Sunday, September 30, 2012

best halloween props

Come in Monday

Mr. Roses slashed prices
around the shop
be one of the first to enjoy
the many savings.

Our inventory
makes the best Halloween props.

 anything placed outside
will be 30% off
monday. thursday. friday. saturday.

(pardon some of our piles, while we
are preparing our Halloween vignettes)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She...put her petal to the metal SALE

Having been an over-achiever
in buying all things vintage for the shop
this year
we need to have

Chose anything METAL

30% off inside and out
on all METAL merchandise
because we have alot of really neat things
wheels, springs,toolboxes,
baskets,buckets, farmstuff,
lamps in metal
typewriter tables

guess that would include jewelry
(except consignment)
and guy things
in metal.
(doesnt include wood with metal
just metal).

ANYTHING outside this week
30% off

think halloween
when buying your metal

we also have a sale room

she put her petal to the metal!

My grandson and I have our bike inner tubes
puncher proof now...
we're back on the road again,
perfect weather
isn't it...
don't waste it

Monday, September 24, 2012

MONDAY only SALE in the historic Sycamores

Monday only sale

back room sale items
will be
1/2 off today only!

OUTSIDE items 30% off

because it's rainy
there will be less items


See you there!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SOMETHINGS....are just a bit fishy...

My dad
 getting close to 85 
fishing at Strawberry this week.
To think last year,the week before Christmas he was in a hospital bed
waiting for emergency surgery
and we were scared
knowing his chances to come out
alive were slim
a day later then giving our
final good-byes after surgery as he wasn't doing well.
(poisoned from a bad gallbladder 
through his whole body.)

Nothing less than a miracle.
prayers answered.
Thank you heavenly father.
He doesn't remember most of it.

He's had a new shed built
for his rock hobby,
and although much weaker
he continues on.

He needed to be here to help my mother who lost her 3 sisters and 2 brother in laws this year.

My mothers birthday present
(frozen fish)
from her youngest grandson(8).

She is now 81, doing well.

It's also their 60th anniversary.

My mother is very simple when it comes to living and parties.
(like... she'd rather not).

It was a family dinner at the Stockton Miners cafe...and that's all I am going to say
about that place.

Birthday Present given
from one sister to another,
this is my youngest sister.

My middle son...
has moved in for a short time
with his wife and 2 children
It happens, doesn't it!
(sold their home)
It's okay
we have room
and they balance me.

Beautiful grandson
loves grandma's green drinks,
holds his hands out
when I turn on the blender!

Beautiful grandson
started a new school this week
 rode the bus
for his first time.

We're loving it all
watching the steady diet of
sugar and fats...
MY SON seems to think it's a
good way to eat.

Makes me just CRAZY

Wouldn't you find it hard
when there is a huge bag of your
favorite candy bars in the

I see an intervention coming on.

My daughter in law had an
with our clothes closet
we sent out 10 bags full,
even though I have been tossing
all year.
Had to laugh...
Carl had 2 pair of pants left
after losing his 30 lbs.

No more floor piles

I'll send her over!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

4 Tuesdays...harvesting

Salsa and Soup Base
tucked away,
it's a beautiful sight.
Clean-up is over.
No red stuff on the ceiling this time.

The star of the show is this
 food chopper, Cuisinart
literally takes seconds
and it's perfectly chopped.
He always grows plenty of roma's
which make a thicker salsa.

Mr. Roses thinks he has been doing the
salsa for 14 years.
In our early married years with family at home we bottled EVERYTHING.
I gave up this art MANY years ago
just staying clear of the kitchen.

4 tuesdays in a row now...
the salsa marathon tradition continues
This year our two sons helped a day,
to learn from their dad.
I think they learned they will not be
doing this again!
Fingers crossed he won't have a twinge
of  "THAT" guilt...
you know the one...
that says... there are still more tomatoes
out there
come and get us!

across the street.
farmers. harvesting corn.
acres. acres. acres.

look closely
it takes co-ordination
between the two trucks.

right outside the bedroom window...
you don't see a fence do you?
that's still..."One day."

look at who+whom has moved in
to our home this month.

