Monday, February 27, 2012

SHE was in the mood for spring gatherings and gardening

this Month's theme:
she was in the mood for spring gatherings and gardening!

vintage farmhouse crate
succulent filled
(each pot sold individually)

fragrance so beautiful

Rich colored floral vintage platters

Let's start spring...
Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

County wide yard sale

County wide yard sale
Saturday March 31, 2012

Held INSIDE exhibit hall
Golden spike event center
weber county fairgrounds
1000N. 1200 W.
Ogden, utah

Free admission to buy!

selling spaces: 20.00  10x10 includes one table, more for 5.00 each
reserve your space: Debbie 801-778-6404

Set up begins: 6:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
Sale starts: 8:00 a.m.

Come and sell with me, it will be fun and an
early start to yard sales.

The shop will continue having a  1/2 off sales
corner for the month of March (meaning more will be added). We are buying estate items so we need some new space for this exciting stuff.
This months theme:
She was in the mood for Spring gatherings and gardening.

See you Thursday. Friday. Saturday. 11-5:30

This weeks theme: You grow girl!
Sit in the SUN today
4 many reasons

Saturday, February 25, 2012

beginners french...

Just arrived
will be 20% off today only
last day of sale.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Time Out
for some more Ocean Therapy

SMELL the salty Ocean.
 FEEL the warm breeze.
LISTEN to the energy of the waves.

Like Paradise...
a bird of paradise.

 with big succulent plants
spotting the artsy shops.

Rustic pathways to the beach.

Quaint Beachhouses

Fresh and healthy
true foods restaurant
at Island Mall.

Ocean front at Laguna Beach, Calif.
a place to eat like kings and queens

This time we had a WHOLE
Casey's chocolate cupcake!

While Conner slept
Grandma wrote his name in the sand.

Good thing for my new 3" x 2"
sony camera (traveling companion)
Lost it... while strolling
thank goodness for a tiny prayer
and an honest shop keeper.
My husband would never let me live it down
if I lost this camera THAT quick.

and proof
he's almost 14...
teenagers they sleep
and so did we
like newborns do
listening to the ocean waves.

and then he sleeps the opposite way

and when he is awake
 he eats ALOT
to fill up those two long hollow legs!

Good night Moon.
Good bye... warm
(but not warm enough)

Hoping you too are taking
from "the usual"
or escaping
this freezing cold weather

We are open

Sale continues from last week:
20% off shop merchandise
1/2 off corner
consignment excluded.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Romancing Your Home in February

February is the greatest month of all
to think about adding a little romance to your home.
Why not romance your home with stunning decor that makes
your bedroom come alive with charm and ambiance?

Create ambiance with blush walls and a romantic chandelier.
Be original and use a vintage mirror as a headboard.
 It never hurts to dream big! 
Add texture, trims, and treasures.
Create an eco-chic environment that's cooling and calm.
A sense of grandeur: velvet with elegant window treatments.
 Your man will love brick and mortar, burlap,
and iron elements.
Hollywood Regency - classy and monochromatic.
 ...visit Just a Bed of Roses and find the perfect
elements for romancing your home...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PRESIDENTS DAY SALE 20% off everything!

Listen up
WE are having a President's day sale:


All store merchandise
is 20% off

Good time to buy your larger pieces
you have been wanting for your home.
(you must bring someone who can lift the
larger pieces of furniture, please and thanks)

To make this sale even better...
I have pulled items from the floor
and sent them to the corner
for 1/2 off original price!

Come have fun
and save money!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guess what...we're open today!

Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day...

guess what

We're going to open today
Send your husbands right over with your list!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Change of times: Feb. 13th

We simply have too many lovely gifts for Valentines.

Come in, you'll be delighted  1:30-4:30
I know this is short hours, but my parents who live out of town need a visit this morning.

I will be making a 1/2 off corner in the shop to prepare for our Presidents day sale Thursday. Friday. won't want to miss out on!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bliss Victoria special Ireland Issue
spring freshness
with a bounty of blooms like this bunch of
YELLOW daffodils
Kelly Henderson brought into the shop

because she loves us
it was perfect on a gray day!

Thanks Kelly...we love YOU!

Search this tea out...
not only is the taste enchanting
the smell is heavenly.

Have an enchanting week-end

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SHE loves and adores HEARTFELT ART from the heart

She loves and adores HEARTFELT ART from the heart!

Pick from 20 Felted sweaters
to make your own art!

