Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Windy notice...Thursday Closed

Thursday closed
See you Friday/Saturday
Because of the magnitude of these
winds we'll keep our fingers crossed the shop stays safe, you stay safe and
we'll let you know when the shop is
ready for business.

Here's some good words until then...

Santa's watching now!

Nations Tree lighting in New York tonight

Times have changed
Traditions go on...thankfully

Last week as I stood next to the Nations Christmas tree hidde
behind big banners/scaffolding as it was being
adorned in lighting and ornaments by many workers,
I thought back to this photo.

Tonight the tree lighting celebration begins on tv.

We will celebrate Tree Decorating at the shop by a sale:
10% off all ornaments
and we have MANY wonderful ornaments this year!
Our large trees are also on sale
we need them to go to a good home soon.

One main item on my list of things to do in New York
was see the Plaza at NBC studios
here it is, empty.
okay, just sayin' it's all smaller in real life,
the plaza,the studios
(any restroom in New York tiny)
Workers preparing for the next day inside.
Justin Beiber was due
The tents were lined up all over the place
for 2 days/nights in the POURING RAIN.
It rains cats and dogs.

Rain is a funny thing in New York.
You don't stop what your doing at all
 just pull out the umbrella
and carry on and I mean WALK.
Umbrella's at different levels everywhere bobbing.
Amazes me how that many people can go down a sidewalk
all with an umbrella without injury.

Across from the plaza you see this bakery everyday
on the today show:
Shellies husband plopped the children on the stools at the counter with big windows that over looks the plaza
 I kept telling them over and over
how special and famous this place was.
Surely they thought grandma was silly.
I think they were more interested in the
beautiful and delicious pastries set before them!

Tonight the famous Rockettes should perform

A vintage 1940's photo of the Rockettes
performing at Radio City Music Hall.

When they first came on stage to perform their
Christmas Spectacular
I cried.
Those legs
They had opened up the curtain partly and showed the
row of beautiful dancing legs
and I thought am I really seeing this live!

Rockette show is now more modern, appeals to the
new generation (and it's all okay)
 you have one of the best Santa's narrate
and at time put on 3-d glasses

Rockettes become Reindeer, toy soldiers, Santa's etc.

Show ended with one of the most spectacular live
nativities I have ever seen
Wasn't expecting a nativity and holy music I suppose.
But that is the real meaning of christmas
for kicking off the real meaning of Christmas

Don't miss out on our ornament sale!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Patina style is about experiences of the things we own

Suzanne Gibbs Taylor, the creative director and associate publisher at Gibbs Smith publishing
 sent me this gift today.
I adored reading about the authors vision
of what Patina style is.
Come in and enjoy my copy
You may want your own.
(Love this )
Introductory page:
Life isn't about the things you own but about the
experiences you have with them. Patina Style embraces the LIFE in things.
In the shop now
Primitive wooly brown 
"chimney socks"
with tiny sheep pin
fill-up with EARTHY goods
would be appropriate
don't forget to put an orange in the toe!

Santa pins with golden tinsel
adorn mini burlap crown stamped bags
favor gifts
Just a little something from you.

Rustic iron Bird clocks
Scallopy rustic trays would make
presentation of a beautiful loaf of Christmas breads
a useful gift.
new big arrival of rusty/rustic today

America's Statue of Liberty
in New York
is what comes to my mind when thinking
Patina style.
We took a ferry out to walk around her greatness
just last week
my...what a thrill.
So nice in real life to see and feel.

Ellis Island
where immigrants first landed.
A film showed us the procedures I thought were
scary and horrific
thought provoking.
It would cost a person $25.00 to be shipped
and would take sometimes two years to earn/ save that
amount of money. My husbands mother worked 2 years
after arriving from Holland to pay hers off.
If a person were sick on arrival they were shipped back.
We need to be grateful and appreciative
dont we.

This was the grand room which they were
lined and hearded in for their papers like cattle.

My love for antique trunks, wicker suitcases
really took a liking to this amazing display as you walked in.
All earthly possessions tucked inside.
We have my husbands mothers wooden trunk.
I will never look at it the same again
after visiting Ellis island.

Another treasure...
Eating lunch at Ellis island
my 5 yr. old granddaughter digs right into her pizza
She loves food like her grandpa.

Her life...a gift of Freedom and sacrifice
 from her great grandmother Martha
who ventured with 11 siblings to America from Holland.

Monday, November 28, 2011

What's on YOUR LIST?

Let the shopping begin...everywhere!
New York the eve before Thanksgiving Day 2011

Window of the Empire state building display in candy

Window of King Kong at Empire state building

Looking down into the Rockafeller Center area
from floor 108, may I suggest going as high
as you can so your ABOVE the buildings.
You can see a little blue glow
which is 1/3 up from bottom of photo
that is the ice skating rink with the
Nations Christmas tree close by
along with NBC studios.

Lights Lights Lights
and tallness
in New York.

Marbled walls, floors all over
at the Empire State building
this is the entrance.

New York does Christmas up BIG!

This precious cat I found at an animal show.
I don't see how Santa could deprive me of getting
my very own
do you?

It's on my list Santa

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Sales & Christmas Anticipation: Traditional and Nostalgic

Friday and Saturday shop hours
open at 11 am

retro-style metal hangers 
with classic numbers and clips 

regular price $14.95
now $10 
 Friday and Saturday Only
Perfect for hanging your favorite ornaments and photos!
Collect a few different numbers and create
a vintage vignette!

white crown canisters

3 sizes available
take $5 dollars off regular price
sale prices $10.95-$16.95

Christmas Trees 

regular price $175 now $125
regular price $155 now $115
brighten your decor with a 
white or whimsical green tree

 treat yourself to 20% off of one 
cheerful red item of your choice
Friday and Saturday Only

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dressing up for Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We're getting ready to eat some yummy turkey and dressing and spend time with loved ones far and near. What are your plans for this delightful holiday? 

Our shop is closed on Thanksgiving, but we will be open again on Friday and we would love to see you then!

We currently have beautiful scarves in our shop ranging from $16 and up. Dress yourself to the nines with one or more of our lovely scarves that are incorporated into the inspiration board below.

Thank you for shopping at Just a Bed of Roses.

We are thankful for you!
Photos Courtesy of Pinterest//Just a Bed of Roses//Dear Lillie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

just. all tucked in...and holiday shop hours

Gift basket donation for a sick child in Syracuse
will be auctioned.

Joni is the creator of this wire basket
filled with santa's, snowmen, snoballs
tablecloth, jingle bells all tucked in.

What can YOU do with this or these?
snowy mica flake covered icicles
For sure in a window scene.

Soooo many mercury glass ornament filled
bottle brush trees assorted colors
so beautiful
Maya's brought in loads of glorious handmade jewelry
every piece is just delightful
pure eye candy

Hours for the Holidays:
Open this Friday 11:00-5
Saturday 11:00-4:30-5

Week of Thanksgiving:
Open mon. tuesday 11:00-5:30
closed Wednesday/Thursday

Open with instore specials:
Friday/Saturday  11:00-4:30-5

Monday, November 14, 2011


Mercury glass garlands

Tiny baskets with flickering lights

Mercury glass birds in nests ornaments

Maya's extraordinary jewelry in jewel tones
handmade and unique

Red silver and green mercury garlands
Red glittered sayings
and so will your smile sparkle
when you shop here!

This antique Santa on sled bake-lite ornament
made a new customer today

This one too...look at Santa with his doggie
sorry-sold, but when it comes to antiques
the early bird catches the worm!