Wednesday, May 28, 2008

County Wide YARD SALE I will be there June 7th with the BARGAINS

Save your dollars...I will be selling at this county wide yard sale June 7th at the Weber county fair grounds (if its rainy they put us in the building).
I will have tables loaded with ONE DOLLAR ITEMS or less. I will load you up with good bargains bargains bargains! The picture shows all the information, why dont you even come and sell? They have tables you can rent, sooo easy. What I love about community sales is that your not spending all your money on gas by running around.
The picture of the house...I NEED SHUDDERS like these on my home...does anyone know where to get them here in northern utah? Are they cedar? Do I need to contact a contractor? I know there are vinyl ones I can order, but would rather have the wooden and slanted sided ones. My email:
P.S. We are keeping a close eye on Dad...we are seeing how the anti-biotic works on his finger I guess and he is home. Thanks for your well wishes it is so much appreciated.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dad's Emergency

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for your loving thoughts and prayers on my dads behalf. He still needs them as he is not well. Unfortunatly he DID NOT get the right medical care yesterday, all they did was numb his finger and lift up some skin and then said to try some anti-biotic and was to return immediatly if anything changed. This just made for a very bad day for all of us, my dad said he's never felt so old.
I just guarantee today he is going to end up back in the hospital with surgery and will have a lengthy time hooked up to anti-biotic iv.
A few lessons learned here...dont get an emergency on a Holiday as your care could be compromised...seriously!
Lesson two...if you are a diabetic and see ANY sign of an infection get anti-biotic medical help immediatly. And NEVER dig on yourself...NEVER EVER. Even if its a sliver, which my dad had.
He just didnt know and an 80 year old just does what he has always done...fix it yourself!
Again, thanks for prayers on our behalf and please know we still need them.
The shop (and I ) will be open today, I have 2 sisters and a brother that will be attending to my father and mother today, I appreciate them so much.

Monday, May 26, 2008


This is an old needlepoint I purchased this past week at an estate I am buying from, I fell in love with this framed piece and it was the deceased persons grandmother who had it, I will assume she made it also. I love old fruit pictures any way that I can find them. Fruit I am sure was not in abundance in the "olden days".
I hope your Memorial Day week-end has been nice. Here in Utah it is rainy so I have stayed inside and compiled many many boxes for the yard sale June 7th.
As I was going through my kitchen piles my sister called and said my 80 year old father was headed to salt lake for emergency surgery on his finger, apparently he had wood chips in it and had thought he had dug it all out. (he's always a do it yourselfer!) He got really really sick during the night and I am so afraid he is full of infection or blood poisoning. His body is in a weak condition as he is diabetic and cant go under surgery easily because of his heart and low blood pressure. So I will be understating that I am very scared right now and I need your prayers on his and my families behalf right now. I must go now to the hospital and will check in if possible this evening.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just a reminder...Shop is opened today Thursday and Friday. However we will close Saturday thru Monday as I have just tons of new/old items that need to get ready to come into the shop and a yard sale to get ready for (June 7th). I hope you have a most wonderful Memorial week-end with family and friends eating and resting up a bit.
I just bought 10 ANTIQUE QUILTS, seriously...and lots of vintage dishes, linens & collectables. I will get pictures of them as they are stunning AND amazing. I have not decided which route I will use to sell them. Maybe Ebay...maybe not! I will let you know...hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Estate soaps

I found these hiding out in my husbands own GENERAL STORE this morning. We came across a whole case of these wonderful old sweetheart soaps in a dingy old old basement, arent they cute and 1 cent...I need to research when soap would have been that cheap, dont I?
Tonight will be the second buying trip at an estate where I bought the lovely dishes (now dont follow me there!) My husband has the strictest orders to video tape AMERICAN IDOL as my TWO DAVIDS are doing the finale for the winning title of American Idol. I love them both so it will not matter who wins.
I promised pictures of all the recent finds but the Barber was leaving on a trip to Switzerland today with his family and he was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning and distracted me all day long. Maybe today...hmmmm wonder what I will come across tonight for the shop?

SUMMER HOURS for Just A Bed of Roses

Starting now the shop will be closed thru the SUMMER on MONDAYS. Tuesday thru Friday shop hours: 11:00 -5:30 (sometimes between 5:00-6:00) and Saturdays 11:00-11:30 until 4:30-5:00
You are welcome to call and tell me you are coming and need me to stay for you, no problem unless I need to be to an appt. which does happen.
Here is a picture of the costume jewelry that arrived at shop Monday!

