Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies...not really!

A pretty...Pearled Crown Wedding veil antiqued tucked in hydrangeas sitting in a very
antique funeral basket...a little something I made myself today while my new countertops
were awaiting the plumbing.
(along with cleaning like crazy)
Do you adore the picture?
My countertops I love to pieces, will show you when we
get Jake to come do the back splash.

A romantic pink cover album coming in the shop tomorrow...adorable too.

A handmade very shabby and vintage chic bra probably from hmmmm the 50's?
It's in perfect condition. Reminded me of spring and Easter dressing.

And so did this charming gal from the early 1900's
She too "shabby and vintage chic"
didn't even know it then did she?
and jayna has delighted us with vintage KEY neclaces...
they alone are worth the trip over to
Just a Bed of Roses!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

STRAYING away easily...

Special Order finished  for Kelly S. it looks so beautiful I'm thinking the sunroom needs one of these?
You won't mind... Kelly?
It's so her!
Me too!

This is the last day to  make projects in the kitchen (Mr. Roses suggested) as the new countertops are due for installation this week,  will be making the most of it this weekend. This framed piece is all vintage. A page from the library of whom checked out the book has some old dates, added an advertising card from a business with the blue bird...too tweet.
 Do you love the old roll of toilet paper  adorned up with old ric rac/wrinkly ribbon and rusty old skelton key,
 all arriving at Just a Bed of Roses...
 Monday morning.

When I clean house THIS ALWAYS happens...does it to you?
Please say yes!
I walk to my workroom with a box of things to put away and come right back out with this and that to make 3 more things that JUST HAVE to be done RIGHT NOW.
Forget the dusting!

Really old music and paper from the early 1900's was my passion today.
You can see why. Now you know what do do with our fun plastic frames.

See why there was no stopping me...I did get the floors washed around these projects, laundry folded, and bought some chocolate so I can ENDURE getting the taxes ready tomorrow.

And when I saw this antique picture of the mamma bird singing on her nest in a worn out 1896 Spring book
I thought about grabbing an old
rusty bucket (of course in my garage) and made a floral with these pages
Precious & rustic.

And lets just enjoy the back of the floral too with a bird story, same book.

Matching tea dyed battenburg lace collar hanging on a  very old rustic hanger to go with the rusty bird floral
Beautiful black rose flower
French striped ribbon
too fun!

As you can see I did make progress, yesterday I hated ALL the clothes in my closet, do you ever get that
way? Threw them in a pile for the thrift shop among dishes in the kitchen cupboards.
Thinking ALL DAY that surely there is SOMEONE wanting to clean house for me!
That's just a DREAM of mine.
I tell my husband that ALL the time.
I get THAT LOOK... like "hey that's great, but your going to have to pay for it".
(I know how to read his thoughts after 37 years.)
 and I just might
because I  STRAY...  way   to ...   EASILY!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SO MANY REASONS to shop THIS week-end at Just a Bed of Roses

Sweet...You'll smile too when you open YOUR egg before your purchase for extra
savings, coupons for another visit or something FREE!

LIFE arrived today...going to STUDY (lounge around right now) and devour the words plus be
inspired with each picture....and dream about what I can create next.

Had to purchase this treasure book for the shop...oh you are going to think your in heaven when you
see the beyond spectacular pieces.
Just a note: my vintage jewelry sellers are just WAITING for me to call as to buy from them.
It's just...
 I keep ordering all this fabulous stuff for you (and me) and
there is only so much money.
Just know that before Mothers day we will have vintage jewelry and jewelry pieces so you can
make some of your own designs.
And as I begin to organize my workroom there will be plenty of jewelry piece FINDS!

Organizing can be fun with these  RED antique sewing machine drawers, cant they!

Also a UNIQUE (that's the name brand) antique oak treddle sewing
machine arrived this week...
someone needs to own this soon!
It's beautiful, dainty and adorned with old roses.

Today a large assortment of vintage style ribbon rose pins arrived, they are handmade and
I have never seen such wonderful VINTAGE colors...the BEST!


For little girls and boys...AND JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER we sure do have a suprise delivery tomorrow.
will have to post tomorrow evening.
Please visit Jeni tomorrow and Saturday at the shop
She is bringing in a new load of Just Be purses and maybe others items.
You never want to be last in line for them.
Have fun and I will stay home to create while Jeni plays Ms Roses shopkeeper.

