Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Curiosities...perfect name for this movie

When the movie screen showed the title "The curiosities of Benjamin Button "there were just millions of buttons splashed all over...I knew instantly I was going to love this movie...and I did, it is so appropriatly named because every second you are so curious about what was coming next. I am always saying that we were made wrong, that it's only fair that at age 50 we should keep what we have learned and then get younger. I have changed my I think we should get younger but stop at maybe 25 years old.Of course, maybe that's saved for the next life, I hope.

The story was interestingly written and it begins in the middle of Hurricane katrina with a dying lady and another girl and she is reading a diary to the dying lady. You don't know who they are for some time. So the story is coming from the diary of Benjamin Button.
It's beginnings are in the 1940's settings, awesome. A life and Love story with Brad Pitt the main guy...ahhh! He starts life being born as an old old man and then ends life as a baby. Its theme is that life is always changing...enjoy where you are at because it changes fast, nothing stays the same. There's certain stages in life that we must be in for certain people. There was alot of comedy too, his mother died right after giving birth and his dad gives him away to a colored lady who runs an old folks guy keeps talking about getting hit by lightning 7 times, oh, that is so funny because they show you how each time happens, you will laugh.
That's about all I want to expose except that you do need kleenex, you will cry, in fact I wanted to just sob out in the car, but couldnt do it in front of my husband.
It's a good cry, not a depressing movie, its just life and the movie gives you alot to think about and so fun to see life go backwards.
It's a must see!
Shop is closed today/Wednesday and Thursday. will be open again Friday & Saturday. Have a happy new year okay and be safe.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Somerset LIFE...Beyond Spectacular!

The quarterly issue of Somerset Life came in...cover is Pure eye candy for the Valentine season on its way.
You must visit Andrea Singarellas's Collected Hearts and her webblog is: and my dear friends at www; made it on a full impressive back cover...every home needs a needlepoint rescued and made into one of Sharon I have a few beauties myself,Sharon has helped me alot with the computer and the blogging world, she's the one who needs to wear the neclace that says "stop me before I volunteer again!
The front cover is Julie Collings work from springville Utah: I always look forward to what she has created with her odds and ends...always creative, congratulations for making the cover Julie, that's awesome and what a pleasant suprise!
This is how a dear friend years ago ,whom I never see...Joni Greenman...and "the most talented gal I know" wrote a Letter to the this and you will understand the impact these books have on us who love them. Joni is from Ogden and lives in a custom Victorian mansion she and her husband designed, geez, I would love to see her home again, its probably even more spectacular. If you were ever in the Ogden quilted bear the past 10 years, she was responsible for the outstanding display/and windows work...she displays BETTER than a magazine.
Here is her letter: It is with pure delight that I send my tender and abundant thankfulness to you!
Upon discovering Inspirations and Somerset Life in my mailbox, I chose a patch of lush green grass to sit upon, under a mature shade tree and slowly and deliberately removed the packaging rom the publications that I have highly anticipated for months.
The long moments that I spent pondering over each page turned into delightful and gentle afternoon hours...thank you ...for making my artful journey become a treasured milestone in my lilfe. Your editorial work is simply splendid and over the mountain top incredible. Every page is filled to the brim with a kind of unspoken loveliness that is soothing to the soul. Somerset Life is as if I had been invited into the most charming cottage of all and each thoughtful step throughout is an echo of the complete softness and cozines of life that I desire...Life is full of blessings, Joni Greenman
I told you it was inspiring... in fact, I don't know why Joni isn't on the staff of Somerset? I think I will email that famous Jo Packam and tell her she NEEDS JONI!
Of course...I NEED Joni...she was a treasured consignor in my last shop and her and I displayed and shared some booths at the Salt Lake and Ogden quilted bears in the 90's ,it was one of the funnest times... I was always in awe at her display work, she taught me how to stack and stack. She loves antiques and was Shabby chic before there was even a word for it.
I fell asleep with my copy of this book...great dreams...only I wanted to get up at midnight and start better half says I had another big day taking down christmas at the no late night creating!
Which reminds me...big sales at the shop and Christmas is 1/2 priced! Still new things some Peace totes should be arriving along with some new dazzling jewelry. We are Open Friday/Sat after new years 10:30-4:30 Closed new years eve day and new years day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas VACATION... what are you doing?

