Sunday, February 27, 2011

Egg-specting at Just a Bed of Roses...

You can eggspect...Easter & spring sprouting about everywhere
Eggs in silver sparkle with paper, paper mache painted eggs, robins blue eggs in nests,
even little foil eggs in nests that clip on your Easter tree.
Enchanting Fairy eggs expected this week!
You must see our tiny easter fuzzy chicks!

 eggspect French garden totes anthropology style
with matching pillow, or make a tote into a yummy pillow.

silly billie cards for your silly billi friends
"I travel alot : I hate my life being interrupted by routine!"

I get plenty of exercise jumping to conclusions and
pushing my luck!

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies.

There are fun changes going on at Just a Bed of Roses


We are continuing our same sales this with a $50.00 purchase you will
receive a creative magazine or another gift.

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels...a steamy love story

My Week-end Home with the Real Life steamy romance of Rhee Drummond
Pioneer woman
High Heels to Tractor Wheels
Love story
#2 on NYorks best sellers list

Julies fault
She told me to stop at her work and pick the book up.
With plenty of paper work piled up waitiing for me to  do over the week-end
I made the best choice:
Picked up the book at 2:00 p.m., could not put it down
was finished the next morning!

I had occasionally read 's blog
knew she always had excellent food, loved her sense of humor
about her new found life on a big cattle ranch, adored pictures & stories of her bassett hound Charlie,
watched as she became famous with her cookbook and more.

One thing I hadn't realized is that she had started writing the very beginning of her
life with Marlboro Man-COWBOY (now husband) on her blog.
I live by COWBOYS...who knew!
High Heel to Tractor Wheels:
A rip roaring passionate romance clear through!
She's an L.A. gal who worked in the day $ for enjoying the night life there.
Dining on sushi, dressing-up, high heels and her not so "real men" boyfriends.
Until one night she sat at a table with Marlboro man.

4 months later he took the reigns by the hand and went to find this beautiful redheaded Rhee!
Very exciting to see how his masculinity plays into this story and how it knocked over her
very independent life and how he turned her to mush.

Marlboro Man she calls him has a large ranch in Oklahoma.
To watch her make the changes into this much quieter serene life is hilarious EVERY
step of the way.
I love her sense of humor!
And the passion/chemistry between the two...she does not hold back!
Nope, she doesn't hold back!!!
There are good times and hard times and he seems to always have a way of comfort
with his smile, hugs, body strength, most of all his chuckle and teasing.
She gets into some of the funniest situations when with him.
And although her parents 30 yr. marriage is falling apart
through this all, she does have a nice family.

Not to spoil the story, cause its worth the read, they do get married and the
honeymoon to Australia...less than perfect.
Her first pregnancy...changes her completely, still so funny!
And that's all I am going to say.

Please visit her blog and see her 4 BEAUTIFUL RANCH CHILDREN whom
she home schools. Rhee started a small blog in 2006 and it has turned in to
quite a famous read.
You'll love her buttery recipes... cause on a ranch they work hard and need hardy food.

I read where this love story may be a movie in 2012
Putting it on my list of things to do... in 2012

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Garden Chic

French garden of Lavender

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mercury glass tea lights in the shop $5.00 EACH
any color with regular prices up to $10.00
Wonderful for pampering with a candle or thinking ahead you could
use for a Dainty Elegant Easter basket!
Cool idea!

with our purple or white mineral bath salts.
Sale: 1/2 off   reg. 15.00
Gold mercury tea lights/with plate reg. 10.00 on sale $5.00
Time of year for pampering isn't it!

If your wondering what an all around thinking of you gift
consider our lacy scarves.
5 colors
Pink and off white just arrived
add a pretty handmade card
so easy!
Check our furniture sale on the blog below.

$50.00 or more purchases you may pick out any Where women create or Life magazine!