SHOP WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY AND MONDAY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND really need to get ready for the upcoming YARD SALE on JUNE 7 at the Weber County Fair Grounds, hope you can come, most items I will be selling will sell for 1.00-3.00 dollars, seriously! I will do a separate post on this next week. FRANCISCOS restaurant will also be closed sat thru monday.

Am I the only one who LOCKS THEIR KEYS in their TRUCKS?

So this is Shellie Monday delima...I stopped off at the post office in Farmington and got distracted with a cell phone call and yes, I locked my keys inside. Its really a rare occasion for me to do that, but it did happen. I called Shellie as she was on her way to the shop to pick up a present, I claimed there is no way I could crawl through the back of truck as it was loaded with 'NEW FINDS" for the shop. I opted to call 911 since the police station is a block away.
Shellie showed up before the police officer...she just easily slid her skinny body right through the goods and through the tiny window and rescued the keys! When the police woman showed up she said "well, it looks like you found a much funner way to rescue your keys!"
Picture is showing her going through the little window...good grief! Thank You Shellie!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I came across this ANTIQUE dresser last week and could not wait to paint it country red and antique it will an awsome dark stain. It is an old Western Dresser, complete with the original brass horseshoe drawer pulls.
It has gold paint undertones that gives it a more rustic look. I am not sure where it will go this week, if there is room in the shop it will surely go there, if not it will go to Re-Creations Tuesday or Wednesday. dont you love the original brandings on each corner?

COMING MONDAY to the shop... I have been a very busy girl!

Pair of refinished to perfection antique ice cream chairs heirloom white, you will not find a more immaculate pair again!
2 unique rare antique lamp shades (smaller sized ) so fun to decorate with!

Lavendar double sized SUN BONNET SUE ANTIQUE QUILT, lovely condition!

3-4 small vintage tablecloths, stacks of pretty white handmade doilies.

Neatest style of tablecover, antique handmade and immaculate.

Stacks of vintage linens, newly pressed and all unique, affordable and well made. Pretty hankies and bundled laces. Nothing is tea dyed in these estate linens.

Monday I will be bringing in all these vintage linens and more. AGAIN more 50's neclaces, crystal earrings and retro pins so so cute.

Now your going to LOVE what I don't have pictured (will take pictures monday, so check back in the evening or early tuesday morning):
3 antique birdcage stands, one red, black and the other rusty, with 2 antique cages, all priced individually! Two 50's plant stands, one shabby white the other rusty, too cute. 12 baggies of antique buttons priced 5.95 each and less when you buy two or more. A white crystal chandaleir will be coming in mid week, smaller sized around 100.00 Two Awesome old wooden antique chairs, an old old wooden box, and tons of antique glass collectables.
Like usual, prices will be affordable. By the do you like this 90 degree temps here in Utah...I am loving it since last week we were freezing!
I'm recovering from a headache, we went to Dave Ramsey and is he ever roudy & loud. Loved every minute of it though and got motivated like a Gazelle to make some financial progress so that we can reach our dreams and goals we have made. Did anyone else get there to see him? If not go check yourself and family into a financial peace university 13 week course near too can reach your dreams and have financial peace.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shop IS opened's what's coming in

Check out the vintage Rhinestones on the bottom of this picture...oooh la la!

Shabby white vintage jewelry, buttons & ruffly FENTON candy dishes!

Marble topped newly painted colonial red vintage iron stand and florals!

More wrinkly crinkly ribbon will be bundled up for sale this week!

The birds were singing so pretty this morning while I was taking this picture!

Oh...and THIS is new, I'll be bringing it to work husband thinks there is a sign

somewhere on this car of mine that says "hit me". Ouch!

While being away from the shop I was able to meet up with 2 of my favorite professionals... One is Danielle East from Salon Tantrum she designs and colors my hair to my personality which is grayed, a little whitened and Blackened. From the Best book : Human Art, written by Brooke whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting. I have wanted to meet her for years and there she was doing hair right next to me, what a treat, oh that made my day.

Then I met with Lu Anne Shuey who has to be the strongest and best massage therapist out there. This girl does wonders and I love to go get my muscles relaxed by her. I could not do the job I have at my age without her!

So now back to work...there will be parking on Main street, in front of the courthouse and always in the back school parking lot. Hope its not to inconvenient for you. They will be finishing up our lamp posts today. Next week Main street gets theirs, we're going to look so historical!

