Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy planting in your vintage garden!

Isnt this weather wonderful for getting the yard put together!
Enjoy your days, summer goes by way to fast doesn't it?

If we do more home events, it will be announced here and would be weather permitting in June. We had a great yard sale recently, thank you so so much for supporting us, and at Acorn antique/vintage market. The next acorn market is the first weekend in November, i'm working on vintage Christmas this summer.  

Vintage whites is coming again in September...working on vintage Halloween this summer also!

vintage matters!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Biggest VINTAGE YARD SALE and market this Thursday and Friday

Our biggest vintage yard and market is THIS Thursday and Friday May  12th & 13th  10-5
2037 s. 2700 w.  West haven, utah

The driveway will be filled with vintage odds and ends (to much variety to mention). Tables will be piled selling anywhere from one dollar to ten! 

This may be phase 1 of our yard sales this month.

See you soon...vintage matters!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 7 & 8th Mothers day this weekend Antique & vintage Market!

 Fast approaching...our big Acorn vintage/antique market this coming weekend! The photo's show just a drop in the bucket of what we are bringing.

 we will be in an isle this time, and more on the south , just an isle or two in from the back. It will be easy to find us!
We are comitted to bring you tons of your favorite collectables and furniture in vintage, antique and primitive.


Since its Mothers day'll find plenty to chose from. we have some pinkie things too

We also have a bunch of globes, all colors, books, rag garlands, lots of white frames and gardening goods.

See you this Saturday 9-6 and sunday 10-5
Weber county fair grounds
1000N. 1200 W  ogden
exit #346

Monday, March 28, 2016

Our next selling JUNK event is in weber county

We are sorting through our many collections to bring to the Mothers day weekend Acorns vintage and antique market in weber county. Carl is now sorting and parting with MANY kitchen collectables that's he's collected since we were first married! Old tins, store items, old boxes, old bottles, Industrial items, garden stuff, pictures, frames, rusty stuff, pretty glass and on, going through the workroom and garage that's super loaded with great junk!

This is not leftovers from vintage whites...most of that sold, so it's fresh stuff that has not been to any markets. 
Our space is in an isle and more to the south end, not by the back door as usual. You should see us!

we've boxed up alot already, but I will try and get some photo's on here. 

Thanks a million for coming to the vintage whites market, it was truely a success, win win for customers and vendors.

Next year promises to be even better, they are going to do 2 days, either in the same location or a new location in salt lake. Hoping to make for easier shopping. (and selling!)

big yard sale in May will be announced here when we know the weather forcast...usually starts on a wednesday-friday, either week after acorn or the last week of May.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, enjoy what we have left of this will be here and gone before we know it.

This chicken nester is Carls Christmas right!

With the NEW YEAR we'll be tagging and boxing up vintage goods for the VINTAGE WHITES MARKET. This is around the second weekend in March. It will bigger and better than ever, we can't wait! 

I will post here when I see that early shopper tickets the friday night before will be available. I believe there will be 300 available. Its a much less crowd to shop. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Vintiquer new shop opens in Ogden this weekend!

New shop opens this weekend the Vintiquer...this home was purchased by Heidi and Robert Wilcox. It is loaded with vintage and antique goods and so much creativity. Old industrial handmade lighting by Robert. Heidi is excellent at Pickin' the goods for her shop! Note at the top of this blog the dates and times. This will be a year round shop.

Also I am consigning at a shop in Layton called Patina.
It is just west off gentile and Main in a little strip of buildings.
park in back to go in.
Open tues thru saturday 11-7  thru Christmas hours
this too is a year round shop.
I've taken in Holiday items and decor mostly vintage.

hope you enjoy!
Thanks a million for your support at Acorn holiday show!
we sure appreciate you and so nice to see you.
carl and brenda

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Acorn HOLIDAY antique/vintage SHOW this weekend!

 Just a glimpse of some of the vintage handmades...Just a bed of roses will be in a double space
on the South wall (close to where it was last may). We have a nice variety for your shopping!
saturday 9-5  sunday 10-4

The trailer is loaded and so is the truck...
we'll see you Saturday or Sunday this weekend!

History of the Saints...writer and narrator Glen Rawson

 Have you heard of Glen Rawson? He does a tv show on Sundays after the Tabernacle choir sings which would be 10:00 a.m. channel 5. He is a researcher and I would dare say he knows church history inside and out and can recite about any name date or place in church history. He is passionate about it, loves Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon. What a testimony this man has! You can't help but be more converted by his knowledge and spirit.

