Tuesday, April 1, 2014

want some new crazy pee your pants funny sisters?


One of my very best friends Dixie Walker of perry has raised along with her husband Dave, 5 beautiful daughters...they've felt inspired to create this blog at this time. 

 I'd like to invite you to take a visit...today, as APRIL 1st is their GRAND OPENING and I just know you will enjoy meeting them and since I know YOU, they will enjoy YOU and what you can offer. 

This will be a blog with alot of inspiration that will come in many forms. And if you Pee your pants easily, you surely will fit in!

Thanks to Dave and Dixie Walker for their part in raising 5 amazing women who are what you'd call R.E.A.L...and that can be a little bit scary fun...just warning you!

I hope you'll join me...
vintage matters