Will be having a chat with my business card maker and see
what fabulous ANTIQUE DESIGN he has come up with for the shop, we are using
real antique images.

Just Because we are GOOD EGGS

we have coupons in smiley face eggs where you may open one right before your purchase.

It will be either a savings on your purchase of the day or one to be used before Mothers Day or just a FREE item.

Come in and enjoy...we will be doing this until the day before Easter.
Love our new embossed metal chippy paint frames, these are filled with vintage post charming!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adorning Antique Door Knobs

Antique glass knobs with made in France hankie

Porcelain Knobs

Each door knob adornments shown here are double knobs.
Each with an old skeleton key
Antique hankie or doily
Pretty ribbon.
Each unique one of a kind.

Arriving at the shop today.
I noticed Somerset has been shipped
and the rest of the week some new products
You will LOVE!
Easter decor is 10% off this week.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Has Martha Stewart tried this???

My daughter AMAZES me...this is the bottom of a fabulous paper dress she designed in one day for her
art class...something out of paper...wait till you see the top, we will have to wait until it's graded!
It's very'll see!
I'm hoping she will make dresses of paper for our windows when she can OR even when she can't
I dont care...I just need them.
Let's see do I have anything for bribery???
I Might!
If you want the FASHION RUNWAY MUSIC to go with it then go over to her blog:

SIGNS of the TIMES...

For the Kitchen, bride to be, or Mothers Day
God always keeps his promises.

Who doesn't need to exercise FAITH?

JUST HAD to slip in the new peacock feather barettes!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

French & Chic... with an Oh la la!

Vintage Romance softly worn...come in and pick yours.
Wonderful Romantic styles to chose.
A piece of jewelry to be adored.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Mustn't be late for first pick...

What's prettier than Spring?
I suppose all the other colors that compliment it.
Our new arrivals should be priced now just in time
for Spring Break.

that arrived today, come get your first pick as there are no two alike.

Most pieces are in antique golds, HANDMADE, and wrapped to die for.
Earrings are little diamonds that will match each neclace...sorry but I did get first it's your turn.
Do you want me to show you mine...okay...when I'm ready to take it off!
I want to watch the news in the new jewelry tonight.

One tussie mussie left...and matching barrettes to come very very soon.

A vintage "garland of Affection" this day of SHAMROCKS

Rustic embossed tin frames with vintage post cards (1Cent stamped) wishing you Happy St. Patricks Day

Rustic flower hooks welcoming this day

Clock knobs, saying it's time to get out and see what's new and enjoy the sunshine.

Please come in and take a closer look
I need  the Luck of the Irish getting to work today with the freeway closed down in Roy, seems a double tanker truck
driver fell asleep and his gas load is dumping onto the freeway bridge overpass.
This could be an ugly situation, hope everyone stays safe.
Here is wishing everyone gets to where they need to today in a timely manner.

Yes, THE LUCK OF THE IRISH be with you this day!
Paper tags all 2.00 each
Select purses some up to over 1/2 off
Get while the gettin's good!

Monday, March 15, 2010

EGG-STRA...big truck loads today

Between my truck load and a BIG SEMI, no joke...we are loaded for some fun shopping this beautiful  spring week...showing a Shabby wicker Rocker
Shabby white wicker porch's heavy, my neck is going OUCH right now.

A Semi rolled up and I said "for me?" He said... uh huh. Never does a semi come delivering, you must remember that my daughter helped me on this shopping was some of this for the shop, one for her, one for me.
It added up to a Semi! Yippee! (and now it has to be paid for)
There are only two of these semi flat birdcages for clipping on needful things.
Can you just imagine what you can clip on this cutie!

Brown cast iron birdcage with birdie 3 hooks

Big key fun above a door, going down vertically on a wall, or even a
pretend mouse hole by the baseboard. What else? 4 styles. Love.

There is so much more...but right now I need to get ready to watch Jack Baur 24 save the world...he does you know, he always does. I've said this before, the guy never eats or sleeps no wonder this is the last season Planning on a new shipment next week of Just Be's do you love the twirly skirts? 
This week new fun girlie things coming in, so your going to have to help us with inventory
control before we burst out the door!