Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN? rainy day Creating

The 1920's shoe makeover with our roses ribbon & tiny pumpkin all tucked do you like the vintage comb top piece on this plaque that received a new make-over today?

Another "witchy shoe" from the 20's, bejeweled with diamonds and rose ribbon!

Sneak peak at the purple witches hats...two have antique dolls on them (no worries, one is armless and the other has one arm, how spooky!

All these items will arrive at the shop on Friday for sale.

I'm starting to scare myself...maybe I am a black magic woman?

And a boney body adorned with a big antiqued red rose and vintage brown ribbon and lace.

Putting 2 & 2 together...haunting the house

Tonight I may be putting two and two together...that is if these new tv shows don't capture my attention! Will take a picture tomorrow in good light of the finished project.
The 12 pane window over 6' x 6' was painted a ralph lauren antique gold and then antiqued finish over it to darken. The other side is chippy white, but this side looks best in my home.
Speaking of ART...check out my daughters art retreat she just returned from: or just click onto it from my list of favorite blogs.


Sorry for any inconvenience to your holiday shopping today...watching the freeway delays and accidents this morning on tv...I am just not that brave today to drive in pouring rain and wind.

I'll be decorating up witches hats today, being a "witchy woman" I suppose, later I may post a few of them, the ones that have a vintage doll & jewelry attached, kind of vintage shabby/rosie fall themed.

Making a neat hat to wear on a witches night out...OR a Halloween centerpiece!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come in for Halloween Tricks & Treats...

Did those spiders CREEP you out? Going fast, however by Friday we are planning on a new selection.
Maybe it was the little skeleton heads, their tops lift off, maybe to hide a diamond ring in? hmmmm
Fun BIG Trick or Treat & skeletons in the closest pillows arrived along with two boxes of estate dishes & hats. Do you love the vintage Black & white shirt in the window, what kind of costume would that work for?
Today delightful Halloween figures will be set out for your holiday pleasures. And's always a treat to have you come by! Hang onto your hat, its suppose to be windy today!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Attire for your neck

You'll want to visit to pick yourself up some Halloween accessories newly arrived.

Antiques...not to be lived without!

I will tell you right off...these antiques are not for sale...I purchased them this week for my own pleasures and usefullness, there's a Halloween mystery at the end.

Can you see why this see through antique fabric hat box was a must to own, inside are these wedding shoes, we are thinking from the late 1800's, I may doll them up a bit with vintage trinkets, and the glass tiara inside is from a special friend Julie Moran,dont' you think it looks so pretty inside this piece?

Antique chippy/rusty paint wall piece deep shelf, had to follow me home, didn't even care about the price, this along with the hat box display will go into my workroom that is getting a make-over this year OR so. For now isn't it nice for the porch?

Sweet aged antique framed hand painted old fashioned saying in aqua/blue: When we think about people Trouble grows. When we think about God Trouble goes.

We've needed a neat old floor lamp for sometime...the estate I bought from this week had this one, I think it's perfect for our needs.

Check back maybe Tuesday evening...I will show you what's happening with 6 of these cuties in our homes windows, should be really fun.

Couldn't resist a pair of black shoes, don't even match, guessing they are from the 20's. My mind is whirling with imagination right now with these shoes! If it wasn't Halloween I wouldn't be having witchy visions!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Super spectacular season issue Oct/Nov/Dec. is here...words can never describe the excitement each artist brings to these pages, it's a group effort for sure and inspiration overload, you'll love that it embraces Fall, Halloween & christmas and more.

ESTATE...I'm always beyond grateful when invited to an estate, which happened kind of suddenly after work yesterday...loaded the car full of wonderful pieces I know you as customers & friends will adore .this was from a 95 year olds womans belongings and some of her childrens who have traveled extensively. They will start being worked into the shop next Monday Wednesday and Friday and I'm sure Mr. Bed of Roses has his eye on a few things as keepers.
Everyday I hear customers gasp that "oh this reminds me of my grandmothers". This silver simple music box made me do the same thing. Now I think of it, both grandmothers had one, only in different colors.
I also picked up some Halloween costume accessories,(like unusual hats) and Shellie you wanted silver goblets...I have plenty now. See, I listen to you and what you want! I love my job MOST DAYS and yesterday made up for the miserable one the day before.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeweled SHABBY & CHIC SPIDERS in now...

Arachnaphobic? These stunning jeweled spiders will cure that...they arrived and are climbing all over the vintage dishes, their looks could be deceiving? Pretty but deadly? They are in aqua's, pinks, pearls, crystals, blacks, creative combinations, even a brilliant red spider and a few red/black. We have giant spiders too, All handmade.

