Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a great place to come and ask for Prayers and support...

It's comforting to me to be able to come here and ask friends for their prayers and hugs when things aren't always going well, and at times can be a bit scarey.
My dear father is having an emergency pace maker today and he is quite scared himself along with us 5 children and our mom. We know his body is fragile for operations, however this has to be done in order to survive.
We are trying to be positive and when it all goes well he will be stronger and have more energy. We call him would you call an 81 year old man fragile who just mowed an elderly ladies lawn with her old rickity outdated lawn mower in 100 degree weather fragile...we call him insane, but what can we do other than follow him around 24/ we must be thankful he has survived until now to have this life saving operation.
Right at this early moment of the day I do not have someone to open the shop, so I may have to be there today. It may not get opened until noon though as stated from a previous post. Things have a way of working out and God will be with us today.
Thanks in advance for you love, prayers and support, it sure does help in times like this.
this is an add on...oh Sweetest Julie Vicknar a dear customer called and said that she would come and handle the shop today from noon until 5:00...blessings to you Julie, I so appreciate come visit Julie and enjoy some of our new merchandise.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OOPS...working so hard

Oops...working so hard that I forget to stop to take pictures... Well, one shipment of purses arrived today, the famous Jenni B cupcakes are all out, new purses coming Wed. (keeping fingers crossed) new SEPT. issue of ROMANTIC Homes is in, must say its very exquisite. Thursday the shop may not get opened until I have important shopping to do. I should return to shop with our favorite crown jewelry. Oh...the cupcake, icecream cone neclaces, princess, hello kitty, and assorted crown jewelry came today too...this jewelry sparkles so beautifully and is mostly golds, it is not cheapy looking stuff. Hurry in for your purse...these YOUNG girls are just buying them up!!! Who would of thought!!! Fresh yummy chocolate caramel pretzels arrived too...and they are trimmed in PINK! The outside of shop is half painted...feels so refreshing as new paint always does make you feel better, doesnt it!
P.S...How can I forget...Sophey has some new art work on the shop door...I will take a picture to share with you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday I will be at the shop...

My truck is full of shabby antique items that I must bring to the shop on Monday (usually we are closed). I will need to do some quick sales on some of this as the shop is so full and we are expecting so many shipments this week and in August.
This stuff will be out in front on Monday as I try to work it into the shop. I am thinking (yes I am trying to think, wink wink) that I may have the lawn in back of the shop an area for shopping this coming there are many things that must be sold before winter sets in. These items will not be antique store prices, they will be priced reasonably and sold as is. There are some very awesome things you will probably fall in love with.
I will take pictures on Monday and show on this post as soon as possible. See you soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take a peek at the brown wall

love the new brown wall? Most of the framed mirrors and pictures are from an estate just recently acquired from Gywn...I bought the fireplace from my daughter so its not for sale.
Ice cream sundae table, full of shabby girl treats!

Cupcake iron stand from the 1950's awaiting the faux shabby desserts!
Kellies latest handmade sundae out of felted die for!

Glance at the new red corner...sure makes the merchandise look like a wow!

Rusty garden crowns...can you just see two of these in your plants with a frog next to it

Estate items, here is a beaded shabby purse, hats, coats, dishes, wooden backdrop screens etc

The brown wall turned out almost delicious, I can almost smell chocolate. How do you like the antique shabby fireplace on the brown wall? When decorating with chocolate can use almost any color for an accent...and I prefer the white and off whites for the main color as woods colors unless its black doesnt look as attractive. My favorite paint is from Kwal Howells in Ogden or Bountiful. Their paint is what the contractors use and usually stays true to its color on the chart. I usually dont like paint from home depot, walmart and Lowes, and its not expensive. This brown is called Bittersweet.
Here is the red area also, has the so popular reddish orange, not burgundy. It had a weird name, cant even remember it.
Sooooo many wonderful items coming in this week like...vintage purchases from Gwyn's estate, childrens jewelry such as crowns, cupcakes & princess in rhinestones, ooh la la! At least 30 or more animal print purses in fun styles and accent colors of reds greens blues and of course PINK! The famous Jenni B cupcakes, faux desserts will arrive and will be dolled up wearing diamonds, pearls and roses in colors that we shabby girls adore! Some beautiful antique paperie tags should also arrive in pretty colors and vintage girlie designs.
P.S. dont you just love Kellies new ICE CREAM the smaller version...mmmm! Handmade with felted wool. And can you see the new rusty them, better than expected and more metal crown hooks should be arriving so it will be a busy week just unboxing new arrivals...hope you can stop in!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh the places you'll go...I mean in Blogland!

