Tuesday, December 31, 2013

empty windows dec. 31 2013

Pardon my tears for a little bit...when I pulled away from the blank empty dark windows of the shop today...It was such a shock I just needed to cry all the way home...just might feel really good to cry all night.

Besides all of the good..I thought of the bad too, or the parts I really disliked about running the shop, it helped ease the pain...like sharing a bathroom with the barber and he never taking a turn to clean, or tons of leaves that fall non stop, or wonder what would happen if I got sick, or a snow storm to drive in, or getting robbed (which never happened), paying all the bills on time, what to wear,driving 30 mins each way to work...etc.etc. etc.

My husband was laughing at customers Cathy and Charlene today...they boldly stated to him that we had ruined their life by closing! He has told me all night how I ruined someones life! They were customers/became friends in my very first store in the early 1990's. Aren't they precious, I just love and adore them. I love that vintage really does matter to them, always has and always will...and that it does to so many of you. 

Mostly... it was really good tender loving & thankful thoughts, friends I've made, things that were learned.My husband is more like "we sure did move alot of stuff through that place" type of feelings.  Although it is impossible to make everyone happy I understand that's just how business works.

And I'm so sorry for those situations that just didn't go right.   

But right now I need to go back to my crying.
Probably just exhausted... and it will pass. 

Our garage is so stuffed...the truck fits by less than an inch I was told! Oh dear...I may be busier than I want to be! But for now...I will savour getting the choice to just "do what I want." Really, that's what retired people do???  I have so much to learn about this! 

Jan 1 2014... I will be ready to start the new year with my new word...BALANCE. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day balancing

 What grandma and grandpa  doesn't love handprint ornaments from 2 and 5 yr old grands?

 and family photo's to pass by during the day to make us smile?

Happy children

 My presents this year all remind me of my new " live by" word this year "BALANCE"

Being shopkeeper these 7 years have thrown me off balance, although I really tried to balance it was like a new born baby!  It's kind of like that feeling you get at Christmas time when you want to do something other than prepare for Christmas but you can't because you feel this nagging at your mind you need to be doing more, and there is always a new holiday lurking. That's shopkeeping...24/7 whether the shop is open/closed. Not really complaining, just glad to close this chapter, to start a new.

 From Joni...would you expect anything less from her, she is witty and knows how to
present a gift. We are all going to miss Joni's talent...because "whenever" we wanted we could pop into the shop and enjoy her works of art. We will REALLY REALLY miss this.

 Treats baked from the grandgirls, now lets see, did I even share them with grandpa?

 My youngest son gave us all caps from Copper creek...only mine's in PINK!
Does this mean I am destined to go fishing??? (starting my excuse list).

 Fish fry today...from generous brother in law next door who loves to ice fish.

 BALANCE...in life from the comforts of home...really looking forward to enjoying HOME.

Spirituality...reading, studying, learning, being more of service.

 Antique plant stand we purchased at a recent estate sale, we gave each other for Christmas.
Aren't the turned decorative legs so pretty. Carl was quick to grab this, so glad he did.

 Pearl Yeh's natural face and body scrub...looking forward to my more natural lifestyle.
Lots more to learn. do. and share.

shopping...at my favorite grocery store, can't wait!

 My daughters friend in Colorado has an alpaca farm...he is very artistic...she presented me with this absolutely stunning scarf from alpaca, every inch is a work of art, I feel like hanging it on the wall or something it's so fabulous. www.alpacainspirations.com www.chimeraranch.com 

 Best of all...my dad made it another Christmas. 
He was passing out handmade rock jewerly to everyone who came for Christmas dinner.
He will be a part of my Balancing act...he wants to be on the go!
I think he will be 88 in several weeks. Fingers crossed he behaves himself.

 I hope you too are enjoying your Christmas gifts from Santa and those who love you. We went to each of our childrens homes to see what santa had brought. So sorry my camera went dead at our daughters.

