Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Double Diamond Auction service will be doing...BETTY JO'S  "new years" ANTIQUE AUCTION this Sat. Jan. 2 at 10:00 a.m. you may  preview beforehand that morning. (note this is not new years day).

 Where:  OLD CLINTON MEETING HOUSE  (great central location, don't you think)
1272 W. 1800 N.  Clinton, Utah         Betty jo's phone: 801-825-8039

Partial list: Antique furniture, vintage prints/frames, old crystals, beaded bags, antique lamps, fine jewelry, coins, sterling, free standing jewelry/ gun safe, vintage luggage, mirrors, privacy screen, firearms, sports memorabilia and so much more!

Betty Jo is from Bert Cook Auctions...and she is still a dyno-mite woman...she's still hot, fun, hard working, ambitious and  has never been known to act her age...I hear...she's much worse now...meaning worse in a really good way...she's just one that ages gracefully and acts younger while doing so. You'll have to stop in and do some bidding, don't forget your truck and you can ask HER WHY she is so happy! (or you can stop in the shop and ask me, I will tell you!)

Oh... I do remember the days sitting in those Bert Cook auctions raising my #  too many times, the excitement of falling in love with pieces of antiques either to keep or re-sale, getting a big headache stressing when I needed to stop bidding ( now that's tricky ) and how was I going to pay for my truck load... Mr. Bed of Roses would asked me! Truth known he's the one wanting many of the treasures himself.

I'll make a suggestion to you...hurry and get your Christmas decor down before Saturday and then you'll have no excuses not to show up to this exciting NEW YEARS AUCTION.

P.S...Betty Jo, well ...you know she loves everyone and you know what else...everyone loves her!

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