Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SPIDERS spinning their WEBS into TINSEL

So thrilled, one of our customers who walks past the shop each day stopped in with this book she had from either 1982-86 and wanted to show me this version of the christmas spider...since that's our popular thing this year.
Briefly CHRISTMAS SPIDERS are a german tradition where the spiders came in the night , spun beautiful webs and that's how tinsel became.
This story tells of the elderly lady inviting all the animals to Christmas dinner except the spiders, obviously she is sweeping them away. they sneak in and make the most beautiful tree with their golden webs and they were always invited back to cristmas dinner. (thats in a nut shell story).
You can probably find stories on a google search, ebay, amazon, probably other versions A newer book is suppose to be at Barnes and Noble.

We have a fabulous variety of the big spiders and on Saturday we will be re-stocked with the most beautiful handmade glam spiders you have ever seen.
Please call  ahead if you have a certain color in mind or if you need us to put some on hold.
These make fun favors, gifts for your office friends, grandchildren or if you are starting a new tradition to put the Christmas spider on your tree.
shop phone: 801-451-2556

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