Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The NEW June ROMANTIC HOMES loaded with Cottage Look ideas!

Its now here at Just a Bed of Roses...June issue of Romantic Homes is FILLED with some of the neatest decorating ideas and unique ways to cottage decorate. dont let the plain cover deceive you! I love love love this issue, lots of chippy paint, soft colors and lots of collectables. Remember we get our copies before the grocery stores!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mexico Orphanages trip by Brenda's daughter Shellie

Hi... my name is Shellie and I am Brenda's daughter, she wanted me to share with you a recent special service trip as I was lucky enough to escape my hectic household and head south of the border to Baja Mexico last weekend. Trip was four days (2 were spent driving, 13 hrs. each way). This was a group of 27 people organized through a group called Kaiizen out of Brigham Young University in utah. This had always been a dream of mine, and I had learned of this group a year ago. I decided to committ and so very glad to have done so. This was a life-changing event for me and can happily say that I have finally found a new budding PASSION in my life. My main passion is painting.
First we put on a carnival at the school with games, pinatas, waterballoons & hamburgers. The kids were so happy to see us, they ran up to our cars the minute we pulled in. That same day we headed over to the first orphanage and played with the kids, held and LOVED all the babies (my favorite part!) did a craft, baked about 25 cookie sheet sized pizzas, and watched a movie. We then headed over to another orphanage and slept in our cars/tents on their property that night. This place was right on a beautiful beach.
In the mornings the kids would just come running to hug us. We made pancakes for breakfast, played outside all day with them, jumping rope, hopscotch, volleyball, connect four, twister, and boy was I sore the next day! This also gave their care givers a well deserved break. It went by so fast and when it came time to go I just cried my eyes out. The pretty little girl in the photo below is 2 year old Angie and she had been there for only 1 week.

This was truly the best thing I have ever done. The next morning at home I found I was still just bawling my eyes out. I just feel there is so much to be done out there and everyday still I am thinking okay what can I do today to help those kids. I encourage anybody who has a desire to do this to just committ and do it, you will be so glad you did, there is a happiness you receive that you cant find anywhere else and beleive me I have done many wonderful things in my life.
I am in the process right now of getting funding to buy some land and get financing to start an orphanage down there.I have so many ideas running through my head for fun activities for when we return this year. As many of you know most orphanages are very corrupt and not well run. I will keep you posted on our progress as I am finding a wonderful support group of people around here so ready and willing to help.

Sweet baby Angie and I at Orphanage

Teaching families SERVICE....for SHOW & TELL monday

My daughter Shellie just returned from a life changing trip to Mexico in which she went with a group to give service to an orphanage. I have asked her to share this beautiful life altering experience with you...hopefully today she can do this. Shellie has 4 children 10 and under and this is a book that
helps her in teaching them that life isnt all about us and TRUE HAPPINESS is in SERVING those less fortunate as us. I beleive you can never to to young to learn service. She will probably tell you that this is her new PASSION in life and share with you what she wants to accomplish.
Merrilee Boyack the books auther is a Lawyer and shares her life of service and has brilliant ideas that her family has accomplished. This is a MUST HAVE!

I've been TAGGED...in a VINTAGE way!

2 vintage dresses loaded with vintage jewelry pieces

Attic Florals adorned with Paperie tags

Ooh la la Romantic black and white tags

And soooo Shabby chic Roses Tags

Our most wonderful ANTIQUE PAPERIE tags arrived over the week-end SO OF COURSE I played all day with them on Saturday...look and see! You better come and get YOURS before I use them all up!

Aren't they so beautiful with the antique broaches, neclaces & even skeleton keys tied on them and hanging lovingly on a vintage dress, someone will love to be the receiver of of these vintage pieces. AND priced affordably!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Appreciate Prayers for my Mother

I would appreciate so much if you would keep my mother in your prayers this week-end. She is having a masectomy Friday and we want everything to go well for her. She doesnt have cancer, she has cells in one breast that will turn into cancer eventually. The staff at John Huntsman cancer clinic felt this was the best approach. So our hopes are high that this will be in her best interest. She has been cleaning like crazy so she can be ready for recovery. Thanks so much, I appreciate your friendships and concerns.
My computer hasnt come back yet from the Dr's...I will list pictures of the projects going on at Just a bed of roses next week when it arrives without its virus.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I just read my last post and had to laugh outloud...I meant to say that I was heading to the bank so I could buy some vintage jewelry, NOT meaning to tell you as customers to head to the bank! Ooops, sometimes I should proof read.
Yes, indeed I jewelry shopped and nearly 3 hours...and had to go to the bank two times...AND still didnt get all the piles I wanted to purchase, boo hoo. Maybe next time...wink wink!
I will bring it to the shop wednesday, however it could take some time to sort and price. I can hardly raise my arms to type this as today was furniture refinishing day.,..we took a beautifully style large antique buffet and painted it white, it has an attractive brass railing on the back of it. Also an antique trunk we painted red along with an old deco plant stand and small barrel which would be great in the garden. 2 tall plantation shudders and much more went to Re-Creations.