It happens to you too
doesn't it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

something's BIG and PINK

Now don't scream!
I know...
you've never seen on of these things
now here you see one...
hair stylist station
on fun,
it's PINK with a black top
It was used for the stylists brushes combs clippies
it was heated for disinfecting.
underneath the pink paint, painted I think 60's
is the green from the 40's
so I'm questioning it's age.

Shelton, the top was for cups
curling irons etc.
see the side handles for transporting?
love this, don't you!
wouldn't this be wonderful for
collection organization?
I want it too!

Birdhouse fencepost double bed
gently used
not at the shop

Pantry cupboard 98.00
painted white, needs paint, vintage.
could use a make-over
especially door knobs.

7 shelves
neat for organizing art supplies

rusty organizer...big
I love this piece
visualize putting this on top of something
and displaying your art supplies
this would have been part of a nuts and
bolts organizer.
at the shop

items outside Friday and Saturday
are 30% off
good stuff
see you soon!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paulita, Donna, Susie, Tom, Bobby, Old Joe Giddeon

You could be...
Pauleita...with the blue swirl
woman's bowling ball

shoes and a bag
to go with the ball

isn't she a beauty

You could be DONNA
(shirt with ball and pins)
Maybe you'd rather be...
Bobby on the football field
(red leather shoulder pads)

Police man TOM
is always someone not to like
you could be the unlikeable...
policeman tom.

Susie 4H girl
so sassy...
with her many pin awards
and handmade wool purse
vintage of course!

Who wouldn't love to be
the town drunk

The vest...hmmmm
this could be...
church going, Preacher John, or
teacher Brown?

add a black velvet dress
with tea stained wedding veil
vintage broach
Mary...the bride
take away the veil...
I see dead people

Being someone from the past
is a blast
all these
chippy photo in antique frame
antique table leg candy dish
primitive egg basket
all for sale

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday's Scavenger hunt and craving fall

Fall tone neclaces and bracelets

Sweet coral and silver owl ring
we have spiders and frogs also.

Pom pom skinny scarves in new designs

Stunning and long 
antique neclace
and more vintage pieces
coming this week.

some in pinks and blacks
others in fall colors

loading the truck with some metal pieces

and a box of vintage big eye shades
only 8.00 each
think halloween when shopping

This was hard to click this photo
that committed me to bring it in
cause... I really could love this piece

Rusty mesh metal round table.
oh my goodness
what you can do with it!

Now to...
Scavenger Hunt Monday...

everything outdoors 30% off
any color
and we have a super large collection
to go scavenger hunting for.

see you MONDAY

Friday, September 14, 2012

chippy white 60's porch/garden furniture

3 swivel chairs
$65.00 each
or less when buying all three.
all the following pieces of porch/garden
chippy white paint furniture
from the 60's

swivel lounger
If you wish to buy me

ornate lounger

I can bring them into farmington
on monday or thursday for you.

canvas covered chairs
would be awesome in some retro fabrics
50.00 each

rustic lounger 60's

rusty Iron fence
40's or 50's
11' long 31" tall
I have some more wonderful pieces
to bring in the shop
IF I can bring myself to part with them!
I will...I think...I must...oh dear why?
I will! insist!

(don't you love this little guy...
he is so Halloween!)
He will arrive monday

Isn't THIS
the most wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Britches with suspenders from the past

Britches and suspenders
in tweed
late 40's

straight dress with waist belt
fall silky fabric

Stripes and polka dots
in a light chocolate
only in this photo you cannot see  that.
vintage 50's
think costumes for your Halloween parties.

5 1940's war scrapbooks
cut-outs from the newspapers
very reasonable pricing
want them to go to a good home.

inside one of the scrapbooks
war photo

bringing in old photo's in old frames
for our Fall themed
"all hallows eve in the Historic Sycamores"
they are a "little creepy"

all arriving