The only thing our Christmas came close to the show Christmas Vacation was the Christmas Lights...Santa COULD'NT have missed us as Steve had their place lit up MORE than the show...for some reason this man LOVES CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Why didn't I get you some pictures to see for proof? (I will next year!)
Christmas eve was our family having dinner and then spending the night all together waiting for Santa...the boys not so much beleivers...the girls to little to realize what was coming. Christmas Eve presents for the children were Sock monkeys almost as big as themselves and the girls got little sugar plum fairies.
Christmas morning the boys were up first...and of course needed to wake the girls up...after peeking and shaking their packages to see what Santa may have brought.
And the day was probably much like yours...lots of new gadgets to learn how to use, nice clothes to snuggle up in, gift certificates to spend, I got some new walking shoes and really happy about a new electric blanket. I'll spend alot of Christmas Vacation with it! Food, chocolates, movies and napping and more napping...and then the snow came.
Looks like I missed a picture of little children are not in the pictures as they would kill me, don't want to die on Christmas which reminds me... my ailing father was eating peanuts on Christmas eve as my sister was visiting, he started choking, couldnt breathe, son in law did the hymlic (spelling?)on him like 10 times before he could start breathing again, whew. All he's been through and saved so many times, many miracles and my sister was pleading with the lord, please don't let my father die from a peanut on Christmas Eve. So the Lord was good to us...hope he was good to all of you too and through your Christmas Vacation. Be safe, have fun!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why can't we just stay snowed in?

Here my husband is watching his son in law clear the driveway so Him and I can be on our way to work...the snow finally came on Christmas 12" of it! Remember when we were was so easy for us to be snowed in? Snow is so beautiful, why does it have to be soooo cold?
The shop is getting its "after Christmas make-over" furniture moving, new displays, cleaner easier to shop look, moving out the old to get ready for the new.
Farmington's snow 4-6" snow it's not too bad i think they are the only city that has clean streets,there is plenty of parking and Franciscos would love to have you stop in for some comforting Mexican food. I tried the quesadilla with grilled shrimp and spinach was SO tasty.
There will be sale tables through the month of January as inventory will be going on and reducing prices on certain items.


Stacie Olson was the lucky winner of the CHRISTMAS DRAWING we had at the shop! She was pretty excited as she won a set of pink & black zebra striped travel tote/makeup bags, a bracelet and a bling hat. Think her two teen daughters with her were eyeing them over too!!! Stacie is such a fun customer and a very shabby girl...loves bling and all the shabby to chic things it involves in decorating and dressing herself up!
Congratulations! May do another one...hmmmm! Yes, I think so...So check back on the blog Jan. 1 2009 and see what you are entering for. You can add your name each time you enter the shop, no purchase necessary.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our all time Rockwell

Our favorite Christmas Pictures...they say a picture can say a thousand this is all Mr. Bed of Roses and I would like to say to our customers after saying Merry Christmas to all!

We should be open today...hope to see you!

Getting the sleigh the shop should be open as soon as I can get there...thinking 10:00 a.m. but could get delayed with the slippery roads.
We have lots and lots of neat last minute and charming gifts.
Hope your Christmas will be Merry and Bright...and if it's not working as well as you have had planned...we will send prayers your way to make it the best that it can be inspite of it all.
Our expectations can be very high this time of year...and no matter how hard we try those expectations cannot always be met.
This being said...May Peace be with you and your loved ones...and you can always shop and finish up after Christmas...why not!
You may call: 451-2556 or 628-0890 if you need to check if shop is opened.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry...CLOSED TODAY...due to snow

so Sorry...we are closed today...due to a big snow storm that's already here and not ending until this evening.
This morning at 8:30 I ventured out, went to bank, picked up funny bones magnets from Jayns and thought oh this isnt too bad...well, within 15 mins. I had decided not to drive on these slippery snowy roads.
so from the bottom of our hearts, please accept our apologies and we will try for tomorrow and for sure Christmas eve day okay! We should have pretzel Tuesday and lots of Christmas sales for you
Be safe, drive carefully and don't let anyone run into you.