In the shop I will take 2 matching yellow metal funeral planters which I planted purple and yellow pansies...now can I go to bed???

P.S. wasnt American Idol awesome tonight...I could just kiss that David Archuletta, his song was just uniquely him.


Gals, I am scheduled for an antique jewelry shopping splurge today...better head to the bank!

And finally its a "no wind" day...so husband and I are painting furniture for the shop and re-stocking Re-Creations in Roy...well, he is snoring pretty loudly right now, better go wake him up!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


SHOW and TELL Monday will be on hold until next Monday as my computer came down with a major virus and I dont know how to download pictures on our laptop...darn, I was already for this week to show fun finished projects around the shop. So please check back after computer goes to the Dr...my oldest sons, thanks goodness for children who know computers!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Victoria BLISS is Blue & White...and its here!

Okay the new issue of Victoria Bliss is in and filled literally with BLUES...refreshing and elegant as always...I will take pictures of some blues in shop today and add to this post.
Oh, and a tv personality MAY be visiting the shop today...if she comes in I will spread the news!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mondays SHOW & TELL at shop

Beautiful silver etched Vase given as a wedding present 61 years ago from Mississippi, New Orleans & Texas estate.
Lots of antique lead crystal syrup or creamers from same estate
Antique occupied Japan antique romantic couple and floral box of composite coasters same estate
Shabby roses antique sugar bowl in excellent condition from same estate
Unusual stylish seafoam green creamer I suppose ...same estate antique

2 same estate antique Silver costume jewlery beads
2 shabby roses antique bracelets from same estate
Antique bowl & Pitcher from same estate in crackly finish excellent condition
Antique same estate Ruby glass candy dish on pedestal
Antique gold lead crystal etched wine decanter too georgous for words same estate
Antique gold creamer from same estate
Show and Tell Mondays is something NEW that the members of makeminepink.com are featuring each Monday on each shops blogs. So I will join them each Monday (probably do my postings on sundays) for this fun new CREATIVE adventure. IF I knew how to add websites to my blog I would have many many more listed than I have. You can visit their forum, or click on each website and visit their blogs. You will be on CREATIVE OVERLOAD after visiting these gals shops...oh my!
As a shop owner it is SINCERELY A PRIVELEDGE to be invited to someones home and be first to purchase their loved ones treasures after they have departed from this earth life. It is a humbling experience and as I write this as I have a knot in my throat and blinking away the tears. You would think it would get easier, but each home and family bring their precious life stories and this one is no exception. these pieces are from Mississippi, New Orleans & Texas.
The pictures I have featured were the first of this estate buying trip, there are approx. 50 new pieces in shop and they will be priced Monday. There should be weekly additions from this estate. Each item is beautiful, antique and in excellent condition and priced affordably as I dont always know the real values, I just want to keep the doors open and have a win win for you as a customer and me as owner and to keep vintage pieces a way of life in the present.
I cried all the way home after this purchase...the widower showed me around and talked of his dearly deceased wife so lovingly and he raved on and on about her and how she entertained so many important people in their lives and that was her passion. Her other passion was an accomplished tole painter and I nearly broke down when I entered into her tole painting craft room. This is all I can talk about for now, its just to tender so I will tell more after purchasing during the next month and share with you.
As I have done this for so many years I have learned that our pretty things we have are to be enjoyed while we are here to the fullest, to use, enjoy and make precious memories with them. Then when we are gone they are passed down for the next generation to enjoy and make their own special memories.
It takes a brave man to part with these things...but it is the right thing to do...it is so rewarding to have the young girls come in and enjoy the vintage jewelry pieces that were from the 60's and 70's the antique handwork, the handpainted dishes etc.
So this is my first SHOW AND TELL MONDAY please visit my friends blogs at makeminepink.com and tell them Just a bed of roses sent you! I'll see you inbetween now and next monday if I dont blow away in the wind storm coming this evening.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shhhhhhh...We are trying to have SPRING

Dont tell old man winter but utah is trying to have SPRING...temps 60- 70-80 degrees in the next few day and week ahead...AND we deserve it after a long cold snowy winter!
In celebration I added the BIGGEST shabby aqua, pink and yellow BLOOMS in the windows, hope you enjoy your spring days ahead, come in and browse when you get tired of working in the yard or taking a nice walk.
As for me...I will be painting pieces of furniture for the shop.
Notice the time I am posting this...4:00 a.m. well, my daughter and I are hosting a baby shower for my oldest sons wife today and I am up dipping strawberries in chocolate and making sure the shrimp salad turned out alright. Salad is really good, but the strawberries are anything but pretty.Back to bed now...enjoy your day!
Shop located 15 E. State Street Farmington, utah directly North of the Old Courthouse. Mon-Friday 10:30-11:00 till 5:30 - 6:00 weather permitting and sat. 11:00-5:00