Salon Tantrum: 801-776-1243 Danielle East 1086 E. Highway 193 Layton utah

Lue Ann at Dr. Mark Jolleys Wasatch spine & Disc Center 2017 N. Main #202 Layton, Utah (across from K-Mart, west side of road).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here's a few pieces of vintage chic costume jewelry coming in HOPEFULLY THURSDAY. Now REMEMBER SHOP IS CLOSED ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY due to the new decorative street lamps being
installed, parking spaces are being used up. I will take advantage of this time off gathering more goodies from the garage and will focus on finding "garden" decor , unless I get sidetracked!
Maybe Wednesday I can show pictures of the new stuff coming in Thursday...check back often!

Monday, May 12, 2008

SHOP CLOSED TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY this lamp posts coming!

Dear Customers...I hope this is not an inconvenience, the shop will need to be closed TUESDAY & now WEDNESDAY as Farmington city is putting decorative lamp posts in and all the construction work has closed off the shops parking for customers. Monday was not a prosperous day. So I went to vintage jewelry shop early...YES I DID!
Soooo...lets try again for THURSDAY and if the street is still closed off I will cry (and maybe scream). Got some pretty fun pieces of costume jewelry and pieces. So I will take a well needed day off, I do have a decorating appt. and boy do I need my gray hair covered up. see you soon


You'll be the FIRST to know...this evening I am vintage jewelry shopping for the store at MY FAVORITE will be coming to the shop TUESDAY!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Georgeous GIFT CERTIFICATES are here!

Our Mothers Day Gift Certificates are in...get Mother something she can pick out herself . I personally love to receive gift certificates, I have trained my 3 sons well on this too! May is such a huge gift giving month, almost like December so hopefully we can help bring some Joy and appreciation to those you need to recognize.
Here too is a very special gift that is to be given by child #3 to her mother of 10 children, isnt it wonderful? I dont know how Karen sewed 10 antique quilt hearts on this so flawlessly, but she is amazing and did it to perfection as always! Anyone that has given birth to many children I am in awe of. Doesnt it bring a tear to your eyes? Isnt it neat how the hearts represent each child AND in their birth order?

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's DAVID ARCHULETTA day here in Utah!

It's a toss up...I was trying to think which is better...the PINK CARAMEL CHOCOLATE COVERED GRANNY SMITH APPLES and PRETZELS...or DAVID ARCHULETTA coming to UTAH today?
I VOTE all three...if we were voting here! New orders coming today as we sold out yesterday.
David is coming to Utah Murray High school and then to sing the National Anthem at the Utah Jazz game this evening, he is amazing and inspiring and I live to hear him sing each week on American idol, so I think this year I may pick up the phone and do a vote for him. I do love the other David, and its okay if he wins too (wink wink), of course it would be fun to have a Utahn win wouldnt it? Hope you can vote too!
Come in and chose a present for the special women in your lives...see you! That reminds me, I hope I remember to take a picture of a special order that came in...I will share it with you tomorrow.

Monday, May 5, 2008

HEARTS & FLOWERS for Mothers

Gerber daisies in gold painted mailbox with birdnest
Antique 30's quilt heart framed "I love you" saying

French country floral with Bird nest and whimsey tag

Bird nest in clay pot full of ivy
Straw hat floral and gold framed antique quilted heart saying.
Come in for Mothers days gifts...we have plenty of hearts and flowers to shower the mothers that you love.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Life. Money. Hope...FINANCIAL PEACE Dave Ramsey coming to Utah

Dave Ramsey Live will be at the E Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 17...we are taking our MARRIED children as Dave is one of our family idols. He has been a big part of our life for over 7 years now.It will be a life changing experience you wont regret the time spent. If you will email me at I can give you a code that will save you 10.00 off your ticket making it 22.00 which is a bargain of the century. Dave doesnt take credit cards only debits! Dave is entertaining , HIGHLY motivating, you will be so inspired plus you will never look at money in the same way again. The knowledge will be invaluable.
He has funny sayings such as credit card cutting up is a plasectomy. Another is: live like no other so that later you can live like no other. He gives you hope in a hopeless situation, he has a workable plan. When you pay off your home: The grass feels greener! Sometimes we pay "stupid tax" (how many times do we do that!!!) Hey, we make mistakes!
We love to listen to him in the evenings between 7:00-10:00 p.m. on 570 a.m. radio . My favorite book by Dave: total money make-over.
My husband and I took the first Financial Peace University class in the State of Utah supported by Zions Bank it is a 13 week course (fee is super low and best money you will EVER spend). By the 3rd class I was begging to be a Volunteer class Co-ordinator in our area, which we gladly did for 2 years and was one of the most rewarding experience in our lives.
It was turned over to Debbie Reynolds West Haven , classes at Country view this is one focused gal...Debbie , I have the highest respect for what you are doing...she volunteers 2 times a year to co-ordinate and put on 13 week classes thats 26 night classes plus registration! She is a living example of the rewards and joys that come from living Financial Peace. Debbie I hope you are blessed beyond measure for what you are so unselfishly teaching.

