Saturday, March 31, 2012


Green smootie girl just posted 7 reasons why soda is not healthy...they are quite dramatic and possibly true.

Too bad I didn't read the 7 reasons before this would have saved me from the 3 diet cokes I just HAD TO HAVE  for a splurge at lunch and doing the yard sale today.

Now I know better once again. It's kind of like church, you have to keep learning the same things over and over again...before it finally sinks in.

Click on smoothie girls website to read on her blog the 7 reasons...that is, if you really want to know them!

Thanks for a fantastic yard sale goodness, we sold 3/4 the stash and it was so nice to see everyone's support.

We will start loading up the next round of $1.00  $2.00  $3.00 and $5.00 boxes for the next one...  appreciate you!

Friday, March 30, 2012


saturday March 31st
8:00 a.m.
1000 North 1200 W.
North of the IRS


we are selling lots of shop closeouts,
estate items, rusty, chippy, crafty, lots of sheet music, old bottles, magazines, books, vingtage things, jewelry and so many odds and ends.

  No Household everyday stuff.

 Most of these items are
smalls and will be priced cheap meaning
1-3.00 on the average
some 5.00   some a little more.

We have so much that some piles are
being held back for the flea-ology sale
in Payson during July.

We will be located by the back door on the
south side of the building.
remember it's INSIDE!

Come early and load up!

If you want to sell, call debbie 801-778-6404
its not too late!

Free to get in and buy
and 20.00 for a 10 x 10
we will have a 22x 12' space.

also the shop has the backroom turned
into a mini yard sale Friday/saturday this week, help us clear that room out too!

No we are not closing!
We bought an estate and just trying to make
room for the stuff!

great news:
We'll be carrying Mary Janes Farm magazine
The new issue is due to arrive soon!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



#'s $10.00 each and a new supply of letters.

Our smoothie maker came today
here are the very FIRST ones!
(spinach, pineapple, apple and orange)

It took one day to get our blender.
click on:
green smoothie girl in yellow on the
right hand side of this blog.
She has a wonderful 12 step program
to eating healthy and making
smoothies etc.
You can buy your blender right there!

See you Thursday.Friday.Saturday.

Monday, March 26, 2012

new smoothie girl

Happy to announce we have a new affilliate on our blog.
Utah's Robyn Openshaw
popularly known as
green smoothie girl
Click on her link on the side of our blog
(it's in yellow just above our tune list.)

I have read most of her blog and believe she knows, lives
and believes in whole foods and what she
represents. She travels all over educating the public,
changing the lives of people.

Right now as I wait for our
blendtec smoothie machine to arrive
we are studying from her very thick book
on whole foods.
Learning alot, inspired to live
a healthier life and she makes it
easy to do and understand.
A book you don't want to put down.

12 steps to wholefoods
a very good book to live and learn by.
just click on her website from the shop blog,
it says: green smoothie girl

and have fun!

I'll discuss later some things that have really opened my eyes.
One being that nuts to be alive need to be sprouted.

okay, after the smoothie maker...will be the x-caliber dehydrator!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For the LOVE of Food

I found a new food blog on Pinterest:

Her name is Sonnet
for the love of food either .com or blog

I am starting sprouted Quinoa...tonight!
and trying her love of salads recipes.
I freaking love pinterest
there is something for everyones
taste and styles.

Friday, March 23, 2012

PARKING at Just a bed of roses

Somedays at the shop wish we could stack
you up like this
especially with our new 3 days a week!

Confused where to park?

You can park in the 2 hour parking on the road painted yellow curb to the east.
around the corner on Main, yellow painted curbe 2 hour parking
easiest of all...
you can park behind the building
it says school district parking
you wont get at ticket
anywhere you park.

You wouldn't want to park infront of the shop.
Police frown on that unless
it's for a pickup.
also you can park behind my gray car
in the barbers driveway anytime.

Saturdays are usually no problem.

We know that it is sometimes a difficulty
to find a parking

please know we appreciate you
making an effort to come in
and try to make it worth your efforts.


creating with burlap and stamping
Joni and Peggy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starting our list...ORGANIC SEEDS list that is

Hi ya'll!

It's time to decide what to plant
the sun is shining &
it's called spring fever!