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh the sweet smell of CHOCOLATE

Need I say more? Well...I want you to know these chocolate products are not handmade and handpoured in China...they are made by a family owned business who focus on quality and pride which I love to support especially in todays market. Affordably priced... so indulge yourself or gift those you love with our new milk chocolate bath, body butter & rich chocolate scented candles. Mothers Day, teachers, graduations, thank you's, birthdays and just because occasions.

TAX DAY ....why I hate it!

I love my work and work so hard at it each and every day, I try to stay positive and love how the business is growing and especially love each customer that walks through the door, they add something to my life. The shop is now 14 months old and growing steadily, thank you customers!

So why is it that when it is TAX DAYpreparation I just want to go crawl under the covers? My theory is that I dont face ALL THE FACTS until THAT DAY of preparation...when the tax lady tells me the losses I am a bit stunned...like WHAT!!! Uncle Sam doesn't put his arm around me and tell me your doing a beautiful job with the shop...I love America , freedom and the many opportunities to own our own business. I really do hate how our tax money is wasted.
Again, I will make better effort to write down daily my expenses, try to make a profit, keep track of inventory more efficiently and quit spending so much as I want to be here next year too.

Thank goodness tax day is over and I am fine now...better than ever actually and ready to do better this year...and besides it actually felt good to crawl under the covers for a few hours!
Last night I took these paper relics papers and framed them for the shop...of course I shopped out of my garage AGAIN for the frames...3 down... only 100 or more to go... I'm such a packrat!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


As Part of my daughters INTERVENTION with me she has challenged me to shop in my garage to fill the shop up for awhile... you shop owners know all about garages you can never park in, never have, probably never will?

So this is what I brought out first...dont you love it...its a VERY fancy VINTAGE LAMP SHADE. So sorry to have to pull off the "once upon a time" beautiful satin fabric. It has now been re-created into just the wire design and so wonderful to place AS IS on just the right antique lamp. I'm thinking of dangling vintage crystals from it... Of course!

Another idea would be to use it as a planter with a pot in the top filled with beautiful ivy draping down the sides...ooohhh with crystals hanging!
Wish the garage was filled with more...however I think this is it, maybe more are buried?

Check back for more goodies during this INTERVENTION , with my attention span we dont know how long this will last!

SHOPPING new displays

Just a few new displays here...lots of BEAUTIFUL vintage pieces wouldnt you say?
Displays come and go so fast around here, its nice to capture a picture that lasts longer. One new goal is to show off our beautiful vintage furniture pieces that are for sale. I have a bad habit in decorating of burying a piece of furniture with lovely merchandise.I dont do this when decorating a home...but in the shop I figure the more the merrier and I love shops where its a bit of a treasure hunt. This will now be more pleasing to your eye as you shop.
We are doing more BRANDING in the red area this month...you'll have to come see!

BRANDING Just A Bed of Roses

My darling daughter brought her black and hot pink paint this week and CREATED a "new look" for the shop...I'm so so glad she came!It's filled now with "sweet treats" and goodies as we are preparing for Mothers day as May is such a gift giving month with school endings etc. We have angled the counter to allow for more customer space.
Don't you love how this matches the website...that's called branding... to tie it all in.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dreaming of Black and White polka dots!

Just to touch base...my daughter has come to the rescue! She really has and I cant wait to take a picture Friday to show you what she has done to our counter, I will be dreaming of black and white polka dots all night! We are branding the shop THIS YEAR (slowly but surely) and you will love what she has done and yet to do, she's such a little artist.

She complained and complained AND complained about my clutter...which IS everywhere...and really she is justified. SO sorry AND I am embarassed AND overwhelmed. Hopefully I can get in control now, with her help. Thanks a million Shellie and please dont turn me into the OPRAH SHOW, OKAY! I seriously thought she was going to do so today, you know the shows where the women just have piles and piles of STUFF. So let me apologize to my customers, I promise to keep a more attractively decorated shop from here on out, hopefully minimizing the clutter. Just think...you may be able to see the furniture pieces that are on sale, how sweet is that!

Back to bed now as there is TONS more Spring cleaning yet to do this week...and I'm not a young chick anymore. There will lots more coming into Re-creations next week with LOTS of discounts
P.S...I dont know why I put a buttons picture on here, I just thought they were so cute.