Monday, April 30, 2012

No more a beginner and funeral potato's

Our Granddaughter Kennedi's 4th birthday

Can I just say she was the sweetest thing ever!

Not only her birthday over the weekend...but 2 grandsons.
One grandson who is eating very healthy the past 4 months asked for this:
mountain dew!
Of course he got TWO of them...that's what parents do
over indulge.

this morning...
I was visiting green smoothie girls blog
WEll, this is all about FUNERAL POTATO'S
we all know what they are, right?
(read her april  23rd and april 30th blog)

Seems she is hosting the baseball team dinner and the MENU needed to be
discussed, by some mothers who do not know she is famous greensmoothie girl or
they do and they were sticking up for their sons best interests
of having their usual PORK, FUNERAL potato's, fruit cocktail/whip cream salad and
of course some to DIE for dessert.

Green smoothie girl KNOWS what funeral potato's are and their importance in our culture, being the same religion and all.

She suggested to the mothers how boys really love her salads and she would like to make a big salad for them. It's some very entertaining reading.
 Glad I'm not a mom of school age children anymore.
my very own offsprings lived on sugar of any form.

I should repent,
and they should forgive,
loving them with sugar.

Have you signed up for her newsletters yet?

Robyn suggested that many of us think our GREEN drinks should be SWEET.
cough cough...I AM ONE, mainly by adding too many fruits.

Repenting again... off to the storeZZZZ... I went today.

Green earth I found my favorite sprouted pumpkin seeds, ezekiel soft taco shells,
and a little box of ginger candy ( a purse treat), kale and chard.

Harmons had couscous, mediteranean curry (our fav) and parmesian flavor
which helps with a taste of cheese since we don't eat that anymore.
Trying ginger/garlic seasoning with no salt, bottled crushed ginger for a new flavor.

Costco I fill up on strawberries, apples, avocado's, chips, spinach, carrots,
almonds, walnuts and salmon.
Don't believe all these to be organic but when its possible we do.
Found Lara bars for 88c each compared to double that else where.
They make a nice dessert/snack.

building immunity the goal
feeling like not so much a BEGINNER anymore.

staying focused

Meat seems less appealing.
a little salmon/fish/steak/hamburger, but not much.
Protein coming in different forms.

never bought one in my life till today. 
assignment this week to find a use.

I will admit to a 20 oz. diet dr. pepper once a week
someone help me!
(oh ,no, don't please)

Since it's MAY 1ST, like tomorrow
my SCALE is saying it's time to exercise.
hate these talking scales.
even though I have planters fascia on my foot I have SEEN there are
ways to exercise without straining it.


next week I will share healthy BRAIN FOODS

Don't we get "unhealthy food" put into our faces ALL day long?

my cute niece sharon just posted this on pinterest
I pinned it!

7 hour layover in france

Gina of Peacock park designs
was coming home from Asia and had a 7 hour
layover in her favorite city, Paris!

Think I will start stuffing my piggy bank
NEED to go there soon!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

vintage matters...nostalgic

art deco camera with leather case
lots of nostalgic vintage
thursday. friday and saturdays.

Sweetest Calendar photo
a sleeping grandma, grandchild and kitty.
Just say ahhh

Antique Calendar die cut framed
sorry the two crystal candlesticks
came in and went out quickly

Antique die cut victorian children framed
immaculate and stunning colors!

a large collection of
purple sun glass from the late 1800's
estate bottles and pieces
to die for!

Just for fun

Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Matters...for the outdoors

Just thinking...
going to make one of these next week
and bring into the shop.

Thinking about this too...
but it's just too complicated
sewing machines and I do not get along at all.
I can sew
It's just the sewing machines...

We have alot of vintage in the shop right now
chippy white painted oak desk chair
has alot of fun uses.

We'll have Mothers day gifts ready for when you are.
Our gift bags are ready to wrap for you!

Vintage Matters
in our lives
doesn't it.

I always think how I could never live without it.
Don't you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April road trip...

Another road trip
(only we flew in)
Temecula "old Town"
Temecula is wine country, obviously as you drive
the hills are lush with vineyards.

This was the big antique shop in the middle of town.
Filled with more vintage jewelry than I have ever seen in one spot.
Temecula had energy, lots of visitors walking around.