I have been lost in blogland, seems I was visiting one of my favorites...Sandra Evertsons blog... I clicked on some of her favoite blogs and I got lost...really lost...and it was a good thing...Yes it was.
Here is where I ended up, you may need help too:
Let me warn you, she is a therapist.

Life's not always it?

Five years ago a sweet beautiful vibrant woman in her 50's passed away, her name was Marsha Martin. Marsha was living her dream being a real estate woman and enjoying life with her husband Gary. They had one son Brandon whom is a friend of our son Tim, they are 30 years old now. Brandon married... has a darling wife and a few children now. Marsha fought her cancer hard for some time and it finally won over her body. Not easy for Brandon and Gary as Marsha was the light of their lives. Well, Gary only 62 passed away yesterday with Leukemia after his long now I am thinking... life really isn't fair, is it? I don't know how to figure this out as to why, I just know that lessons are to be learned and life must go on for Brandon. I hope we can be comforting to Brandon and help him to deal with this. And I hope our family can embrace him and his sweet family as part of our Marsha and Gary I hope you don't mind us taking over with hugs & kisses, picture takings & phone calls, maybe even a little babysitting. (did I really say babysitting!) The only problem I see is if Brandon can handle us! God Bless the Martin family at this tender fragile time.

Women who create...something to look forward to!

Women who create has to be the best publication ever...and to wrap my mind around the idea that we will be seeing a quarterly book about women who create is just too much!!! I can't stand it! Check out this blog and you will see proof...
Dont worry about not finding a copy...I will contact the company who sells it and make sure we have plenty on hand at all times! First issue will be out sometime in early fall, I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crowned for the day..

Your going to LOVE the big rusty garden crowns that came yesterday! Hurry in for yours as i only got 4 big boxes (whew) and they will not last long. Wish I had taken a picture but we just were in such a tight squeeze yesterday with painting, moving and changing things.
The walls are awesome and Mr. Bed of Roses worked non stop and did a great job.
At 7:00 p.m we took off all sweaty to buy an estate...I will tell the story in a blog in a week or so. So to make a long story short we have a truck load of estate antiques that I will try to tuck into places in the shop this week.
So for now...back to the paint shop...I had an idea to paint the OUTSIDE of the shop...well, thats for Mr. bed of Roses, not me. I just chose the colors. If you come in today, expect store not to be displayed quite properly as today will be a big day for us too and if you find me asleep somewhere under a table, dont wake me !
Hey whats that I hear outside...could it be thunder? Hope you can stop in this holiday week.
Okay...I am making another decision here...look out...we will be closed on thursday the 24th!
I need to literally crash! To tell you the truth I think I will get things ready for Re-Creations big yard sale which is going on Friday and Saturday this week-end.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why I LOVE my business...Show & Tell Monday

I love my job...and there are many reasons why but the best reason is the lovely customers who come in and I get to hear their stories of what is going on in their lives. Last week Julie (who's last name has escaped me so early this morning) suprised me with a jar of apricot pineapple jam she had just made and had a cute story of how she acquired the apricots. I've heard of some of the most beautiful and vintage weddings going on this summer and some fabulous vacations.

In this picture you will see a 3 pieces set of antique bedroom lights I acquired at an estate sale in Roy Saturday. I have never seen the likes of them ever...arent they darling. Its the tall crystal glass ones, not MY cherub lamps. It fascinates me that the set is complete, working and in excellent condition. One is a reading light which hangs from the headboard. I think they will come into the shop today. Things like that are a little painful for me to part with, but I just have to. Thats another reason I love my shop, bringing things in I know customers will love.
Another reason is I get to display to my hearts we are painting a big wall chocolate brown and adding off white furniture with the aqua and pink pastel merchandise. Hope we can get the big antique fireplace in okay...thanks to Mr. bed of roses! I'm putting him to work the next 2 days, painting, moving stuff, hanging and boxing up stuff... He works for food.
I will share pictures when this project is done.
I am thinking of keeping the shop opened all week...still not sure yet about the 24th of July though. There will be new shipments arriving each happens to be our metal CROWNS and some crown & cupcake jewelry. MORE purses & styles are on their way...maybe by Friday and we will be in faux dessert heaven come next week. Come see, and pardon our dust while we get this shop ready for the holidays!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

