Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SHE had a passion to shop the letter P

Piano pieces-vintage

Precious stones
35.00- 25.00- 16.00

Pearly pieces by Maya
Pretty Pearls, pastels and more just arrived

Positive pillow

Playing cards runner or garlands

Planning ahead with healthy
Potato chip substitues:
Pretty good, chocolate/salty

She was passionate about the letter P.

Not sure we will open on Valentines Day so come soon
to get your Valentines a Present.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

SHE has a Passion for the letter P

 charm-ing "p"


Portrait. Party.




love-ly Pillow companions


All things for ROMANCING HER HOME and those SHE LOVED.


feb. 2nd 3rd and 4th
with all this
and more P's.
(to come on blog this week)

appreciate your business, always.

15 E. State
Historic Sycamore District
Farmington, Utah

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Theme for this week is
"Stitch in time"
also meaning: we are having a
on all our vintage QUILTS 1960's and older
(bidding begins THIS week)
Come anytime this month and place
your bid, bidding ends feb 25th.
We have some charming
handmade vintage quilts.

Shiny valentines
wreaths, handmade tags etc.
(Word sayings next week.)
Still doing some "hanky panky"
(making things with hankies)
using elements in textures
such as paper.burlap.vintage linens.
See you Thurs. Fri. and Sat.'s

We know that some of you are still not aware
that our days have changed and we are
sorry for your being inconvenienced.
We hope soon that the word will spread
and you will remember
the day changes.
again, sorry to have missed you.

CousCous Mediterranean Grill in Salt lake

Nick and Cary own and do the cooking for Cous cous grill
5470 S. 900 E
Murray, Utah

It's healthy!
Nick a chef found himself fighting cancer and had to eat healthy.
You can read more and find their
wonderful menu/hours at their website.

Cary is a new customer of Just a bed of roses and she mentioned
they run a healthy restaurant
and I was interested.

Google the word couscous and you'll understand why this name.
I too was curious.

Cary is adorable, bet Nick is too.

So now we know of a new healthy food restaurant in Salt lake

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Escape to California's Mission Inn and spa

California's 135 yr. old Mission Inn and spa.

This place is like the Castle of Oz!
Unexpected rooms
 tucked in every nook and cranny.
Best of award winning 7 restaurants abound this resort
with some being completly outdoors.
Lush well kept foilage everywhere made you feel secluded
as if on your own island.
Nice place to escape in the winter.
Patina quarter cut solid oak flooring/spanish style tile and antiques
grand in style from Europe EVERYWHERE.
Detail detail detail
Patina to the max.
From our room above, palm trees surround the pools and hot tubs
a perfect honeymoon/anniversay get-away.
You can also get married right here.

Just Outside...PINK cupcake heaven
This place always had a line up.
This is sick...and just too healthy... 4 of us shared one cupcake.
Promise this is true.
Pure dark chocolate bite was so good.

Kellys spa...healthy & relaxing beauty facials and massages.
Room service...breakfast...oatmeal with berries
Beds heavenly white. poofy. comfortable.
so relaxing
400 antique bells collected worldwide by original owner displayed
This... the grand entrance
check out the massive gold cherub mirror & brick walls!
A giant MaCaw greets you, during the day he is in this giant birdhouse
He's missing, because it's early morning.
Nature abounds at the Mission Inn California
Giant antique mall across the street...
How could I need to sleep over shopping here?
that's all true too
Reason enough to go back with empty suitcases.
Fanciness IN the shower
Only an hour from Laguna beach...little rainy
smell the ocean? mmmmm
Healthy for ones soul
Healthy food restaurants
Vegan Thai...we went twice, LOVED IT!
shrimp/chicken/beef made from tofu.
learned about eating glass noodles and hot jasmine tea.
Really it was the soy ice cream with dk chocolate chunks and black cherries
that brought us back.
Creamy goodness
Discovered this popular healthy food restaurant
at the Island Mall. Bison burger with sweet potato and kale.
Now I love Kale, boil it for about 3 mins.
 A "go back to" for sure.
Beautiful potted staircase at the island mall

My grandson heard some swear words coming from my lips
all true too
as we shopped the famous stores with their
name brands purses and clothing,
 I am not use to California mall prices.
Everything I looked at AND LOVED was expensive
OR better yet... not in MY price range.

Out came the swear words...too freely
sorry grandson
ashamed of myself.
couldn't be helped
I promise.
Will take duct tape my mouth when we go again.

Then to get our herbal tea...made from these hundreds of jars
This tea is alkaline...it can kill out the devil if he is inside you
Can't you tell I seem to be a bit "devil free" lately?
Just say yes
Ready to go home with our trunk full of herbals.
Hope we pass security
It's a good time of year to get out of freezing Utah
isn't it?

Thank you grandson, not only did you share a room with me
and had to go to sleep early
you gave up your warm socks for your freezing feet grandma.

P.S... check Hotels.com for the low room rates.

Hope  YOU TOO can work in a mini trip to the Mission Inn
What a unique experience.

Stay several days...and just enjoy!
Thanks for your support this weekend.
You brave ones who came out in Saturdays heavy rain and snow.
Much appreciation!