Mr. Roses found him a vintage toy
we had to mail it home.
I'll show you when it arrives.
what were we thinking?'s a July 4 toy for boys.

This time at Dr. Yeh's natural medicine the trellis was loaded with red blossoms.
It was 97 degrees inland
soaked it up april, it turned chilly and drizzly on us. 

Across from the ocean at crystal bay state park was Pelican Hill

and the Newport coast Marriotts condo's.

Spectacular place to stay with the lush green
foliage and flowers.
I thought it was heaven, just waiting to hear the
mormon tabernacle singing in the background!

a sleepingr fourteen yr. old under this little pile!

Inside lovely and modern.
Grandsons enjoyed the recreational places.
They loved smacking each other with a tether ball too!

Stunningly beautiful and green
so refreshing again with that nice ocean smell.

Grandsons turned the staircase into a slippery slide!
They make us so happy.

It's not what you think they are doing...
but what are they doing?
cause the wouldn't.
Pretty sure of it.

Here again at Laguna beach.
Seafood, steaks, our favorite healthy places too eat.
Have you ever dined at Los Brisis at Laguna?
Sits right at the ocean
It's a must do.

We tried a small quaint night out dining at
the Quiet woman.

Located Corona del mar on the coast highway.
Large salad served on a huge lazy susan.
Seafood soup

Traveling about the coast were fruit stands.
If anyone reading this knows the name of these oranges and happens to know if they are sold in Utah,
let us know where please.
They are the sweetest things, almost like eating a
tangy teaspoon of sugar and so juicy.
Had we known they were so good, and they could be
taken on the airplane, we would have loaded up.
Pretty sure I just found them at walmart, only
double the price/half the amount.
but it's okay
they are worth it.

 we can't go to the california Island Mall
and not go to Casey's...
just sayin'
Wouldn't you?

sampled them all...
cause I'm human
and cupcakes are really included in the food pyramid
aren't they? 

enough said.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Vignettes

Garden Vignettes need to be based in.
Here our bushes had winter kill and we are replacing
this area with an newly acquired antique water pump, wash tubs and cast iron garden bench.

Do you have antique water pump envy?
some of you do, I know it.

This is just outside my sunroom, I want it to be
colorful, faces south, needs sunloving plants.

Look what I found hidden in a drawer in the garage.
Mr. almost horder lives here and I must protect him
from his hording disease so we can live here.
I'll stay vigilant looking for his stashes
and pass them on to you.

That's great customer service?

Just agree and I'll bring more!

On warm 86 degree weather sunny days
be caught curled up with a book

If these colors don't suit you, there's a
gray one out I have heard!

It's still going to be fun to see who ends up with
the vintage bobbing set of flamingo's!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Notions...we've got them

Industrial rustica

Button Button who's got the buttons!

Bobbin Bobbin who's got the bobbin'
photo worthy for pinterest?

Check out the wording on this bucket

Vintage Flamingo bobbers...our favorite from the estate!
Can not wait to see who ends up with them!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SHE patterned her life around Naturalistic millinery and industrial rustique

Vintage notions, antique wooden slats clothes dryer,
antique coal irons, sad irons, metal laundry baskets and clothes hangers for decorating,
galvanized washtubs, standing wooden clothes wringer, wooden ironing boards, rusty ironing board, a pink and flamingo clothes hampers, wooden clothes pins, more crinkly ribbons, vintage handmade linens and pillows,
plus we have replaced some sold furniture spaces with
some more vintage pieces...come see!

Joni's been creating vintage inspired handmades
for sometime for this theme
 your in for a treat to be impressed and inspired
as I always feel when she creates.

It's worth the trip just for her mercantile goods!

treadle sewing machine just in
"White"  brand in antique tiger oak

edible buttons
how did they do that?

also edible found on the shops pinterest:
just a bed of roses

Pattern your life around Naturalistic millinery and industrial rustique

You'll receive a vintage clothes pin with each purchase you make on:
thursday. friday. saturday.

at home...'s all about give and take, right?

He gives... I take, alot, usually... BUT this time
I "put up" with the little vegetable garden seeds
that turn into thriving plants in our clawfoot bathtub!

seeds are little miracles aren't they?
Mother Nature is awesome