WEDDING & SHOWER GIFTS...PLUS Wild Animal Print bags

Just arrived and will be so helpful for your wedding shower,wedding gifts and birthdays...soooo blingy crystal mirrored candle holders in clear, blue, orangy gold and green pastels only 18.95
MMMMM... old fashioned french milled Heart soaps, smelling so beautiful and priced 13.00 and you will love the peachy pink and brown box. What a special gift.

3 styles of bouncy black and white pearls and crystal coctail rings packaged in cute little black boxes...price...a wow of only $10.00 You will love how these look on your fingers. the new wild thing is Giraffe Print LARGE handbags...these are nice quality and so bold you are going to really get noticed carrying one of these beauties. Many of these purses also come with red, limey green, yellow and aqua handles & accents...let me know if you need a certain color and I can have you one in a week! 48.00

My favorite...just bold, simple & attractive giraffe print purse...35.00 come see the nice quality.

Flashy gold Zebra purse...36.00 aqain just awesome.

Silver Zebra...dare to be different with this one! 36.00

Animal print clutches...inside they are set up just like a wallet, all the compartments for you plastic cards and money. Neat shiney finish only 1600.

Here is the roses ribbon after a dunk in the tea dye, it turned out so much better than expected. This ribbon is not cheap by any means...when you think about it you may just need small pieces to make a wow statement on a project you are making. Could be fun...anxious to try it.
Will be open 11:00 to 5:00 Friday and Saturday...come see for yourself!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mo Stuff license plate

The cutest customer, Susie from Ogden popped in yesterday and told me her children gave her as a present which is this license plate...Mo stuff. I said I must have a picture to share with my customers this exciting license plate...they are all going to want one, arent You? She said where ever she goes her vehicle just gets filled right up, sounds familiar anyone??? I'm guilty!

Just In...Wrinkly crinkly ribbon roses wide ribbon has got to be the BEST EVER ribbon I have ever acquired. Dont you agree? Right now I have tried some in the tea dye to see how it will turn out.
I will take pictures of some of the ways this can be used and share with you in a week or so.

I am getting a bit impatient with the UPS truck...I know my new stuff is on one of them as we speak and I cant stand that it hasnt arrived yet at the shop. Maybe tomorrow...Oh it will be better than Christmas! If you see boxes outside shop you will know they came. Have you seen all the fun red painted items out front? Plus some gently used white wicker tables or seats, they are adorable for many things.

Before I go...let me remind you of she is posting so many new arrivals you are going to be in heaven when you see the new girlie skirts, I have never seen anything like it. You can just give her a call and she will hold some for you too, how convenient is that!!! Right here in Farmington. She ALWAYS posts the best topics, you will enjoy visiting as often as I do.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I know...I know...these are to die for! Kellie came walking in the door with these delicious handmade Ice Cream Sundaes on Saturday and I urged her to go home and make lots more!!! I wish Kellie would quit keeping such a spotless house...then we could get LOTS MORE of her handmade goodies!!! These are sooo sweet PINK, felted wool icecream scoops, handsewn on sprinkles,topped with a heart shaped strawberrie, ruffly whipped cream and placed into an old glass Soda glass. Julie got the first one had a COOKIE in it! What's cool is that the icecream lifts off and you can store items in the glass large bills? Anyway come check them out and there will be metal crown decors, giraffe and zebra purses, the best rose ribbon ever made, stunning rings, and even a new piece of furniture or two this week.
Okay now...only two of these desserts....can you hear us Kellie...NO HOUSEWORK...okay?
P.S. In a few weeks there will be a big shipment of handmade, very unique and very famous, not telling yet who...but faux desserts like cupcakes etc. will come decorated with diamonds, pearls & kidding! some of Her firsts will be for Just a bed of Roses happy and cant wait for you to own yummy!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's FARMINGTON DAYS this weekend