Vintage Braille paper
to make unique paper valentines
or again...
Your own kind of art
what can you do with these?

Antique glass chandaleir
crystals in 3-4 sizes/styles
over 200 of them!

As you can see, I have had time
to do some digging in my
home piles.

Peggy has vintage linen pillows...
makes a LOVE-ly gift.

Joni's paper gifts...
fun and amusing.

Maya's jewelry...
who wouldn't be tickled to
receive one of her pieces!

Crystal/milkglass pieces and
a chippy plant stand all new
Friday and Saturday

Healthy food idea which I LOVE
from a new customer HEATHER!
Heather is a new customer and awesome, she is into Organic foods and taught me some new things. She so kindly gave me a jar of Quinoa to try. I took 1/2 cup to 1 cup water, bring to boil and then simmer with lid 15 mins. for breakfast ... Added honey, craisins, walnuts and coconut milk and was not hungry forever!
You can also make into salads and main dishes.
Google Quinoa:
It is a complete protein meaning it has 9 essential amino acids. It was considered the gold of the incas, and native to south america.
It's a relative to the leafy green vegetable like spinach.
fluffy, creamy, slightly crunchy (love that part) and somewhat nutty. Easy to fix.

It's especially good if you have migraines/high blood pressure as it relaxes the blood vessels.
I don't have either but I know some of you suffer with migraines.
We bought 25 lbs.
You can buy a smaller version at costco.
enjoy and see you soon!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pretty PLEASE...

It's been 5 years now since I opened the doors to Just a bed of roses in the Historic sycamore district in Farmington. I remember peeking in the window right after Christmas, the building was for rent and I thought hmmmm, yes adorable, but too small. I knew how to stack merchandise, knew it could work, but NEVER dreamed it would fit the current merchandise to this extent.(many thanks to Joni's stacking expertise and years of decorating experience).

          Fun isnt it!

   Now, 2012 we have changed our days from 6 down to 3. Not because the shop was hurting, because I really did enjoy busy Mondays and being there for everyone needs during the week.

 We now feel it allows us quality time to create one of a kinds, collect vintage and unique pieces and have time for much needed travel, taking care of ourselves and family obligations.

   Shop keeping is NOT a hobby by any means. There is a big awesome responsiblity to it. We are here to make a living,and each day/week is crucial to us being here the next. We have weathered some storms, and feel stronger than ever.

   There are some ethics we go by at the shop in order that we may keep our doors open.

   We appreciate your business and LOVE when you come often,bring a friend/relative and your out of state acquaintances. Thank you so much.

   We do appreciate NO photo's inside, including cell phone photo's.

   We also love that we can and want to inspire you, but we also would like you to respect that we create things to sell and not to be copied. This assures that we can meet our financial obligations.

   Our prices are affordable and reasonable. We are a unique vintage inspired gift/decor/holiday shop not a consignment or antique shop.   

   It's a very common thing for someone to come in and exclaim "where does all this stuff come from?" There are many times I will tell you where/how and why this special item is in the shop, and I do it happily and generously. I too love how some of the vintage comes about. Some have a charming story others do not.

  As a shop owner we ask that you respect our right of privacy as to where some of the merchandise is acquired.

 We love the magic of finding, creating,displaying our products. It's all part of shopping the brick and mortar experience that you don't get online. We are comitted to keep brick and Mortar shops alive and exciting.

 We want you to feel and be a part of this magic.

   As always our return policy is the same: Please chose your items and gifts carefully as we do NOT do returns.

We still accept checks, visa, mastercard and cash. 

   Thanks for 5 wonderful years, the experience has been more than delightful and many friendships made that I wouldn't trade for anything. With your continued support we will be able to stay for as long as we would like.
   Much appreciation to you...
Brenda Klomp


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romance your home with PINK this week

just arrived:
PINK limoges china
along with PINK platters
each piece priced individually.

vintage PINK ROSE plates
16- just in
3.50 each this week and next.

Potions for your home.
Heirloom spice.
Pretty nice gift idea.

Prettiest of them all.
tapestry pillow.

Passionate heart neclace/earring
in new popular golds.
Owl bracelets in gold and silver.

softest PASTEL scarves
light. fluffy. warm.

"guilt free" dressing. easy. good.

add this too

and you get this yummy dip. dressing.
Super bowl. Valentines. anytime.

introducing PLANTS
to the shop
live. fresh. refreshing.

vintage shades of PINK
wool blanket
never used