We have learned that
has open pollenated, non-hybrid,
non toxic nor genetically modified seeds.
We are looking for ORGANIC this year.
Start with the best seeds.
On their site besides wonderful seeds of all types you'll find non toxic ways for pesticides, garden tips and learn from neat books.
Even deer repellant.

Mr. Roses is shocked that I have taken an
interest after 39 years of marriage.
(don't worry he can do the work).
His father worked the ground we and his brother live on (there are 20 acres he farmed)  he did back then what was called being a
row crop farmer. He would take his wagon
filled with vegetables and melons and go into
town, meaning West Ogden etc.
The children would help carry the vegetables
to the customers.
He would holler out:
and the ladies would run out!

So it's in these boys blood still!

A new "green zebra" tomato is on the list
cool as cool isn't it!

Heirloom seeds date back over 100 years ago.

trying a colorful variety of carrots this time

Look how fun to get the family
being creative with veggie man

Have you ever tried Lemon Cucumbers?
Well, you should because they are sweeter, mild, don't make you
go burp and great appearance.
easy to grow.
I'll find the name of the cucumber we are buying
it's never bitter.
so later on that.

Our ground grows watermelons and canteloupes really well.
Trying sugar baby this year
and will again get back with you on
our favorite.

This year we are trying asparagus.
It's a 3 year process.
Also...bareroot rasberries
waiting for J & J nursery to get them in.

OOps...turn your head sideways.
Grab yourself a good book while its still a bit chilly
and get EXCITED for Spring plantings.
This came from Barnes and Noble, beautiful photo's.
A little present for Carl.

We tried to order from Heirloom today.
There is a message saying they have an emergency and will
be taking internet orders first of April.
So study up and start that list.

Monday, March 19, 2012

a NATURALISTIC approach to Easter

 Taking a" Naturalistic" approach to Easter
patina paper
delicate hankies
unearthened aqua bottles
burlap eggs as altered art designs

Vintage containers such as this basket
real brown eggs... blown of course
naturalistic easter grasses

eggs died naturally
photo from our Pinterest board

Rustic handmade scoops from long long ago
make a "natural " Easter basket
fill with richly cobalt blue antiques
dairy bottles
old pop bottles
wooden bowling pins
chippy cups

Vintage handmade doilies and linens

Sale this week
1/2 off any in the shop
(consignment excluded)

Have fun with our Easter basket "tuck in's"
orange, green and black frog rings
flowers and dragonflies.

See you soon... check back for more

We get so excited for:
11:00-5:30 P.M.
hope you do too!

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 17th Rainbows and Lime Rickey

              Enjoy the photo's as they wish you a
                 Happy St. Patricks Day...

again...too much fun on Pinterest
check the shops boards and have
a refreshing day with greens!
Check the weeks blogs
for some fun with greens and
a suprise sale to save
some greens!


Thursday, March 15, 2012


 You heard this on the blog only...
If you come into the shop Friday and/or Saturday WEARING green you will get 25% off any LARGE PIECE of furniture *excludes any new pieces.

an extra 25% off items in the 1/2 off area. Remember to tell us you saw this on the blog only!

      I know...Sneaky like a lime green,    scary, slithering, poisonous snake!
                                just sayin!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage greens

Just's time for Green week
Cards, books, bottles, soaps, rusty chippy metals
from the recent estate purchase.

Depression glasses and more

Enamelware in creams and greens
Chamber potty and double boiler

6 Fire king mugs
a wonderful
antique green wooden cupboard in original paint green/yellow

Odds and ends
Shamrock bowls and plates marked Japan

Vintage enamelware in yellow and green all chippy
filled with antique wonderments.

Dapper Sears catalog paper covered soaps
tied with twine and rusty antique keys

For the women...Sears catalog paper covered soaps
tied with mercerized corset lace 
adorned with rusty antique key.

CROWN white chippy birdcage
Antique with lots of parts to it.
There are also 2 birdcage iron stands just arrived.

Naturalistic paperie poem

Also Maya is bringing in 30 pieces of her handmade jewelry...Sundance inspired, naturalistic with some leathers, suedes ,precious stones and more on thursday.
Joni's creating her altered art Spring and Easter line.
Her work adds personality to your holidays!