Just have one minute to's been a busy week, adding in the new display cabinet, decluttering the shop (well, trying!) making the big piles in storage areas shrink a bit so there is room for the wonderful goodies that are ON THEIR WAY.
It's Farmington Days parade today, Saturday at 10:00 its just too cute. You know what else is the cutest thing ever...Enson who is 10 years old and very mature has his cooler of pop business on the lawn today...your going to love the 30's music he's playing you may feel the urge to sing or dance a bit. He's adorable!
I do have some sale items out...should have more but its been a busy & may I say a hot week. Jewelry will be 20% off today and everything in the shop 10% off just for today!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of JULY week-end

Here is the NEW ROAD ISLAND DINER in Oakley Utah...its authentic Train car from Rhode Island , restored and full of great 40's food , it takes you back to the good ole days, however I was not able to stop, it is on my "to do" list for the summer though.
It will be busy busy getting back to shop today as yesterday I bought a most wonderful antique mercantile display cabinet for the shop. I am hoping to take pictures of it filled with collectables that seem to be cluttering up the shop. It will be amazing, you will love shopping from it too.
Hope your 4th week-end was filled with lots of food, family & friends. Mine was spent in the mountains above Oakley, relaxing until I heard of a bear siting in our association (!)and playing "murder at the grill" dinner theater (fun!) mostly... I had my face buried in great magazines and a book. We canoed at Smith Moorehouse Dam, had dutch oven dinner, played games and had a nap. At home I went to an authentic Mexican dinner of Carnita's which is pork cooked in a oil for 4 hours, mmmm! Had ice cream at Farrs, even went to Brigham City,cleaned parts of my workroom, started more projects and then bought the neat display piece along with a neat table and some great yellow chairs (chairs will show up in Re-creations today or Wednesday.)

Come on in this week...lots more NEW/OLD things arriving and STILL SALES each day this month.
It's Farmington Days this week too...parade saturday at 10:00 am

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No SUMMER VACATION should be without...

No summer vacation should be without great magazines as your are traveling/camping/relaxing...these books will travel with me to the mountains for sure... Just arrived...Somerset LIFE imaginative ideas for inspired I was peeking through this beauty before falling asleep and it peeked my curiosity big time as Sandra Evertson has pages of exquisite antique textiles arranged, just too much! Also Donkey dreams...cute Katherine Dunn makes homemade pies and delivers them walking a donkey ...all artists in this book have blogs too. And on page 14 is our own Utahs Julie collings she should be just coming back from their ArtNest Retreat in Park city. Wow, congratulations Julie, 2 blogger books for you! Okay, I just looked at your blog and if you have the pink plaid and aqua zipper bag I claim it, okay! (I have a feeling its sold though).
It was like waiting for Christmas for this new summer Artful Blogging book to arrive, visually inspiring online journals. Its eye candy for sure and the one that really caught my attention is on page 32 The ribboned crown where frivolity reigns...the Donna O'Brien crowns everything she can get her hands on! Girls you are going to see these sites before I do...I have to run to work, but before I go check out what fun deliveries came yesterday.

Crowns, cameos and tiny door plates and keys in an painted resin, these are dainty and would be neat to use in scrapbooking, and your smaller wood decorating projects, I have a few old recipe boxes that may get crowned soon. Selling between 2-4.00
Bridal shower tag , use this instead of a card, wouldnt it be fabulous tied around a gift basket? It is dimensional too and very well made.
Thank you for always standing besides many occasions come in our life when we just need to thank someone for being there for them...many in my life. This tag is old fashioned, charming and also dimensional.
Come on in...will only be opened today(wednesday) unless I open a half day (first half) on Thursday. Fabulous Jewelry is ALWAYS arriving. Because the shop is closed this Friday & Saturday I will sell jewelry AND anything RED Wednesday TODAY in the shop!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tea Dyed ROSES "attic floral"

This is one of my favorites...I dipped all the roses in tea dye and dried them in the hot sun then placed in this awesome vintage chippy brown basket tied up with tea dyed cheesecloth plus adorned with an antique paperie roses tag! Come see it and a neat crackly fruit topiary just finished.
Tuesdays are 20% OFF OF VINTAGE DISHES, TEA POTS, TEA SETS & MORE. The June sale will be continued into July, so Wednesday will be 20% off all linens.
Shop will be closed Thursday, Friday & Saturday due to the 4th of July week. Have a BLAST!