We are watching this first dvd as we have now returned from touring with him and his beautiful redheaded wife and 92 other people for 10 days whom we love. Starting in Sharon Vermont and ending in Carthage Illinois. The trip was sacred. spiritual and unforgettable. We had no idea it was going to be as fantastic as it was. Fun for less tours is where to sign up for and I wouldn't wait. It's called the Ultimate church history tour. And that it was!

 Glen Rawson , to be with him and hear him pour his heart into the stories he tells at each and every site we were at was to be in awe. He made things so real, logical and put us there.  This man with all his passion and energy would walk down the bus isles in the morning as we were heading to our next destination and ask if we are okay, what do we need and did we have any questions. He really cared.

 You've heard of the Joseph smith papers...Glen Rawson was a seminary teacher in Idaho, I think Idaho falls. He felt the desire to quit and his wife said  no you cant do that! Had he been teaching he would not have gotten the call from Larry H. Miller to write the Joseph smith papers.

 His wife told a cute story about how she just wanted to go on a cruise. they have 7 children and she just wanted to go on a cruise. well, she ends up being a tour guide for this trip and to the Holy lands two times a year, plus other traveling. I love that story!

Just in awe at his knowledge and ability to pull it up at any time. You can ask him a persons name in history and he has a story to go with it.
The tour was 10 days , 3 of those days traveling by air the rest by 2 buses.
we would get up at 6:00 a.m. and drop into our beds around 10-11:00 p.m.
no one complained, it was too wonderful.

we were taught on the buses each day as we traveled from place to place.
we had morning devotionals.
I must tell you some bus driver stories , but that will be in the first days of our trip.
There were always tears.
And wonderful new people from all over the united states to meet.
2 young men, just new off their missions by a week were with us too, that was great!

I'll be back with more...right now, getting ready for the HOLIDAY Acorn antique show this weekend!

Historic Nauvoo. "to be beautiful" tour day 9

                                    Nauvoo temple sits upon the hill as you drive into the city.
Persident Hinckley called the time of the groundbreaking a "happy day" in Nauvoo "where it all
really began. It will have great historic significance.

This temple and the Angel Moroni face toward the Mississippi River and the West unlike all the other temples which face East. It was dedicated June 27th 2002  (note June 27th is the date Joseph and Hyrum were killed).

We had the opportunity to go through a session while here. Inside a big room is a replica of the Kirtland temple meeting room, stunning.  Our whole group had a photo at sunset. I will need to find it and put it on here. Special sacred experience to say the least.

Joseph and Emma's Mansion house
Joseph smith jr. began construction 1841 
It was used to entertain guests giving visitors free room and board. 
It became to expensive and turned it into a hotel. 
After Joseph and Hyrums death they were viewed here approx. 10,000 people.
Emma and her children lived here until 1869.
In 1918 Frederick A. Smoth, Josephs grandson deeded the Mansion to the RLDS church. 
It remains in their ownership along with the cemetary.

                                                 Beautiful fall colors tucked in everywhere.
                                          Temperatures 70's, this date was Sept. 15th 2015
                                                   Nauvoo was also named Commerce
                                           I'm only showing a few places in the historic area
                                we did have dinner buffet at the Hotel Nauvoo in town and a play.

              An example of the dishes that were used. All these pieces are broken and glued.

                                                     We didn't do this, but should have.
                                                    If your here for a short time it's ideal.

                                                                        A solomn place...

Josephs parents

                        Joseph .Emma.  Hyrum memorial. We do not believe they are buried here now.

                                      The Mississippi river would be at the edge of this photo.

                                                  This is the Browning Gun shop museum

How a log home would be constructed.
This is a replica

a common well

 Scovill bakery, showing Greg Larsen my brother in law. This was his ancestors on his mothers side.

                                 Inside the small bakery. A sister missionary is there to  tell of any stories.
                                       Many couple missionaries serving in Nauvoo are from Utah.
           The missionary couples put on a plays in the evening in the town of Nauvoo, 4 nights a week.

                                               This is the Scovill founder of the bakery.

                                                             The fireplace inside bakery
                                          Carl checked out the outhouse...yep, a two holer!

                                                                    Outside baking area
The sister missionaries bake up thousands of gingerbread boys and serve them to guests.

Cobbler shop

                                  Beautiful streets, homes and shops are not real close to each other.

Planting of the hundreds and hundreds get planted
by a college group. They throw the colors in randomly.

 Nauvoo is really a dying town, there are under 2,000 residence and business' cannot make a go of it for long. It is however a tourist town. And in the summer very busy (humid and hot).

These are photo's just off my camera. I also took photo's with  my phone which i will need to learn to download onto the computer one day. This was day 9.