TEACHER  TEACHER Kennedi...can I write on the chalkboard?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas came early

 Today...being a rare ice storm and then 6" or more of heavy snow on top of lots of icy rain.

 My daughters husband is a geriatric dr. and they take Christmas to patients with no families...I sacked up
Christmas decor that didn't sell last year so that they may have some merry and bright Christmas presents to cheer their room up.
You could stop into any nursing home with a package of something, I'm sure the staff could direct you to
just the right person that needs you. If you can sing...wouldn't that be extra nice to carol to the patients.

Christmas came early for me today...because Carl needed his Christmas present today, it was only 
fitting I received mine.  My kitchen walls are green like the new pillows.

 Yesterday shopping at R.C.Willys for our last time before Carl does his full retirement process I discovered
this set and impulsively purchased it...SO we decided it was time to not wait till death do us part, rig

 I think it will be fun for a change...it's a little round drop leaf.

 Purchased this too...how could I not bring it home!
Merry Christmas to ME!
Ahhh... your thinking what did HE GET?
Well...he WANTED a snow blower...can you believe we  have been married for 40 1/2 yrs and never
had a snow blower. (we use tractors out here in the country).

Today I thought of my grandma and grandpa Shepherd when I found this photo digging through a drawer, they are in their garden in Payson, it was their pride and joy and so was Christmas.
 I was thinking how us many cousins would crowd into their tiny front room all gathered around their tall to the ceiling real Christmas tree...with red shiny brites clustered all up and down the center. Grandpa would hand out the presents to each of us...I tried to think of what they gave us, but I just cannot remember. One year we did get a silver dollar. My aunts and uncles had lots of children, we had the smallest family of 5, while they had 7-9 children each. Someone was always pregnant or holding a baby! I don't think there was a spot of carpet that could be seen with all of us in that room.
Good memories!

It's nice to have SNOW DAYS...unless you were going to the AIRPORT!!!

see you friday and saturday...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

hang in there...grinch and all

To all the mothers who get to throw Birthday parties in December...just hang in there!

My two granddaughters birthdays are in Dec.they have been celebrated now. Stevi was born on Christmas day, and chose Dec. 12th to celebrate. I think it's a great idea chosing to celebrate on a day they want...after all...it's not that exciting to open more presents after Santa comes.

To all those that feel "the Grinch" tries to steal Christmas in some form or other...your not alone.

 Last week after a long day of work, no food, tired, FREEZING COLD, my vehicle wouldn't turn on. To me...a bit, okay, alot trauma-tizing...seeing the car being towed late at night, husband having to drive 30 mins. down to help,me not knowing what to do, going in and out of the cold...no vehicle for days... then "the grinch" presents a bill! 

It happens...I guess that's why we have emergency funds, because Murphy and the grinch usually visits... We've been taught Christmas comes every year...Dec. 25th without fail.

My elderly parents have been warned by all 5 of us siblings...do not go outside, it's too cold, there is ice and germs and no driving!
(Fingers crossed, phone call follow-ups)

Last year on this day my dad came close to death with an emergency diseased gallbladder surgery and was ill a long long time. We didn't really care that much that Christmas was coming.

We know trials, emergencies come regardless what the calendar says.

I just read Elizabeths Smarts story...just couldn't put the book down. I had no idea the extent of evilness this young woman had to endure. How hungry she had gone. What an evil monster her kidnapper was.  I love how it was written, how honest she was, and how gracefully she has chosen to live her future. How blessed her family must feel. We should pray hard for those who are at the hands of evil, who are missing and starving right now.
May those who are evil get their just reward.    

Hang in there!

We can help with your Christmas gift giving and home decor this week...open mon-sat. 10-6

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trimming everything with GREENS

trim the trees, the mantle, the buffet, doors, windows, tables...trim with GREEN!
 around my home...fresh white Christmas cactus blooms on time

 nativity in white sits among aqua GREEN fabric.
(a tree skirt scrunched up) 

Christmas stockings hang on candleabra
trimmed with GREEN pine and berries.

