Monday, May 27, 2013

STUFF...cannot celebrate a birthday

I'm a firm believer as a shopkeeper
that "stuff" cannot
celebrate a birthday!

Do you know what that means?

It means if something has been in the shop
6 months to a has to GO!
(and truthfully 3-4 months is just plenty enough).
good grief, who wants things to be the same ole?

So thanks for helping us
say bye bye to our merchandise
before it's had a birthday.
Cause I just hate breaking my rules.

Joni will be re-inventing the shop this week-end
with all her magic.
(since your support was fantastic the past few weeks)

While it is open
and a sale will continue of
30% off anything reg. price
while Mr. roses and I go on a
buying trip for the shop
(and ourselves just to be truthful)

We'll be off to see the wizard!

thursday. friday. saturday.

For a great start to your summer

Time out...for thinking

we've had our graveside visits
and family gatherings.
Thinking about planting flowers
(have to buy them first).

It's a perfect time to figure out
what's on your bucket list this summer.

What's on yours?

to start with...
I'd like to find more buckets!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2nd chance...Junque sale Thurs. Fri. Sat.

Digging deeper...for good Junque
to sell this week-end!

7 Tables filled up again

stuff for the yard
stuff to get creative with
things to buy...just because
some antique tables and benches
few old dressers
odds and ends
that's how we roll

inside: 10.00 area
30% off all regular priced items
all scarves 1/2 off

We will be closed Memorial Day (mon.)
and the following Monday.

so glad the weather is going to co-operate
had to fill up 4 garbage cans of ruined stuff
wasn't that alot of rain... 
the grass, trees and flowers are
enjoying it immensly
so we will reap the beauty!

see you 10:00-6:00

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rainy day monday and another yard sale

We're open today...rainy day Monday

The shop will need some
"putting back together"
after the big yard sale last weekend.

The rain really got us Friday night
a soaker!

We've decided to attack the next layer of "stuff"
in our garage and from the shop (now we can see it)
and put it outside for the sale.

so look forward to ANOTHER YARD SALE:

Friday, May 17, 2013

inexpensive JUNQUE today!

Yard sale in Progress
THANK YOU for your continued support
in return we will have reg. priced shop merchandise
30% off

If there is a yellow sale tag we will take an extra 10% off!

I know that's extreme...
but if we have to re-arrange the shop next week
it may as well have less to move around!

Outside yard sale:

8 tables filled with good junque
inexpensive too:
large table of 1.00 and unders
7 tables of  $2-3.00

plus we have old doors. louvered shudder doors,
small furnitures, chairs, all priced to go to your home!

Farmington station has fun places for lunch and dinner
and if you love mexican grill Franciscos is next door!

see you 10:-6  Today!

yes, there are a few more pieces coming in today!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

junque sale. New stuff TODAY thursday

The back yard and driveway of the shop is now filled with good junque. Thanks to myself and Mr. Roses, whom now can't walk *okay he needs back surgery, but not before I get my junque sold!  And it was HOT...glad it's cooling down, perfect yard sale weather.

It all depends if you love unfinished projects of someone elses to re-create...and if you love to dig through boxes and tables to find something wonderful. Lots of stuff cheap-o!

A pile of vintage clothing...1-5.00

Most items on tables are priced 1-5.00

Today, Thursday...we have loaded up the truck with doors, shudders, tables, and some smaller furniture pieces.
Prices have been lowered from Wednesday...and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, we cleared alot out!

We're all happy aren't we!

Inside the shop we have 20% off everything
plus our marked down yellow tagged items.
black and white signs now marked 5 and 10.00
(can't go wrong).
scarves, most are 1/2 off.

wednesday thru Saturday

If your coming up Saturday, why not continue North to the Weber county's their Acorn Antique show...they are always my favorite to shop. Darn Now I can't be there at 9:00 a.m.

If parking is a problem at the shop, go around the building
and park at the school problem at all to do so.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

a very large yard sale this week

WEDNESDAY begins a very BIG yard sale
at the shop...10:00-6
we will continue thru Saturday afternoon.
If we start running out, we'll bring more
from home.

All will be vintage/estate/craft/unfinished projects and shop odds and ends of holiday
 & commercial.

large amount of vintage clothing.

all prices will be very low
come make your pile
and bring a wad of cash!

we also have sales inside the shop
this week

The shop is opened Monday

Thursday, May 9, 2013

mom deserves a gift from Just a bed of roses

BIG or deserves a gift from just a bed of roses

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

vintage inspired...

Just enjoy...
from our pinterest boards
LOVE that people share on Pinterest
it's my own fairyland to get lost in.

How about you?

Monday, May 6, 2013

What Mama had...

we have plenty of kitchen collectables
for using or gift giving.
Besides PLENTY of vintage collectables
and furniture
in right now.

Thumbing though an S & H green stamps book
you'll see exactly what Mama could buy with her stamps
so faithfully collected when buying groceries.

Joni has her art kits filled artistically
for gift giving

Our yellow tag sale in on going...more tags added each day.
Some 1/2 off gift items included

It pays to shop
Just a bed of roses
15 E. state
Farmington, utah

We will do an outdoors yard sale next mid-week
if the weather looks like it will co-operate!
You can always ask for Money for Mothers Day!