Saturday, June 30, 2012

AMERICANA 101 for the next 31 days...

We're SO happy
 it's Patriotic July month 


This month of July we WILL CELEBRATE by blogging 


 and maybe ADD to your fun ideas
on what to do in JULY.
(the kids aren't bored yet are they?) 


A aloha hello...from JONI
Aloha to you too!

It's so AMERICAN to take a CHALLENGE

We  did THIS today...
got rid of OVER 100 things
waaaay over 100 things


hey, it feels SO good!

Thanks for supporting us at the yard sale!
My workroom is now half full or half empty?

Get ready for a 4th of July picnic at home

Here is a project: STENCIL STARS on the lawn, 
might keep your children busy an hour?


Have you been to Maddox in Perry lately?
They make fresh strawberry pie
(just in case you need a little road trip and don't want to cook)
they have the best lunches and dinners
steak. seafood. chicken.
 you can even eat HEALTHY
(except for those yummy fresh handmade rolls)
You may find fresh picked cherries at the road side stands.

Wave the GRAND OLD FLAG from your porches!
In fact
take LEISURE time to sit out on your porch,
enjoy all nature provides us in JULY!

Our Americana will be 40% off next weekend
along with newly arrived fun purchases fresh off
 an estate farm.
You'll love some of my rustic pickin's...
do you like old gas tank lids, keys, farm baskets,
varieties of old bread pans, gates?

I can't wait to get them ready this week

Please enjoy your summer

Your welcome to share YOUR summer fun here too!

Fireworks not necessary to have a fun July, right?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss Idaho 1935 Spud Queen

I feel a little like this right now...

We're going to be at the
Community yard sale Saturday 8:00 a.m.
selling lots of stuff
we're buried up to our ____ with!
Even feel like a Hot potato

Weber county fairgrounds
we have lots & lots of small collectables
all types of things you can create with too,
like 25 cents on up to $5.00
most items 1-2.00

truck and are loaded up...
help us get rid so we can breathe
a little easier...

well, that's just not true,
we just bought two truck loads from
a farm sale...need space!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

digging in the coops and barns

Have I mentioned this job of mine is physical and dirty?

Very Physical in fact

right now we are digging on a two acre farm
going through sheds, trailers, barns, chicken coops,
running from hornets, trying not to get tetnus from
rusty elements on the farm, and let's not think of the
other things out there...ugh!

ohhh, the years of dust and rust

I'd say it's all for you...but I too need to be rewarded with
a few of the treasures,
ya know, FIRST PICK!

We hauled into the shop this week 2 truck loads,
some old. some new.

Next week there will be more and then more

a hint...
there will be some great industrial pieces for you to
organize 'STUFF' in your workspaces
lots of patina
steam punk

Just so you know
I would complain about my hard physical job
but it's so much fun while we are doing it!

just sayin'...

see you this
thursday. friday. saturday.

Yes, outdoor community yard sale is saturday
we are all boxed up
please come buy it all, okay!


Jeanne D'Arc  July is in now
along with Mary Janes farm
great summer reading

Monday, June 25, 2012

Whoa Nellie...a yard sale

this Saturday
at the weber country fairgrounds

set up starts at 6:00 a.m.
we'll be there getting our MANY
tables filled up AGAIN with
$1.00 and $2.00 items
and some things just a little more!

beg. borrow. plead.
so you'll have some money to help us
get rid of our odds and ends.

Boxing items from the shop,
stuff piling up in the garage, and
sorting through my amazing
or maze work room.
Mostly craft/vintage
no clothes or home stuff.

You'll leave with a smile on your face.
Come early...
before it gets hot
cause with this heat we may be
tempted to pack up and go home
11-00 and noon at the latest.
not even kidding.

In the shop we still have GOOD sales going on and
75% off tables in the back room
for those who don't like to venture
to Weber county.

July is our clearance month

see you this weekend.

check back for more information

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Time Decorating - Bedspreads and Inspiring Quotes

I think bedspreads say a lot about a personality, don't you? During the summer it's fun to switch up a room's style, especially if it means incorporating a lovely bedspread that's full of color! Whether you're into pops of color, florals, neutrals, or a candlewick bedspread, there's so much you can do with the bed that's in your space! So it's time to decorate and enjoy the summer time because now is the time to embrace the warm and bright months ahead come up with an interior you love. Brainstorm what colors you'd like to use in your space, and allow a bedspread to dictate which direction you'd like to go. With beautiful new bedding decorations, you'll love spending time in your room and will become inspired to move on to extra projects too!