Most important this time of year is to remember your health...think GREEN and eat GREEN.

Here is a recipe for an avocado dressing:

2 large avocado's
1-2 large sweet oranges or 1/2 c. fresh lemon juice
(i prefer oranges)
1 TBS. extra virgin olive oil
3 TBS. rice vinegar
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1/2 tsp. sea salt
add water to achieve desired consistency.
Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender (like blend-tec, my favorite) until smooth. few mins.

Avocado's are rich in the best fats. You can eat an entire large avocado almost every day and not gain weight, don't fear to use them in abundance. This is the season that they are their best. They have become one of my best friends over the past few years.

              awesome to take to a Christmas party! 

I'm back on my healthy lifestyle living...(got sloppy with it about june) hope you enjoy my sharing things I think are important for having a healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM. That was my word for the year. I'm glad it was and has been for the past two years because my immune system is where it needs to be right now. A big job and well worth it!

P.s.  I even lost 4 lbs this week eating healthy...a benefit and a miracle!

most of this recipe was from www.greensmoothiegirl.com
I tweaked it some. 

Part of Christmas I love...

 This is the time in Dec. a few weeks before Christmas that I love...it's because the decorations are usually up, the main gifts have been purchased or on their way, and that means it's now time for fill-ins' for the special and thoughtful people in our lives we like to give a gift of love to.

 That's how we love to help you...all year we buy and prepare the shop for the gift giving season. It starts Jan...going to market to see what's new for the coming year...placing the orders and anxiously awaiting their time to come. 

Continues as estate finds are fixed up to bring in for a creative Christmas. For instance...have you thought to take an old sewing machine drawer and fill it with what the receiver would enjoy. Then it becomes a useful organizer or decor for them.

 I search high and low...meaning in boxes, garages, closets, and drawers for vintage ornaments. Never knowing what will be discovered. 
 We have handmades... rare to find in shops anymore... Or we have components to make your own. Lots of ribbons, wreaths, industrials.

 A recent "find" is this beautifully colored velvet board filled with antique post cards of the many seasons of the year. Nice paper art.

 You'll find figurines and pretty dishes priced so affordable you'll pick up plenty to help cross off your list.

Many many vintage linens,hankies... hand embroidered, with busy hands for their loved ones in their day, ready to be passed on to be loved again...reclaimed!

Once upon a time...all things vintage were special gifts at Christmas time.

p.s. for the best santa/elf...fbook brenda smith mower lindsay contact from there.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Furniture pieces make nice gifts for Christmas

Our furniture posted below has been reduced a little bit more...since it's soooo cold, we want you to have a HOT deal or deals for the holidays!

we also have other furniture in the shop on sale not pictured.

ODDS AND ENDS  are on a few tables in the back room to shop from right now.(wear a coat).  Monday I will bring in about 25 or so vintage tablecloths each for $5.00  also we have 4 boxes of odds and ends vintage linens: .50 -1.00 each. I have some vintage figurines that will be priced 1/2 of their value too.

The two christmas trees will be available after Christmas for 25.00 each, please pay in advance if you want them! (the lights do not work). 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

vintage ELF on the SHELF

 at the shop...VINTAGE with package...elf

 sorry we have only one of this sweetie.
$20.00  SOLD  

 jingle bell elf...only one...$20.00

 Knee-hugging, has long legs to hug. All elves shown have never been used, I took these out of the original package for photos. The wire bodies are sturdy, clean and mint condition.

 smaller elf with round body, tinsel trims and a little bell on top of his hat.  8 available
original packaging. 10.00 each.

 Checked outfit with bow tie elf knee hugger
one only 12.00 original package.

 small dwarf elf...kneehugger  original packaging, 2 available. 8.00

 This elf reminds me of a toymaker, one available in package with made in japan sticker on the back. 12.00  

 Fountain angel...ornament...same type as the elfs, original packaging believe they are from the 50's  2 available 12.00 each