Thursday, October 30, 2014


 ADDRESS: 2037 S. 2700 W.  WEST HAVEN    
This is a pre-buy before our paper/patina booth at the Fleattitude vintage market Nov. 15th...I'll make more!
Records...for the holidays
 Santa florals with vintage gatherings

 Boxes filled with childhood Chritmas's


 sleighs, trees. paper.
 Ornies. glass. pretty things
 Rusty. reindeer. mercury glass. pretty glass. silver and gold. jars filled with holiday
 Ceramic lighted trees and more
books. frames. chalkboards etc.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sneak peek @ just a bed of roses SHOPETTE this Saturday

 Because it will be a rainy day...I will only have metal items outside for purchasing.
The inside will be filled. stuff. always!

comitting...THIS Saturday Nov. 1st shopette will be opened with Christmas goods  11:00-5  and possibly the next weekend depending if I can get alot more accomplished. This is sneak previews of what will be coming to Fleattitude Nov. 15th when joni and I do a triple space. Our space is called Paper and Patina! Then...we are done for the year, so...come get your vintage and vintage Christmas gathered up for your holiday season! See you soon!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Paper and Patina our new name

Introducing Paper and Patina name that Joni and I will be selling at vintage markets under.

Doesn't it remind you of us!

Those two words just came to us so easily.
Sierra, joni's daughter designed the photo by taking Joni's old books and my stacking luggage and combining.

Our first event using this name is coming up:
Nov. 15
state fairgrounds just west of salt lake city in 
the grand ballroom.
a one day event...9-4

we are bringing great stuff, Christmas too, priced affordably. This will be the only time we will be selling until March when its vintage whites.

IF, and it's a big if right now...I may be able to open the shopette at home for a couple days the first weekend of Nov. so please check back. I'll be showing photo's.

if you join me on facebook I pretty much list everyday.
brenda justabedofroses  is my friend name.

Miss so many of you...will be so happy to see you soon! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

SCARY things that go on at my daughters house this time of year

a great place to party with our grandchildren...since I basically do nothing at my place. these things light up, wiggle, talk, adding to the fright!

This is for real...creepy scary...right?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Octobers pleasures...

 corn maize in west haven on 3500 w. for details.
 They have special hours this's great fun for little ones before 7:00 p.m. Then I have no idea what goes on. The weather is delightful this month isn't it!

 She would keep walking up...but would not come down...I don't blame I was doing the same thing!

 This cutie granddaughter can lounge out about anywhere. A big container filled with corn...probably their favorite. We found corn in the wash machine after this adventure.

 Triple chocolate cake...made right in the pan, stirred with forks...easy enough for children.

 The little train ride takes you all around and through a big pumpkin field.
 In between redoing the shopette for Christmas which I am thinking can open the first weekend in nov. and if not will all be at the nov. 15. 
 Will be announcing some exciting news from Joni and I anyday here on the blog and is a name that her and I will share when we do events together. 

 The 8' display case is now in place in our entree way at home. What a huge job that much glass, marble in the bottom. The back sliding doors have mesh...for ventilation. This was used possibly as a bakers display case.

 Playing with things to put in it...its got some great depth.
 Trying out some of my pyrex thats been collected this summer in the browns. 
 Fun with the grandchildren this month...thanks to pinterest they chose to do their feet and made them into ghosts. You know this was a messy project...but so fun!
 she loves her ghost feet!

 paper mache witch hats and skeletons to paint .

 two handsome grandsons on a beautiful october saturday.

Oldest grandson Conner 16 baptised his littlest heart was full this day.

Will be back with my daughters haunted house photo's and our new event logo...see you soon!