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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A note from SANTA CLAUS by Fanny 1945

Note: my little brother was afraid of strangers

We lived in a little log cabin
And down from the North somewhere
Santa rode in a sleigh, his reindeer--
team could travel on snow or air.

At Christmas he always found us,
and the chimney was never too small,
for the fat little cheeful old giver
to bring something good for us all.

One Christmas Eve just before bedtime,
little brother began to weep--
saying he didn't want Santa Claus
In our house while we were asleep.

"Could we hang our socks on the clothesline,"
He said, "It would be a much easier way,
Old Santa could drive up and fill them
Without even leaving his sleigh!

It would be so much cleaner and quicker,
with our dirt roof and chimney so small,'
and he said, "I have an idea, Santa Claus
Wouldn't mind at all."

So out on the clothesline the stockings
were hung, six of them all in a row,
and would you believe it, next morning
there were sleigh-runner tracks in the snow.

That Santa had scribbled and left there,
but in brother's sock was a note--
the stockings were bulging as always
and this is the message he wrote--

"I am the spirit of love little boy,
and I'd like to come into your house,
I'll promise you truly I'll do no harm,
And I'll be just as still as a mouse,--

"I can leave your things out on the clothesline
it would be just as easy for me--
But the spirit I bring should enter each home
boy all means at Christmas you see.

"So next Christmas Eve have your stockings inside
of me have no worry because--
my work little lad, is to make the world glad,
Merry Christmas, your friend Santa Claus.

by Fanny  1945


THE CHRISTMAS SEASON always takes me back down memories' lane.
To a little dirt-roofed cabin out on a sage brush plain,
I see our little stockings hanging in a row,
While wind howled 'round the cabin, piling up great drifts of snow.

I remember how I used to try to solve the mystery, Of that Old
Santa-man that entered through the chimney, Our parents understood it,
but I desired proof, That he could get into our house, through the stovepipe
in our roof!
But anyhow when morning came, those socks we'd hung at night,
would always be full to the top, with good things tucked in tight.
And of one thing we were sure, be the gifts, dolls, mugs or tops,
Old Santa always left us a hand-full of CHOCOLATE DROPS.

From one year to the next I would wait for that ONE treat,
and vow when I grew up, I would have all that I could eat.
My apple and my orange, delicacies rare,
I would trade off to the others, for a little of their share.
and when the CHOCOLATE DROPS were gone, the season lost its cheer.
And I'd settle down to wait for more, for another long, long year.

That's fifty years ago, and still, I search the stores and shops,
When I buy Christmas candy, to find some CHOCOLATE DROPS.
Occasionally I find some that look exactly like the ones that made
my Christmas when I was a little "tyke".
But the taste is just as different as two things could ever be!

Is the candy any different?
I wonder if it's me?

Fanny Gudmundsen Brunt


CHRISTMAS day is ended, and everywhere we look
We see a box of candy, house slippers, or a book,
neckties, sox, and handkerchiefs. Undies and perfumes
are scattered on the furniture, and clutter up the rooms.

As I take an inventory of our Christmas gifts today, I
feel a tinge of sadness I cannot brush away.

The gifts the children got this year are different as can be
from what they found a few years back, beneath the
Christmas tree.

Then, 'twas blocks and rattles, trains and tinker toys,
skates and carts and crying dolls, and things to make a noise.
Today there was a BB gun, and a little printing press;
Those two gifts end our shopping for Christmas toys I guess.

Their baby days are over, they've come and gone so quick!
They know as much as we do now
 about the old SAINT NICK.
We don't have any period when they're especially good.
So he'll be sure to bring them the things they think he should.

There's not a single hiding place from the basement to the roof.
That hasn't been explored by them in their eager search for proof.

And now the mystery is solved, Christmas lacks the joys
that it had a few years back when they were tiny girls and boys.
and Christmas night it gets so still, the hours drag so slow,
when the married ones have gone back home
and others to a show.

Their Dad and I sit all alone beside the Christmas tree.
That is just a glowing symbol of days that "use to be."

Fanny Gudmundsen Brunt
written 1945
Moods and memories book
Born in Lehi, raised in idaho, at 15 attended Ricks Academy and there
acquired "class poet" title.
She attended BYU one year and the married Joseph Brunt.
After the birth of her 6th child she began to write in verse the precious
memories of the sage brush days.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A blessed day

Wise men STILL seek Him.

