Friday, January 2, 2015

Puerta Villarta Mexico & Cabo San Lucas

Blown glass making business in cabo san lucas

 Seal watching as we ride the glass bottom boats

 This is people in our group on the boat with us.

 Our ship docked, pacific ocean at cabo.

 Puerta Villarta ocean views walkways

 Arches and entertainment as we walk.

 Our tour guide for the square, historical touristy place

 inside a bit gobby in color and design for my liking

 Top of town with beautiful views

 Oceans and resorts look nice  there, nice climate and thick jungle like hills.

 tropical. we rode through the nicer home areas.

 Always a reptile to be thrown on you...for money of course~

 I mean...come on!

 Touristy spot for shopping and eating

ugh...I too had to have reptiles thrown on me,  wasnt about to laugh about it.

Porta villarta would be a nice place to go to an all inclusive resort.
When the ship docks there is a big walmart across a busy road.
Their seemed to be more normal driving and more open spaces than the other countries.