PAMPER YOUR HOME SALE at Just a Bed of Roses

Early 1920's metal Dr.'s or hospital Cabinet display case
curvy legs, painted white, can have shelves made but makes a wonderful
display for many many types of things!
Sale: $500.00 cash only
regular 795.00

Antique OAK HIGHBOY dresser with claw feet and wood wheels,
possibly 1930's it's been well taken care of. Clean smelling,
drawers pull nice, lovely finish. No mirror
Sale $375.00
reg. 495.00

Primitive Washstand early 1900's crackly paint finish, look at the crown cut
outs on the curvy bottom. Must have been for the Mrs Potty chamber?
Shelf inside and black paint
door knobs have been added for handles
Sale: $ 150.00
reg. 250.00

1950's glass table lamp, ornate gold women statues hold up the glass top.
Fun piece and would be neat painted with a new shade.
Sale: 75.00
reg. $150.00

Bottom of  end table lamp

There are more pieces on sale in the shop.

We also have a pamper yourself sale this week, check out the blog above this!
complimentary :Where women create book or Life/jewlery book for your $50.00 above purchase!

BETTYS antique BUTTONS...have you played with them?

This week treat yourself to a package of Bettys Antique Buttons.
We will feature them as a sale of 25% off this week!
glitter Easter Houses

Paper birdhouses
cloth tweeet  tweets!
Bettys and her mother collected many many old buttons through the years and we enjoy selling these little treasures in the shop.
I'ts a FUN time of year to PLAY with BETTYS ANTIQUE BUTTONS with your Easter /spring projects.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Precious my father

Treasured memories books written by my 84 yr old father last year and given to his children
and his grandchildren for Christmas 2011. Smallest book mostly computer typed with a little handwriting
typed by Sandra
my sister, another labor of love.
Largest book is handprinted including colored and black /white photos nearly 500 pages!

Dad tells that THIS BOOK is HIS MEMORIES of these times as he was growing up.
The books pictures and main written focus was on HIS grandparents who he was very close to.
It does tell of life with his parents, 3 brothers and  one sister.
Main area of living is Benjamin and Payson Utah.

His mothers red velvet chairs...very coveted and grandmothers pride.
I remember her corner dish cupboard having the little Violets dishes.

Many pages of activities he did like hulling walnuts.
My dad to this day is very ambitious and ALWAYS has his hands and body busy producing.
He loves nature, gardening and rocks especially, even quilting like his mother.
This will be his first year of no garden, as his body is giving out.
(but he fights it!)
He shares alot of his spirtual growth and how it came to be.

His mothers again coveted needlepoint chairs which she stitched now owned by my sister Janine.
Plus I found out who inherited his great grandfathers gold watch in this history.
Danny you never told me!
My dads handwriting is precious to us in this book. It's wobbly and shows his age.
He was an elementary principle and school teacher for a profession and he had the most
beautiful cursive handwriting until recently.
He can write the most touching letters and give the most uplifting and spiritual prayers
that are treasured by all of us even now.
He has a heart of gold although his physical one is about worn right out.

Home that raised the 5 children and each of those children raised 5-9 children so when we had
get togethers...there were so many of us piled into this little home and it never
once occured to us youngsters that this home was too small.
So many babies!
We jumped the sidewalk, played no bears are out tonight, there was a fish pond in the
back we could not stay out of and if water was running down the little ditch in
front we were all right there.
The flower gardens surrounding the home was grandmas love.
she tolerated no weeds.
Upstairs my aunt had left her Prom dresses and high heels for us to play with in a tiny closet.
Oh to have those in possession!
The apricot and walnut trees, the swing on porch, the Christmas tree in the corner
and ALL of us filled the little front room on Christmas day to get our small package from
grandma and grandpa, usually a stitched pillowcase for us girls or a real silver dollar.

Well, I just got side tracked didn't I, my memories slipping in!
I'll read my dad's thoughts about all of this.

Here the original rhubarb plant that still carries on in the family.
Oh the rhubarb cobblers grandma would make.

I'm really suprised what my dad could remember of his youth and it was very time
consuming for him to get the photos, documents and dates correct.
He really did work a full year on this and mom said he rewrote pages over and over
and over if he made a mistake.
He is no computer man... his chubby fingers...I don't think could type on one anyway.

