Sunday, October 31, 2010


Many thousand years ago long before written history human beings probably discovered the first pearl while searching the seashore for food.
Through out history the pearl with it's warm inner glow and shimmering iridescence has been one of the most highly prized gems.
Ancient Egyptians prized pearls so much that they were buried with them.
Cleopatra reportedly dissolved a single pearl in a glass of wine and drank it, simply to win a wager with Mark Anthony that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just one meal!
Pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing.
During the dark ages white fair maidens of nobility cherished pearl neclaces, gallant knights wore them into battle. They believed the magic of these lustrious gems would protect them from harm.

In 1916 famed french jeweler J Cartier bought his landmark store on the New Yorks 5th Avenue. by trading 2 pearl neclaces for the valuable property.
Although our pearls are not of these natures we do have some beautiful pearl decor that will enhance your Holiday Traditions:

                                 First event of November:
Our beautiful  cream and light pink PEARL runners, pillows, frames, table toppers  along with any pearl jewelry in the shop will
be a big savings to you at 25% off.

                       This sale: ALL OF THIS WEEK

                                               and a glimpse

The only pearls NOT for selling are the BIG ONES hanging
from the ceiling...stop by for a peek, you may need to keep your sunglasses handy as we are merry and bright, you'll leave happy!
                                      Hours: 10:30-6:00
                        Mon-Saturday thru the holidays

                   WEAR YOUR PEARLS THIS WEEK


Halloween, so full of all kinds of temptations
 from characters
having BIG Warts & BIG Noses

Halloween can be trick or treating till the MIDNIGHT hours.
In magical places or our own neighborhoods & schools.

For Joni and I was changing out the shops Halloween till
the Midnight Moon and now HALLOWEEN has Vanished!
and taking much needed advil
(just being honest here.)

A season of PLAYING and getting SOAKED with those you love.
Getting squirted and holding on to little loved ones hands on
Grandma's favorite ride in the whole world.
Popeye at Universal Florida
( it was grandma can we go again...3 times, that's cause I
am a good grandma, love being soaked)

The traditional Candied apples, this year our granny smiths
came chocolate coated with marshmellow EARS.

October can be an irresistable sugar OVERLOAD
just check your scale. (okay dont!)
As we were taking down Halloween  Oct. 30th a batch of fresh fudge arrived along
with cherrie chocolate cupcakes.
Sugar Highs NECESSARY when working 14 hour days
All good...ALL GOOD!
Joni's fault
the 14 hour days and days.
HER addiction
Display and neatness

Halloween we can be anyone we want to be and it's OKAY
we even meet some of our favorite characters...
that's the magic of it all.

Fortunes of good and evil can be given...magic and mystery, do you believe?

Pumpkins can dangle from trees
and it seems HAPPY and kind of NORMAL.

In Florida it's not bats and black cats your afraid of...

Kennedi our little 2 year old cheerleader coming trick or treating
Halloween, a time FOR MAKING MEMORIES
What did you do when you were growing up for Halloween?

My dad was our elemenary principal and I remember parading
around the school hallways and in the evening grabbing a
pillowcase and off we went till 10:00 p.m
okay may it was 9.

( ADULT SUPERVISION..oh noooo way!)

My husband would take our 4 children out and laughed at how they ran with their little legs
as fast as they would take them, avoiding rolling in ditches.

I was home giving out the treats and ALWAYS working on Christmas projects
in between trick or treaters
Being a shop owner then or doing an upcoming boutique
because in MY world that's JUST how it
has ALWAYS been.
Husband and children LEARNED and think it's normal
Halloween IS Christmas too.

Let's say Goodbye to Fantastic 2010 Halloween, file away our
 pictures of MAGICAL moments to ponder in our quiet moments in the future.

Within an hour this morning of awakening
for Just a bed of roses
and we look forward to its
next year.

the Nov. 1st WEEK EVENT will be blogged

and thank's for YOUR SUPPORT of making this the
BEST HALLOWEEN season in our 3 years!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Caramel corn

We have one cup Halloween designed bags of caramel corn, perfect for a trick or treat gift.
reg. 1.95   sale: 1.50   Friday/Sat.

We may also have fresh made cinnamon rolls brought in this morning.

Still some fantastic Halloween decor and gifts...40% off 2 days left and then it's gone!

see you soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's TIME to COME IN from the COLD

"Winter is an ETCHING, spring a WATERCOLOR, summer an OIL PAINTING
and autumn a MOSIAC of them all."
Stanley Horowitz
Victoria Bliss Nov/Dec 2010

Even the birds have abandoned their nests
The BURNING BUSH...has about burned out

Utah's corn fields & mountains minutes after a 5 minute hail storm.
Today I wore capri pants & a fur coat
Mixed weather confusing?

