Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We've been warned about being OUT
Will read this book tonight...then its coming into the shop Thursday.

The Lady of Fashion:
The life and the theatre of Anna Cora Mowatt.
(from the 1850's)
will let you know
what happened

written 1954

Probably  our witch drank that big bottle of  Hagatha's Vanishing Tonic
Looks like she's gone UNDERGROUND.

Vintage shopping day...at The Rose

Dried or paper florals with vintage pieces.
This one has an old rhinestone hair comb and picture of woman from
"times past"
Signs of fall and quirky pumpkins line the black fence with hungry crows looking on.

Pumpking treat basket...does that book say Killer smile???

Joni will be haunting the fireplace and playing with the
Gouls clothing today.

SO MUCH MORE haunting going on at Just a Bed of Roses
15 E. State street
Farmington Ut.
open today: 11:00-5:30-6

Monday, August 30, 2010

60's song of the day...Jan and Dean : The new girl in school
it's Raining it's pouring the old man is snoring! (more fitting)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once a Witch...always a witch

Glenda the good witch

Once a WITCH always a WITCH

Pincushion REAL potted greens

1952 book written by Richard L Evans noting these are talks from the spoken word.

Button cookie treats
and new scrumptous paper flowers

I know...to cute to SCARE BOO!

Friday, August 27, 2010

DUBS...for exquisite holiday costumes

Having a beautiful day in this SUNNY SUMMER weather?

You'll want to "DUBS" your Halloween costumes here at
"The Rose"...as today I am taking pictures of the
MOST GLAMOROUS & finest clothes/shoes/purses
in sequins, silks, velvets, blacks & animal prints
that will surely call your name for the season.
New & Just gently used and priced so you
may want SOME.

Will be back with more details...like
when they will be in the shop etc.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skeleton Crew...at work

Skeleton Crew has been spotted changing the shop into an eerie place

The black metal vintage birdcage with HIDING WITCHES (see their legs?),
bloodshot eyeballs, crows, skeletons and more...sign warns:
But don't...

Signs of SKELETONS in every nook or closet.

Adornments for the GLAMOUR GOULS...
of course...that's  YOU!

LOOK out for the WITCH HANDS crawling

Wall la la...STICK ON WITCH  for your walls
easy to do.

Handmade fall purses...this one with fancy pantsy giant SKELETON KEYS
Joni...you're IMAGINATION is killing me!
I giggle all day at her displays
and creations she brings in... like no other.
SHE CAN'T HELP HERSELF...I've known that for 20 years!

Aprons for the Glamour Ghoul
don't let the spiders TICKLE YOU!

Now does this look like a junk store to you?

Showing you Halloween...CAUSE ...it has wings like a BAT...and it's
going out the door like FLYING MONKEYS!

Come see what's new for Halloween
and forget the temp tomorrow is 98!
(the calm before the storm).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mermaids in the 50's...or what our Mothers did while we went to school

Did your Mother bake with White star tuna while you were in school?
If so you probably ate Tuna-Tamale Pie

Or you had a white star Tuna Treasure treat...is it coming back to you now?

A Tuna Cheesewich would have been a cheap easy after school snack
I'm pretty sure about these.

Tuna Mexaroni...what wasn't added to tuna and noodles in those days.

Then to wash it down with a MMMMM Postum shake...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

VICTORIA magazine for your week-end enjoyment

Enjoy the quaint articles in this issue of Victoria Bliss just arrived at Just a Bed of Roses, because life really is JUST that whether your out getting school haircuts or going on a "last minute" family get together in the mountains, pool or catching a movie.

You'll enjoy our new arrivals...especially the yummy chocolate marshmellow ones.
They are JUST FUN to eat and they are on a stick!

Thanks for you visit...See you soon

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adorable Alayna & College advice

Precious picture of alayna and her favorite musical instrument
the ukelele which she won Kaysville idol with her
song of Honey Bee.

Off to college!
Here are 10 things about Alayna (from HER ):
Ten things...ugh! ) this is so Alayna, never wanting to
talk about herself...humble pie girl and oh so talented!)

1.It's my dream to have a chocolate shop because chocolate makes people happy!
2. My favorite color is green???
3. I secretly want to be a novelist.
4. I have the most incredible family...seriously
5. I love my ukulele and my iPod.
6. I love the shop and who I am when I am there.
7. I just wish I lived in a Jane Austen book...right Brenda???
8. I have always wished I could paint.
9. I love breakfast. It's the best food and the nicest time of day. 
10. I plan to get a degree and to study abroad in Europe. I hope to learn
as much as I can.

Now 10 things from me to Alayna... without tears?
1. Always Dependable
2. Mature and well rounded
3. Talented in many ways
4. Loves music...Alayna won the Kaysville American Idol singing
contest this summer! 
5. Has values & lives her beliefs
6. lives with Honest & integrity and sweet humbleness
even though blessed with so much talent.
7. Loves people and they love her
8. Excited about life & learning
9. Says she'll visit me in the nursing home, yeah, remind me who I am too!
10. Alayna told me she has always changed things around , like her room ever
since she was a little girl.
It wont change alayna...and that's a good thing.

My advice to you:
Just keep on being your beautiful self that I love and adore ALWAYS. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

OUTDOOR BOUTIQUE this week-end!

THIS coming Friday and Saturday
the weather will be spectacular!
She can still use several more sellers of handmades or food items
even if you can only do Saturday!
The more the merrier!

