Saturday, January 18, 2014

an UNEXPECTED DAY in utah county

 Fleaology...creative sign outside of Olsons Greenhouse in Payson.
30 vendors tucked in various places inside this sunny, warm building full of live greenry. You could almost hear the birds singing like a spring day. Pretty unique. lots of variety.
Perfect setting for a January flea market!

 What we found... we LOVE!

 BRAMBLES and blossoms shop in Provo...cute Lisa who loves to collect Industrial, Naturalistic, Patina, Rust, Farmhouse etc. Old chippy wood pieces displays each room in such a naturalistic way you just want to stay for a long while to soak it all in. It's different. Refreshing to find uniqueness in a shop now days isn't it? 

 Lisa adds dried lavendar flowers and real greenry for that "feel alive" look that you want to take home with you. Nothing fake, fluffy & pink for this gal, she is fun, energetic, real, a good hard working gal who loves to get her hands dirty and so cute...dang, why didn't I get her photo at her neat counter? Lisa do you do PINK? (bet she does in spring & summer). She is passionate and dedicated about her business.

 Outside you can't miss this aqua patina fitting for Pulling you in off the road. She has been in this location for 10 years.I met her only a year ago and loved her energy and now I know her's kind of the new term RAW. 

 Inside displays of white chippy patina await you...  January is never any shopkeepers's when Christmas has been put away and it's time to prepare for the seasons ahead. (and it's alot of work).

Lisa wants us to come back when she is at her capacity...but we loved the bones of her displays...and you can see her old wooden floors which we fell in love with. You will too. (be sure to look down). My mind wandered a bit to think about sweet spring tucked into the vignettes. ahhh Spring! (I think Christmas would be fantastic there too).

 4 rooms and then a big room to dig around in...stuff waiting to make their grande arrival onto the display floors...but, they could make their way to your home first...You will not be disappointed in what you find! This girl can collect neat stuff!

 see I told you...

good junk heaven!
 Love is in the air there...and she has some of the best scents.

 Address: 959 s. state Provo  this road is between Provo and on the way into Springville on the East side of the road. Look for her rustic and inviting porch. will check her days and hours schedules.

We also visited Treasures antique mall West of Springville.

 Lisa suggested this place...could she hear our tummies? Can I say that I would be there every week if it were only closer, I have never eaten at a place that has such flavor, everything is organic, grass fed etc etc etc... SO REFRESHING. Not like usual mexican food smothered in beans, sauces and cheese. Located in Orem, just south of the University mall, south side of the Wendys on the west. don't blink you'll miss...serious. you've been warned!

 It's small/quaint/best service and the tables are little square wooden ones. We also had fresh pineapple juice in mason jars. We even talked about throwing out all of our glasses and using mason jars at home. Not that it's a new idea at all, but we have time on our side now and jars that didn't get used this year! (loving our new life, yes, REALLY!)

 The Granny smith apple cheese salad...whoa, I did not expect this presentation, the dressing was lemon, lime & sea salt.YOU MUST TRY! Does anyone know how to cut up apples this thin, tiny strips, would love to know. (cause we have extra time, right!)

 Just helping you decide (and lisa has her favorites too of avocado taco, Plantano...dont forget!)... this is Carnita and steak tacos, the steak had granny smith apple topping...oh heaven sang ! (loved the carnita).

Note...we said to the waitress "we are coming back"... but this family owned business is leaving utah , so you need to go there BEFORE the end of april. They are placing themselves in a perfect location in California's Nampa'll understand why. They began this restaurant because their mother had to start eating healthy due to health problems...not sure of any details.

Sweet visit with my niece Diane in Lindon, she lives in a care center and loves to sit in the sun. We brought her valentines and diet coke, because she is loved by our family alot. 

vintage matters...
brenda klomp

Saturday, January 4, 2014

officially retired

Here's my man...standing at the door he walked in and out of for 24 years, officially over.

Officially over means he's had the big cake, the "roast" by his long time buddies, his # retired and name on a tie, phone turned in, thoughts written in a journal book, hand shakes and thank you's for your long service by the big guys that run the place. (he's enjoying not having a that's a little scary!)

Carl worked every holiday and weekend for those years PLUS the 17 years at ZCMI (same type schedule) in Ogden. I look back and think how did we do it? Well, it wasn't always easy and probably hardest on our they had to deal with their mother... alot!

He especially enjoyed his earlier days at the store...times were good, the guys would go out to "all you can eat" restaurants, or went for "sinkers" at Teddy bears, ABC mandarin in Roy he got them all hooked on his ABC house special pan fried noodles,he could eat the huge plate full...but now he takes a doggie bag, says he's just not the man he use to be!

Carl always came home happy and cheerful and that couldn't always be that easy being on your feet running all day, serving the customers that he did so well. I admire him for that. This last year wore on him needing a second back surgery. 

He has his good memories now...he sleeps in, does what he wants, and is enjoying no stress... holidays will surely be different at our home.

congratulations Carl!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some stories end with happily ever after

Once upon a time 2013 season theme, a shop filled with things loved from the past and ready to match up with owners to be loved in a new home.

Now it's perfect timing to come to the end of this brick and mortar shop chapter with the other chapters written within the pages of our 7 year blog.

Some stories end with Happily ever after...I'll think about it tomorrow... to all a good night and so forth.

 Because I am  only seeking balance in my life... Just a bed of roses will become a shopette, smaller, quicker and better.

Our first event together with joni (including Bonnie Tibbitts) is: vintage whites market March 8th Saturday  UTAH STATE FAIRGROUNDS. You want to mark this one on  your calendar, it is only ONCE  a  year.
join it on fb or their blog.

This one will end with "this is not the end".