Jesus Christ is born

What a blessing in my life to know that we are here for a reason and we will return to a loving & kind
Heavenly Father.

In his wisdom, has given us the greatest gift of life, FREE AGENCY, or the RIGHT to chose.
We knew of this agency before we came to earth
The firstborn in the spirit offered himself as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of ALL, thus making
it possible for our successful return to our Father.

With the RIGHT of choices comes the RESPONSIBILITY to choose.
The SPIRIT of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil.

When Alice in Wonderland comes to the crossroads with two paths before her, she asks
the cat which path to take?
The cat says "that depends where you want to go..
If you do not know where you want to go , it doesn't matter.

All of our choices have consequences, some of which have little or NOTHING to do with our eternal salvation and others which have EVERYTHING to do with it

Eternal life if an accumulation of wise choices, a constancy of purpose.  

I know he lives and has a plan for us and our loved ones.
It takes much courage to do what is right.

Have a beautiful peaceful CHRISTmas
is my wish for all of us.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 24th...Muddle through somehow

and if it ISN'T...Muddle through somehow!

One of our favorite pictures at home!

May you get a box of Lifesavers in your stocking...always!

Just say'n...

WHIMSICAL designed purses with notepads/pens
little fun gifts and stocking stuffers


Elegant and striking Butterfly crystal paperweights
for that hard to buy for person?

come in and feel
Live,laugh, love

DREAM paperweight
who wouldn't love one?

Beyond stunning bird and rhinestone packages of
beautiful note paper

Pretty boxed 3 packs of inspirational notepads
elegant believe & love

Somerset LIFE just arrived
full of inpiration for your holiday
get someone you love 'addicted' to Somersets

Rich colored classy paisley, fleur de lei, designs
When notepads are taken out the box it becomes a stylish desk caddy.
all priced reasonably

Thursday open till 6:30
Christmas eve day: 10:30-3
After Christmas: mon-thursday 11:30-4:30
MAY be open new years eve day partially
check back.

Our Christmas is now 40% off thru New Years
and then IT'S OUT OF THE SHOP.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wrappin' it up!

With our gift giving lists nearly crossed off it's time to Wrap it up...

May we suggest:

Who wouldn't love to own part of Betty's ANTIQUE BUTTON collections on tea dyed cards to tuck into a Christmas card. Newly arrived parcels.

 Christmas is now 30% off...lime green will still be "IN" for next year bigger and better,  load up on snowballs, Santa's, snowmen, glittered pink houses, cupcakes, pillows, ornaments... etc

Alex and Joni have out done themselves this year with clever packages of vintage and paperie. I love working in the shop giggling all day over what they have created.

Our fairies will also be on sale...super buy on them.
Pearl and rose pillows & linens always delight a  hard to buy for receiver.
Sock monkeys, pigs, bunnies and frogs with accessories 25% off
Purses ...what's left are 30% off
Maya's pieces of art jewelry...dwindling.
Jayna has made sure we are well supplied for your loved ones with altered art charm clusters/neclaces.
Kellys head warmers...sold.
Vintage/antique...ALWAYS a treasure coming in to be found out.

If you need to special order freshly made pretzels/popcorn  let us know Monday.

Now is the time to MAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, it's the little things that count, right?

P.S. we have a 4 shutter 6' display piece  $75.00 and a big picket fence wall piece for sale $50.00
Blue vintage metal doll bed $35.00   good values  as we make room for our after Christmas make-overs.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dashing through the DOUGH...


Enough said.

Time to be silly

Numbered dishtowels
Your # 1 with me...get the picture ...for a gift?

Jaynas fill our sleigh with clusters of handmade altered art charms
Now  we're talking...real FUNNY
Do you love SKELETON KEY neclaces?
She has brought in some pretty clever pieces recently.
We wrap your pretty jewelry  purchase in chiffon tie bags for your gift giving.

For those having THEIR special day this month

Get the picture

Instead of stockings...mantle pockets of luxurious fabrics fringe & tassles.

Think of other places for pockets...the foot of bed, tops of cupboards, buffets,window sills.
Santa WILL fill them too

Bliss Victoria
Article on LACES...just arrived we have vintage NEW YORK clothing  LACES in
wider widths, some polyester/roses patterns.
quantities limited and some are tea dyed.

Christmas decor is 25% off thru Dec. 22nd.

Sunday, December 12, 2010 can make you feel EMOTIONAL?