Since the shop is closed today, I am going to enjoy moments of my dads story of his youth,
taking it slowly and enjoying what his life was like and learn an appreciation of the life
that he and they passed on to me.
As parents we do the best that we can for our
families with what we have at the time.
It's the make-up of who we are,
where we came from
 we need to embrace these times
and realize most of all
Good OR bad in our opinion... it is what it is
There is nothing we can do about it!
I believe it was planned from the beginning...
and I thank my ancestors for the life I now enjoy because of their struggles
and their love for us.

Thanks Dad for caring enough to share
your life & thoughts with your posterity.
One never knows way down the road of how,
if and when it will make a profound influence in the life
of those that will need to know these words you have shared.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Humor from times past
Mother tending to courting daughter in the parlor

A courting boy delivering Keeleys treats
Oh THANK YOU to those who preserve things like this for us enjoy
We can make up our own stories as to when this was bought
and to whom this was given.

A stately family having a grand moment
Note the three children in the front how different each of their personalities must be...really!
Then pay attention to the straight hair parts of the women and the tight hair buns,
maybe meaning some strictness, studious, formal?
Not sure if its one wife or two?
I think it's Grandmother
helping out with 10 children!
My lands!

These items we do have to place a  PRICE tag, but are they not really PRICELESS?
 It's SO NEAT that we live in an age where there are so many
interested in photography and the many aspects of it.


Sunday I have something PRICELESS to share
check back.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Any of our fun HOUNDSTOOTH designed merchandise will be on sale THIS WEEK ONLY...25% off!
FUN variety
Valentines assortment 1/2 off and some odds and ends in the shop.

Sale starts Wednesday thru Saturday.
Hours: 10:30-5:00 wed. and thursday
(watching weather).
call if you need: 801-451-2556

60's today...enjoy SPRING LIKE weather

Love the warm before the storms...come enjoy savings of 1/2 off items from Valentines and other goodies.

Spring items budding up now...aren't we SO READY! 

With Easter being the end of April you'll want to enjoy decorating your surroundings this year.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of Love goin' on...

Have a beautiful Valentines Day...
we will be open 10:00 - 6:00
You know we have special gifts for those you love!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Isn't it fun to "give" JUST BECAUSE?

We have new dimensional paper hearts for garlands etc, pink chocolate/caramel pretzels, lacy scarves in pretty colors, many styles of PINK ROSES pillows and SO many things that will fill your need to give this Valentines holiday.

Today we are expecting a very large quantity of the CUTEST and I mean the most ADORABLE little girls stockings & piggie banks

Always adding to our vintage suprises in shop...don't miss out!

We love you!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wild about chocolate

Soft Animal printed boxes of handmade Truffles!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fineries and Furniture sale

Friday and Saturday we have small furniture pieces marked to move! Among other selected fineries in shop. (shop home linens of any kind 20% off also)

Our small ROSE coin purses, they will be on sale for 6.00 each  reg. 8.00  they would be fun to fill with a Valentine gift of candy, jewelry, love note etc!

Come see our hand-dipped chocolates, they are packaged sweetly for Valentines. (still unable to download pictures to show).
Chocolate covered oreos with pink writing, even sweeter!

A FREE new Valentine card of your choice JUST FOR COMING IN!
(until they are gone)

Our dainty lacy scarves make fantastic gifts.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Victoria Bliss

Victoria bliss is in...beautiful Ireland is featured
Put that place on your bucket list!
(who knows where the beautiful picture I just took went to!)

We also received our mini Valentine/Easter trees yesterday,
lacy scarves shipped for the weekend and Our new valentine
chocolates MAY arrive today...comfort food on a cold windy day?

Easy chance we will close up by 4:00 today due to wind and freezing cold.
I wouldn't even open, but we are bringing in doors and windows for display
and it needs to be accomplished today.

bundle up, it's a beast out there!