It's as if the ground ivy creeping onto the porch is escaping the nipping cold.

It's now 4 -5 days until Halloween celebrations
grab you something pumpkin flavored, enjoy being warm.

Enjoy Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl and others workspaces
new issue has arrived

BE INSPIRED  by Victoria Bliss
Nov/Dec. arrival

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower.

Come in from the cold

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wizard wear, Potions and whimsical curiosities

With a POTIONS shop above

Wizardwear that magically and mysteriously goes up and down
and a cat made from tape measure

Windows of whimsical musical instruments

Giant jelly bellies

Curious and whimsical shops of novelties

A place to wait in line...let's see was it 1 and 1/2 hours?
No fast passes allowed here!
So worth it!

A place to learn wizardary

Giant chocolate frog in it's grand golden box

Harry Potter village at universal

all buildings were crooked like these

3 witches brooms restaurant
Do you hear some cackling coming from inside?

A TIRED little girl who spent the day in a magical land of Harry Potter
she picked out her own Wizard Wand
Of course all children sleep like this don't they,upside down and with new toy.
Grandma should be sleeping where her head is, and isn't it
magical how her legs bend like they do.
To be a child.

Have I not found the Hogwart train to show you?
It's somewhere.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


ONE WEEK till Halloween...pick up your copy of the new issue WHERE WOMEN CREATE before our rainy week-end along with something good to sip on. New bags of crunchy caramel corn arriving today...spend your week-end with a big bag!

Consider a casual sitdown at ...FRANCISCO's authentic Mexican grill next door to us is serving warm scrumptuous Sopapilla and Pumpkin Cheescake.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today suprise someone with Halloween
This is from our young artist friend Sophey Henderson
We can always expect flowers and sun when she paints
(along with smiling pumpkins and people)
We love you Sophey!

Balloons make a fun gift tied onto
something Halloween
we don't have balloons but we have SOMETHING HALLOWEEN
and it's on sale!
Lots of Christmas too...hiding in the back room
but we won't talk about that!

Watch out for the DEVIL these days...he's lurking in unexpected places!
just A warning!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Historic 25th street Ogden 's first WITCHSTOCK

This coming Saturday
Begins at 3:00-full moon
Witches tea party
ghost searchings
witches parades
cackling contests
Check the's beyond fantastic

Hoping that next year Just a Bed of Witches can participate!

West Haven Punkinaze...get lost and play
the weather is PERFECT

Have the best time ever this year!

Come see us!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You want to be a CHAIR for HALLOWEEN?

Here's how to be a Formal dining room chair/table for Halloween costume party...funnest lady came in for her first time from Salt lake and said can you help me I need a costume. I walked her around the store then left her on her own...good thing, she walks up with this formal cream fabric chair cover and said I want to be a can I do that?
I've never been given THIS opportunity before...
One thing turned into another and pretty soon she was wearing a long broach that was the tablecloth gathered up by a spider bracklet (napking ring). Then we got black ribbon trimmed in silver and added a ruby red vintage cup for her neclace. Grabbed a black top hat headband for her head and a black rhinestone crown ring adding to her long black velvet gloves.
Are you visualizing?
next...she bought the mercury glass style skeleton head that looks like a chocolate head wrapped in gold/silver foil and will be held by her on a silver serving platter.
She found a medium sized round rose pillow to attach to her back, I kind of went "what?"
She said it was a formal chair pillow. okay got it!
She will add silverware, and some handmade bead spiders to her tray and her clothing.
Now her grandson wants her to paint her legs brown like wooden legs.
I think the beautiful black heels with the gold rose  she discovered walking to her car, then turned back around and bought  (what a find!) would be Just right!
She was pretty excited...can't blame her.
She COULD win the prize!
You think?
I do!
P.S...there are a few chair covers left in the shop
just sayin!

Monday, October 18, 2010

11days till Halloween...COSTUME PARTY

Sassy witch?

Just being Ourselves?


Very old spider

Very Black widow?

Ghost party Hostess?

Little Bo-Peep
Just try getting hollow pvc pipe painted pink through airport security right now!

Pirate trick or treating
at not so scarey Halloween party

Haunted mansion witch
remember her?
Where ever your party may be...
It's TIME to get ready
and we can help!

12 days till HALLOWEEN try Butter Beer

At the Wizarding world of Harry Potter where temps were 89 degrees
it was refreshing foamy cream soda/vanilla 1/2 frozen drink
made for some fun mustaches!

Wouldn't something like that be fun this evening while you watch
a Harry Potter movie
maybe your favorite
 I've only seen #1
How about you?