Family gatherings, shiny noses on Reindeer, jolly old st. Nick, the smell of Pine and Peppermint.
Trigger emotions.
Vintage santa music box... his nose turns and plays Santa Claus is Coming to town!
Tomorrow he will arrive in shop
Can I or can't I put a price on him and really sell?
Think he is from the 50's?

Remember the BEVERLY HILLBILLIES...Jed, granny and Ellie Mae.

Moments of OVERLOAD?
Won't touch this subject!
Again... we are behind the scenes planning our Jan/Feb displays
(with Easter buying tucked in here and there.)

Chrismas... a time to enjoy baking,making & BUYING treats.
 Like fresh caramel chocolate dipped
pretzels and a little Tom & Jerry.
PRETZELS make for a thoughtful $5.00 gift no matter what the age.
We have new pieces of  snow white milk glass.

Wrapping our gifts uniquely...let's be GIVERS this year okay.
There need not be any SCROOGES matter what!

25% off thru Christmas!
Hours: 10:30-7:00 p.m.
(note that it is NOT 8:00 p.m.)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Shop from our Cupboards of Curiosities 25% off Sale

Shop from Our Cupboards of Curiosities
now until Christmas Eve
with 25% off Christmas Decor!
Our shop has a nice variety to fill that list of yours

Gifts of curiosities gathered for those who MUST receive VINTAGE
Can you see that little mixer inside!

Tags & more tags of many style to adorn your Gifts
We carry handmade gifts/jewelry as well.

Even embossed handmade silver tags to match your mercury glass collections

Now's the time to find us and check us out if you've just driven by and
ALWAYS wanted to stop in.

You can even shop from our chandeirs if you please

And from the chippy old door, yes we have Pretty spiders that don't bite
and snowballs for a snowball fight.

Fill your home with beautiful Christmas decor 25% off
Make angelic surroundings

Just look for the black bed frame, striped awning , polka dot trim
at 15 E. State street in Farmington
LOOK, no snow, green grass, warmer temps!

You'll see we ARE happily Merry and Bright this season and
you'll be happy you came in.

Christmas day will soon be here!
Come ENJOY the season with us at Just a bed of Roses
Lots of new christmas has just arrived.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have yourself a merry little HANDMADE CHRISTMAS...

Christmas will be here soon...

Alex has binded vintage Christmas images for journaling.
Someone on your list will adore.

She has designed the most unique and funnest
tags for Christmas giving and decorating.
You'll love!

Alex loves Childrens books, she uses alot of creativity.
These are the Who's in Whoville sleeping on Christmas eve
Awesome tags Alex!

Traditional  Christmas tag bundles
You must come see the variety
that Alex and Joni have put together.
Like no other.

Maya brought in "pieces of art"  handmade bracelets, neclaces
watches in girlie girl and vintage coppers
reasonably priced, make the  loveliest gifts
You'll want to buy some for you
just warnin'

Didnt she do outstanding with her chandaleir style neclace
and earrings, they won't last a day,... I'm guessing,
Usually right!
Dainty as a princess

Red Christmas Jewelry by Maya  in antique style

How thoughtful... Maya brought in a jar of 4 berry jam right from
her garden with the prettiest tag dont you think?
Maya we love you already!
I would love you as customers to get familiar with her jewelry.
Notice how precious each piece is.
Jam delicious, thank you

Joni has ALWAYS been famous in my eyes for packaging
trinkets that go together for a unique gift
wouldn't you love to receive one?

Her cupie doll packaged so sweetly
imagine the face of the receiver and the memories
it will trigger.

I will show more this week, for some weird reason I took the pictures
and they didn't load.

Tags we have now in abundance for your holidays.
14 boxes just unpacked and will be on the floor Wednesday.
Perfect timing
 as we had a famous designor/decorator/shop owner from Calif. come in and kind of
wiped us out today.
She wanted more...but some things just aren't for sale!
She said I need to sell everything
Of course she is right
When I die!
We love her though and she's welcome anytime.

Remember ANYTHING PINK in shop is on sale 20% off
along with Aqua this week.

Come see Jonie's vintage Christmas gatherings
funnest gifts ever.

and lots of new mercury glass in gold, red, plums, silvers
Not just for Christmas.

Jayna has us filled with Vintage Key neclaces and some of her
funniest altered art neclaces ever.
She has filled a tree full of charm clusters
for those on your list.