Part of the wont finish downloading

I will finish up this party this evening...the pictures wont keep downloading and I need to run to work before the storm...see you today in the shop and this evening to finish up the party ideas and to tell you who won the drawing!

Let the Grinch who stole Christmas Party begin...
All the girls were wearing their hair teased up in pony tails on top of their heads, the men were hanging grinch movie theater posters in the theater room, the children were getting their WHO clothes on and grandma (me) was doing a great hairdo on little cindy Lou who.
Finishing touches were going on the Gingerbread houses that Jurian, Shellie and Jeff made...arent they awesome!!! Look at the detail.
Ummm...the food that sister made this enormous pistachio green salad...we ate 1/2 very funny! Lots of meatballs & rice, brownies & ice cream, snacks.
The Grinch came and handed out presents for the children and the white elephants included a pair of used underpants, lots of weird odds and ends from garages, and my sisters took a picture of themselves at chucky cheese and had it made into this picture...I made sure i got it so I could use for blackmail SOMEDAY.Shellie made the burnt Gingerbread cookies for a white hard of hearing father got them...hope he could hear they were a joke! That's just such a Grinch thing to give isn't it!!!
Signs of whoville, beware of Grinch, go Away were placed here and there,relatives looking a bit like people in whoville with their red/whites and whimsicals, dame edna glasses and clothes of the 50's.
My husband kept taking the camera from me, he was afraid I would lose it...or there would be some more detailed pictures.

Part 2...backdrop Christmas decor for the Party...unfinished too.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here are my 2 sons...Bryce Tiffany and Kennedi their new baby this years first Christmas, they couldn't be more tickled to have their new little girl.My son didnt want children...and this little girl walks on water to him, even talking of another one...I say...Yes!

Tim added Veronica and Geovani to our family last week...yes, a wedding in the middle of Christmas! But its all great, we are really happy and love them all. This photo was taken at the Prairie Schooner for a little celebration.

My youngest son... maybe I will catch a picture of him at the Christmas party.

Here is a recipe for Cranberry Meatballs...good party food, we are calling it "whohash" and adding it on top of rice:

1 large package frozen italian meatballs from costco
2 cans jellied cranberry sauce
2 cup ketsup
6 TBS. brown sugar
2 TBS. lemon juice
Mix together and add to the frozen meatballs as they mix together better that way. cook on high for 2-3 hours in crock pot.
If it needs more sauce you can mix up another batch of mixture or cranberries.
This can also be cut in half for a half bag of meatballs.

Tomorrow is the drawing in the shop for all who entered their names for just coming in...the prize is a set of make up bags in pink/black polka dots, a bling hat and a 10.00 piece of jewelry...I will announce winner on blog Monday evening...and try to call the winner during the day.

Have a Beautiful's a great time to check your lists!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wrapping Presents? Have you tried CRAP WRAP?

Are you wrapping your packages? On tv yesterday was a funny news clip about Crap husband insists we wrap our White elephant gifts for the Christmas party this way...Here is how: use your crinkled wrapping paper, tape with the big shipping tape, tear some places not with sissors and then tape those pieces back on haphazardously and tape back on...taaa dah! Hope someone notices I went to all that extra work!!!
While wrapping packages, how about having a touching Christmas story about Thomas Kinkade, I have a new appreciation for him now. And you'll need the box of Kleenex.
You'll see how he was inspired to paint so successfully. Neat story.

Christmas where I live isn't Christmas unless you go to Smith & Edwards,some of you may know I have lived in the Country for many many many many years, this was a great place to buy my 3 sons and husband some of their Christmas in years past. Today I found myself driving out there wondering what I had been missing for the past 12 years or so...well, the parking lot was full of big trucks, there were men in big hairy beards, cowboy hats and even women that were quite burley,meaning they scared me! I wandered around with my big shopping cart, scanning the huge store quickly, bought me a pair of gloves and my son a red cap for the Christmas party and then got the heck out of there, probably never to return for another 12 years. Maybe some of you love Smith and Edwards...but I will take my shop anyday!