This will be held OUTSIDE at a home directly South of Wahlquist Jr. High School in front of the
Weber County Fair Grounds West Entrance.

Someone will be selling THE SHOPS CLOSE-OUTS for me at low low low prices
and there will lots
Come load up on good stuff!

A variety of boutique vendors selling altered art JEWELRY, clothing, PURSES, baby items,
CLOCKS, designer jeans, ACCESSORIES, glitter toes
No less than 25 vendors 

969 N. 1200 W. Ogden
questions: Carrie at 801-940-0067

11:00- 6:00 P.M.

The General Store co-op chicks will be celebrating their 1st year
this coming week-end
so wish them Happy Birthday
and buy yourself a present!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't be SKINNY...song book 1935

Should have been born in this era?
This page is from a 1935 song book of famous
writers and singers. Un-fashionable to be skinny? 
All you needed was ironized yeast tonic...better yet, imported from Europe. 
Watch flat chest develop, skinny limbs round out attractively and your
an entirely new person!
I know what your thinking when you look at her picture...
uhh huh
chubby is beautiful but please pull up those bra straps
better yet get a maiden form and fill it up!

The moment a dapper young man with curly black hair steps onto the stage, you'll kow that's
Harry Richman.
Putting on the ritz made him famous.
Story of his trials, fame & fortune inside.

You CAN reduce your waist and hips 3 inches in 10 days.
With the perfolastic girdle and Brassiere
but is that wearing them day and night?

Delightful art work to match the songs...
Somebody stole my gal!

The Memphis Blues
color of this book is a beautifuly gold patena
no rips or tears
front cover missing, starts on page 3.
Book has 50 pages of stories of singers such as
Don Bestor song leader.
Big rock candy mountain song.
Slim pickins sisters 3
Annette Hanshaw cannot read a note of music.
plus more nostalgia.

Carry me back to old Virginny
Can we just fly there for a visit?

Sleep come on and take me, this is where we get counting sheep.
way back THEN?

And look...it's true, there really is a SAND MAN...
sleep tight and DON'T let the bed bugs bite ya.

See You Monday!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lollipops & sunshine...

60's song for the day...by Leslie Gore:

SUNSHINE LOLLIPOPS, RAINBOWS EVERYTHING...something good to come your way...cause love is here to stay!

Have the best day everyone!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Your looking at...the FUTURE'S vintage COSTUME RINGS
Promise...these will be it
all plastic rhinestone flowers.

If your fingers need some dolling up for upcoming summer parties
or your thinking of  fall...(I know your trying not to)

At least 50 ring to pick from
All stretchies in Gold and silvers
One size fits all
Love that!

Prices are 12-15.00   Must tell you...
 Jay, who is "special needs" (correct, hoping) arrived today as usual on his
way from working at Lagoon. HE HAD TO HAVE THE BIGGEST BLACK RING...
and guess what else...I HAD to GIVE IT TO HIM cause OUR BIRTHDAYS
ARE ON THE SAME DAY...August 21st!

HOW do you resist Jay?

BLACK FLOWER RING running to catch the bus!
Isn't life sweet?
I LOVE moments like that.
(have you ever noticed that many "special needs" angels here on earth live for their
birthday and soda pop, it's SO true. Sister Janine and I
were discussing that just today)
(no disrespect here please- know that).
It's OUR experience.
Enough to make you a little crazy at times.
We can all be a little OCD over certain things at times, can't we?
Sis and I KNOW first hand.
EXPERIENCE the teacher.
Birthday & soda pop.

Here is my personal favorite a flower loaded
with bangles and dangels.

Who doesn't love refreshing orange
in pearls and happy daisies.

We're getting infested with spiders again...
they start kind of small
and then you know what happens
at just a bed of roses
they WILL multiply
and get bigger.

Your seeing chocolate covered grahm crackers
plus just arrived in a pretty package are chocolate covered OREOS
and good.
Tried a package.

A little Food for thought

Glamorous Finger foods.

How to be Smart AND Charming

Vintage set on a course to read of How to be smart and Charming
Will need to look up the year.
You could be smart and charming in the shabby kitchen too
with these 50's kitchen utinsels

Our Pretzel confections are so delicious and fresh
With a $35.00 purchase you get a complimentary single one dipped in
carmel, chocolate and rolled in almonds or M& M's.
Through the month of August

come see our new FALL JEWELRY and PURSES
and  haunting mercury glass decor pieces.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have you any wool? Sweet Vintage Baby Blankies...

Infant's Crib Blankets in wool from JcPenneys
thinking the 50's and 60's here?
Neat big Penneys box
Horsies at play vintage new with tag
wool and satin
crib blanket
More little horsies at play
gently used wool blankie
these were the kind that little babies took into childhood with them
sucking their thumbs and rubbing the satin forever in their little precious hands
and when they left home the little raggie blankie
of course went with them!
My youngest son had the "bee blanket" it was the bedspread with bees.
We finally had to cut it into pieces as bedspreads are
kind of hard to keep dragging around
it made his life much easier with only a piece.

Baby soft white never used wool/satin
and gently used pinkie crib blankies.
Another popular store in Salt lake city, Utah now gone was Auerbach's
look what is wrapped in this vintage box...

Two little silkie rompers...how did our moms ever hold on to us in these?

And for the "mom's to be" the SUMMER ROSE blanket in wool/ satin edges
this one is new with tag
size 52 x 90
would fit double bed of course!

This little birdie says Just a bed of roses has some of the best vintage
baby blankies and vintage linens around for you to enjoy.
come and see