It wasn't until we took the classes that we really "got it" and made progress with our finances together. Can you imagine actually doing a budget and be in the same room with your marriage partner!!! Dave says we do baby steps and sometimes we are little crock pots. And of course at first there just isnt enough money to go around...You learn how to deal with THAT SITUATION too! We made the big step of paying off our home this year...YES, the grass IS greener!Vacations are paid for in advance, oh they are so much more of a real vacation that way. It is comforting and feels secure to us in these times where gas prices are now changing the way we live as we both work on comission sales ONLY.
This would make a lasting mothers day present...take your family too and enjoy the blessings of how to get to financial peace. Then you too can "live like no later you can live like no other .
See you there! And if you arent in Utah go to and find a class near you.

Tiny glass Tiara...1st year Birthday Present

I know you are droolling over this blown handmade glass Tiara, you can go to and crown the special people in your life too or gift yourself, somedays you are the queen aren't you?

This is a 1st year store Birthday gift given to me by Julie who has been such a supporter to me and given me help that I have been most grateful for this past year. She is among the top of my list of people whom I admire as she is always so positive to me and all whom she meets, she's alot of fun to be around you can always plan on laughing your head off at her stories. She's at the top of her game in knowing how to be a really good salesperson. Julie has 5 children whom she adores and works very hard to provide for them. I admire her endurance, patience and sense of humor. She does not have a Cinderella story book life, at times it can be VERY CHALLENGING to say the least. She's the one who should be gifted with the tiara, YOUR'E the queen.

So Julie...a big big hug from me and thanks for a Tiara I will cherish forever. (this was not easy getting a picture in its cute box!). Julie has a BIG BIG dream of owning her grandmothers old home in Salt lake city...she has purchased so many wonderful shabby pink treasures for it, they are to die for AND they are BEYOND SPECTACULAR...I just had to say that as its her famous saying which I have had to use at the most appropriate times.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kennedi Suzanne May 2, 2008

I've never seen anything like it...this is the top of Kennedi's head 1/2 hour after her arrival. I knew it would have brown hair and never expected this!
Aren't her little foot prints cute...she sure does have long feet. Its been 24 hours now and would you
beleive I haven't ever heard how much she weighs, I was just more interested in cuddling her and oohing and ahhhing I guess.

Friday, May 2, 2008

MY Mothers Day present COMES EARLY

This is a special day for us as my oldest sons wife is at the hospital right now waiting for their first baby to arrive...Her name is Kennedi Suzanne and if she isn't loaded with brown hair I will be suprised!
Unfortunatly I have to open shop and shopkeep until I can't stand it anymore and then I will close shop to hold my PINK grandbaby. Or at least get in line for a turn to hold her!
Grandmotherhood really IS EVERYTHING it is cracked up to be. So if you are coming to the shop I MAY be there until 2-3:00 today, Friday. I hope this is not an inconvenience to anyone.
P.S. here are some florals new to the shop (oops the wreath is sold and the last one may be too), HOWEVER each day I am trying to add a few just in time for Mothers day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

MOTHERS DAY...we'll help you CELEBRATE in a special way

With it being the first day of May, Mothers day will be upon us come May 11th. This breathtaking ROSE photo card made its appearance today in the shop clear from California. Seems the daughter of a 91 year old Father is peddling her Fathers Photography which they have made into the most beautiful embossed cards. Well, I took one look at this Rose with is dew drops of water and its lucious pink and green petals and knew Just a Bed of Roses customers were going to enjoy this beauty. Only wish I had bought more! Isn't it inspiring to still be living your passion at 91 years old and having a daughter that really cared to share his work.

If you need special orders done in the way of florals, altered art neclaces, framed quilted heart sayings and green chocolate caramel covered may I suggest to get hold of us very soon. Plus Loads of chocolate caramel pretzels arrived today.
I will try to list Mothers day gifts each day...