Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Its beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS

Our home looks like a BIG candy cane outlined in red and white lights and the most beautiful huge lighted SNOWFLAKES to set it off SO stunningly. It was easy this year, as we just called on the phone and wrote out a huge check and TA DA, we are lighted for Christmas! (always wanted to do that!) Our sunroom is the favorite of mine with its big windows and in the front I have a thin flocked tree with white mini lights. On each side are star garlands dangling down from the top window. It snowed today an inch, and I couldnt wait to snap pictures of the white glittery freshly fallen snow, to bad it will be gone tomorrow, DID I MENTION it is FREEZING? We snuggled up to the movie "Hairspray" today as it snowed and was it ever PINK and 60's, and isnt John Travolta SO interesting as an obese woman! Hope you enjoy our outdoor decorating as much as we do, we race to see who can turn on the lights first! I will take a full picture from the road when it gets really snowy...hope that's before Christmas!

Monday, November 26, 2007

SALT LAKE TEMPLE at Christmas time

Nothing is more beautiful during the holidays than a chilly stroll in the evening on the grounds at Temple Square in Salt Lake city, Utah. Millions of little lights decorate the trees, making a very sweet spiritual experience. I also had the special opportunity to visit the Kaysville Tabernacle where hundred of nativities were on display over Thanksgiving. One thing we are really missing here is the pretty snow...not missing the actual snow, just the beauty of it with the lights!


Whats a nice Thanksgiving dinner without someone challenging all the men to an arm wrestle?

Here is little Brock, sneaking into the room of pies with his fork....mmmmmmmm before dinner!

This is my husband, first born and little ole me in the 60's at Christmas time, arent we dreamy?Check out the pink carpet, vacuum and the homemade pie, bet she made the pie in heels too!
Actually I just had to share a new technique I have just learned on the internet...its the copy and paste, SO FUN! (P.S. Gotcha...I wasn't even married in the 60's, I was only a youngster in love with the Beatles!)
Lets get in the Christmas Spirit now...Ho Ho Ho!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


COMING SOON, A MAKEMINEPINK.COM online cookie exchange . Join the make mine pink bloggers for a christmas cookie exchange. Since it will be difficult to get us all together, lets exchange our favorite cookie recipes. Starting dec. 3-through out the week, the bloggers at mmpink will post their favorite cookie recipe or two, maybe a few family traditions, some christmas cheer and a quick peek at their christmas decor.
How about you, will you do the same? If you leave a comment on the mmp blog we will be happy to visit your blog. Please have cookies ready...So go dig those yummy recipes out from the bottom of your cook book drawers and I will go look for mine.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vintage ADS from old magazines

I love ads from old magazines...this is a sweet wrigleys gum ad probably from the 50's, I have framed in oak which has been antiqued with the poplular limey green. This is for sale in the shop, come on in for more. Right now I am working on framing old christmas advertising...tis the season! Hope you are getting as excited for the holidays as I am!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Just to tease you as ALL THINGS TO COME for a VINTAGE CHRISTMAS!


I love to take quiet moments sitting with my dainty tea cup filled with PINK HOT CHOCOLATE and reflect on the blessings that come my way...

How each person I meet each day adds so much to happiness & quality to my life. My shop has been opened 9 months now and I am blessed each day with friendships that will last forever. SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to the lovely gals I work with that support me and keep my spirits up when I get down.

I am thankful I have been given the talent to create, its just something inside me that has to come out everyday and I love to share, inspire and help others create a safe haven of their own.

I am thankful that my body lets me do what I love,(with a little choirpractic work) I never want to take that for granted.

My husband, children and grandchildren,parents and brothers and sisters are a source of great joy and I love being with them.

I beleive that God lives, that he loves me, I love him and I will return to live forever with him and the ones I love. I love to serve others, I am blessed beyond measure when I serve and give of myself.

As you find YOUR quiet moments this thankful time of year I hope you find great PEACE and JOY!