpacking Christmas boxes like crazy...they will make their debut the last week of October...coming toooooo soon! SCAREY!!!

Lavender House gift shop

Lavendar House gift shoppe in West Jordan, Utah is opening its Lavendar door October 14th
Tues. - Sat. 10:00-6:oo 801-561-5557 The flier says "simple gatherings". If you'll come into the shop and get their flier it has a coupon for $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase.
I'm sure the special trip to this shop will be well worth it, and promise it will be packed and stacked with vintage gifts and decor. They have been working on the home it is in since last January, literally gutting the home and yard out for a complete make-over. address: 9118 Redwood Road (E. side of street) red brick home with black awnings is what to look for.
So remember Oct. 14th and I am sure there will be some Christmas vintage goodies!!!
And GOOD LUCK my friends Dixie, Dave & family!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Love the rain...however!

Lets face it, we need the rain, love it and expect it over the fall Conference's tradition.

HOWEVER water came pouring from two of the shop ceilings light fixtures in the middle of the afternoon Saturday and I quickly was trying to rescue shop merchandise and keep customers safe, it was alot of water and it was pouring rain outside. My first thoughts was to the apartment upstairs... thinking it couldnt be the rain doing this. She admitted there was water coming out of the washers rinse cycle. Hmmmm...I'm no detective...BUT!!!

Landlord thinks its her wash machine, she still feels strongly that it was the rain, leaky bad roof AND the wash machine. I think Sunday will be a good test with all the rain to see who's right...him or her?

In the mean time it will test out my new blood pressure pills ...okay Brenda, be calm, don't worry!

The boys and their families came to dinner today, husband cooked up A STORM with his new taste of home cookbook...seriously, he worked in the kitchen after work last night and all day today, it was all yummy and everyone enjoyed being together. son worked diligently on my computer and in the end it still didn't do what I needed it to do so off it went with him for the next few weeks. He did fix the laptop, so I was thinking that right now I would post all the pictures I had taken of Halloween at the shop...WELL, I HAD DOWNLOADED THEM ON THE MAIN COMPUTER and erased the pictures before I knew computer was leaving home.
Was I just talking about staying calm...okay Brenda, be can always take more! Come Tuesday when at the shop if there has not been a flood then I will again take Halloween pictures.
Who knows...I may be back to blogging before this month is over!

Hope you too are having a cozy weekend with those you love, see you next week!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Comfort food...just in time for a rainy day

While shopping for receipt books this morning I came across a new issue of Taste of Homes Holiday foods...oh its wonderful to look at, its a present for my husband, hee hee!
It's a beautiful plum cover with gold lettering and there is a picture of each recipe. I am trying one out right now, just in case it rains we will cozy up to a nice new meal for the Conference Week-end.
Computer still isnt letting me put pictures on or answer email, so sorry, but that's how it goes.
In fact I have tried to do some blogging during the week and it wont let me.
The black spider web tablecloths, doilies have arrived along with lots more, dont have alot, so you may not want to wait too long!