Need help getting started? Here are some pictures that will inspire you with their gorgeous designs and quotes that remind us that interior design is creative and worthwhile!

“Design is a plan for arranging elements
in such a way as best to accomplish
a particular purpose.” - Charles Eames

“For a house to be successful, the objects
in it must communicate
 with one another, respond and
balance one another.” – Andre Putman

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill

“The details are not the details, they make the design.” – Charles Eames

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot Summer Sale...come have a ball

We're having an inside hot summer sale:

20% off an item of your choice
(consignment and sale items excluded)

Final mark-downs on antique furniture in shop

more added to the 75% off table

selected linens 1.00 each

this week
 thursday. friday. saturday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yard elements

I'll bet your flower garden is growing beautifully

water. water. water.

Yard elements coming in this week

white wooden trellis

Weathered wooden wagon wheel spokes

Large pair of rusty roller skates with key
do you have a fun place to place or hang them?

Chicken coop feeder
a long one for planting your favorite posies

close-up, here are the copper wires

plant like this one


Hanging chicken feeder
an industrial yard element

Rusty antique license plates
add some interesting details to ordinary places

Authentic Coca-cola bottle wooden crate

antique...Counter sized hand water pump

Neon glass letters
2 in the letter B

2 in the letter C

1 in letter O

visit our etsy
selling my signed Jenny Holiday art boards from 2007

and MUCH more!
thursday. friday. saturday.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Silly and ridiculous Citrus

enjoy your bright and sunny day

photo's found on the shops pinterest
just a bed of roses
under color pallet citrus
SO LOVE Pinterest photo's!

eat healthy TODAY!

and don't give those you love
those ridiculous 'OTTER POPS'


Saturday, June 16, 2012

my favorite art group blogs

See for yourself...

I love these art girls, there are just under 30 of them?
They take turns blogging about their beautiful lives, passions and art.
They are unique individuals. I love the creative mix of who they are.

I find it refreshing, inspiring and worth my time to visit them several times a week.

You may even know some of them already.
some of them come into the shop...of course on a search for what they love and to
find things to create with.

Love you beehive art salon girls!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peace...until your content

Rust in peace
rusty and chippy paint old door knob plates

Peace on earth

Peace with yourself

Pieces of the past

Nice to own some pieces

At peace with nature

Tags pieced together to form art
by Joni

She just wanted peace

Peace just riding in the car going somewhere old and new

Peace knowing your taking care of yourself

If LIFE has your face looking a bit like this, then...

see you
thursday. friday. saturday

we can put a smile on your face for sure!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farm stuff...for sale at the Home front

Here is my
"Just a bed of roses"
at home!
Love it when the roses are a bloomin'

Another farm piece with Roses billowing all over.

Decorating the out doors with "farm stuff" is alot of fun.

Selling "farm stuff" from the Homefront this week:
2 large milk cans $45.00 each
Smaller one $40.00

Large blue milk can $40.00

Pot belly stove
Round Oak brand
a gem!

very large antique Farm wheel

Rusty metal Horsey on wheels planter
I have the planter box that fits inside.

Large folding vintage fence
with green patina

here is the green patina

old Sythe

Green vintage wheelbarrow

hand cultivator

Barnstyle wooden door with hinge
nice patina

very large rusty saw blade

6 antique rusty handsaws
$40.00 for all

Selection of oil/gas cans
10.00 each (and more styles)

This is way cool even though hard to see well.
It's a very large basket with feet.
This basket was placed ontop of cars for
say "road trips" with the family, filled with
suitcases, picnic supplies or sporting goods.
Probably from the 40's or 50's
very rare to find one of these babies!

pretty sure there is lots more to come,
just had to start SOMEWHERE!

Selling from the homefront this week
Weber county
If you want something brought to the shop
call and let us know or email.
delivery to shop on tuesday and Thursday
in Farmington.
we can put it on your visa card if necessary.
Another form of payment would be paypal.
We always take cash!
I'm also opening an ETSY shop
Monday morning.
We'll have a button on the blog soon but for now
you can find it by typing in