Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas memory lane and Olive Garden soup recipe...

Holiday Sunday lunch...Mr. Roses couldn't wait to make this recipe for me. You see... he had a meeting one night at the church and the R.Society Christmas social was going on and this Olive Garden soup is what they were serving, of course if you helped with dishes you got some soup...just teasing!

He googled "Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana" and now our home smells like mmmm the Olive Garden.
Would make a nice dish for a New Years Party. Soup is not thick like a clam chowder. It's Very tasty.

Then we went down "memory lane" watching Christmas parties past...from 1975 until now, so our children were just born and now they have their own families, like so with the others in this CD that was made as a gift for all of us. Many thanks to those who put their time into  putting this piece of heritage together for so many of us to enjoy.

Carl, his brother with 3 sisters talked on the cd about their Christmas memories...very humble Christmas' and fondly spoken of. They asked for little as they knew their Santa could not afford alot for a family of 6 children living on a farm. They told of dragging a live tree home and decorating it among other memories.
 I quit my Christmas pity party of when I was growing up the oldest of five, I had it made compared to theirs.

Hope you  too have recorded your Christmas events and traditions as they will become very precious.

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