Sunday, December 20, 2009

Toys for good girls and boys...cause Santa claus is coming to town

A girlfriend I had in younger years had a passion for collecting horses. Horses Horses every where in her little bedroom. Every Christmas she would get loads more of them as I was getting Barbie and baby dolls. I never thought once about asking for one of these. On Christmas day though I loved to go see what Santa had brought her to add to and she was a pretty happy girl and yes, we played horses!
The book...I received from my grandmother who was a first grade school teacher in the 1940's-50's.

Suprisingly...I still have the 1950's lifesavers we each got from Santa!

Primitive cupboard holds the little paper kitchen spices and accessories every girl dreamed of playing with. These are a little before my time as we got the Barbie kitchen appliances that was for tabletops and my friend Debbie and I played it seemed forever with them.
Every little girl dreamed of a cupboard and kitchen supplies, didnt they!

And every little boy wanted a tractor. I love vintage Christmas toys, they remind me of times when
all you could ask for Christmas was 3 things...and my how we enjoyed what we received.

For lots more vintage Christmas...visit:
Have fun!

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