Sparkly black and silver skeletons are haunting Just a bed of Roses shop windows and chandaliers.
And I have some work to do...putting the back of the shop together after 3 1/2 hours of getting a new phone line...back to business! The worker with his big ladder didn't break a thing...that's better than I do in a day.
Will take a picture of the "new spiders" that arrived today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glad I didn't throw this handy antique gadget away

Today one of our many errands was getting our well water...doesn't that look refreshing and fun!
Mr. Bed of Roses pulled this little old rusty two wheel cart out of the trunk...and hauled those heavy bottles to the car so easily and was thrilled. I was even more thrilled when I remembered how close I came to chucking that thing to the thrift store a few weeks ago when I was in my flurry of "get rid" of everything and anything. whew, that really saved his back.

Phone lines are down...trying to get it fixed

Store is opened, no problem. If you have tried calling, we are not ignoring you, our phone lines have been down since monday, we will try to resolve on Wed. since what we have tried is not working. oh the fun of old historic buildings!This is when I start my complaining about being a shop owner, getting frustrated over something I cant fix easily. No worries though, that's just what I signed up for wasn't it?

Your welcome to call 801-628-0890 or call the shop 801-451-2556 and the call goes right to this number.

That also means the visa machine doesnt work...our lifeline I call it. Hope it's not an inconvenience to use cash or check. Hopefully this will get resolved early in the day.
We did some new Halloween decorating tonight, windows are silver and sparkly...must come see!

Newlyweds...right here in Farmington

Almost daily right here in Farmington,shop being across from the courthouse I witness wedding couples, they come outside on the courthouse steps for photos etc.
Last night at closing this happy couple came in, Marie Whitehouse was there and we were commenting to the couple about their unique attire. I commented to the gal about how cute the tuxedo bow tie was around her neck, she said well, we just got married and pulled out the papers. Wedding dinner at Franciscos! I told you that place was good, even wedding worthy too.
Marie suggested I must take their photos. Notice the details of their outfits, I wish you could see more,(click on their picture so you can see the details) as their shirts and her skirt had skulls and lots of detail, his shirt had been ripped and he pinned down the whole thing with silver straight pins going horizontally which had caught my eye. Lots and lots of skull and silver adornments. That is one heck of a tattoo on this guy, isn't it?
Love his zebra collar on his denim jacket which he did himself. She had made her very fun crochet shawl. They were very pleasant to visit with.
Nothing like a happy newlywed couple...they are going to have a unique and interesting life from what I am seeing, not that we all don't, they will not lack for creativity...keep it up you two and congratulations.
They know I am blogging them, so wish them a happy life together!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

SIGNS of FALL in Utah...Weber County's FUNNEST CORN MAZE

You know it's fall in Utah when you see the orange and black signs for Punkinaze going up in West Haven. The big Stratford family who put this aMAZEing party on are fantastic people in this community.

Announcing Punkinaze opens up Sept. 23rd...yeah! Please support them again this year.

Slides and all kinds of fun & food for every age group, I would check: for more information especially if you can't read this flier.

Haybales make the big maze...wonder what design it is this year?

Just Across our street...reaping their harvest of big beautiful onions.

What's funny is we don't smell onions and there are acres and acres of them laying there basking in the sun, as you know onions grow underground.
Okay...see you at Punkinaze. Our California and Florida viewers this is what we do in the land of 4 seasons, hope you enjoy us sharing fall with you! Then you can also listen to us groan in the dead of winter. But for now WE LOVE FALL.


Genuine precious stone zebra design neclace and earrings...lots of black and white vintage jewelry in shop too.

Shabby black lace spider web runner: 20" x 80" makes a great witches shawl! To see our witch, skeleton & big spider lacy door panels see what Shellie did with her door, click on shellie warren art on the side of this blog, you'll love it.

We've gone dotty...

Round Polka dot gift & decor boxes

Wrap your gift in Zebra stripes!

Round Zebra gift or decor boxes!

Zebra 30" wide cellophane, wrap your doors, windows, make a table runner, wrap Wild Halloween gifts maybe even your kids! (hee hee)

Haunted Hallow designed table runner with ric rac edging!

Shabby lacy spider webs...have suction cups for hanging.

Gone batty? Lacy black bats...have suction cups for hanging, could sew these things onto fabrics, what else?

Or here is something to crow about?

Organza tall gift bags in black, white and pewter...Pretty fun Holiday wrappings.

Peace totes...all we are saying is give PEACE a chance!

Funky black purses...can you see a witch toting this one around the town? Monday we should have some chunky clutches in striking colors.

Sunday Potatoe salad...Mr. bed of Roses, he thinks I am not watching him make one Saturday night...and sunday morning, there it is in the refrigerator! Since there is the two of us, it is breakfast, lunch and dinner and then some...

Hope to see you early this week, join in our Shabby Halloween madness too!