Friday, November 30, 2012

and a Ho Ho Ho

our doors are open
 to Deck your halls

trim your yard

and fill those stockings
just a bed of roses

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our doors open to Christmas

we've gotten fresh
at just a bed of roses
(well since last spring)

we change with each season

6 years ago our shop was a floral shop,
we are always getting walk-ins for fresh.

anyway, it seems only natural to be somewhat live
since we are a naturalistic lifestyle market.

Joyoux Noel
a complete Christmas fragrance
in candles
Makes heaven and nature sing!

Birdnest in silvers make a jar floral
our large and small silver wreaths now in,
anything mercury glass is selling out fast!

Icy pine elegance in candles

13 new designs in Charm-its
buy 5 get the 6th free promotion thru Christmas

(reviewing this book tonight, can hardly wait)

This book is a total RIOT from what I can tell.
Mr. roses is buried in it as I speak.
Phil Noyes/author is a history buff and a tv personality
on the subject of travel in america.

It's filled with vintage photo's and trailer history.
check back for more
I can think of so many people
who would love receiving this book!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What can you do with these...

we will have on hand vintage jars of all types
thru Christmas
(at least 50 at all times)

many will arrive each day decorated uniquely for
"one of a kind" gift giving
and many will come "plain jane."
(been digging in the archives)

Christmas fragrances have arrived:
elegant fragrances
Christmas and everyday scents 
mercury glass candles wrapped with style 

You'll love them all

perfect for gift giving
(these would work for the men on your list)
travel tins too
(don't you love to travel with a candle)

vintage florals for the holidays

Galvanized Christmas
wouldn't it be neat to put a tree in this one?
The others for centerpieces?
endless possibilities

woolly lambs in rosey color
reminds me...
Does any one remember the
woolly lamb boutique MANY years ago in Ogden?

mica flakes, mercury santa heads,
wooden totes...silver wreaths.

Gingerbread men with burlap...

My new galaxy 3 smart phone has out smarted me...
this is going to take some time to figure out!
(using other camera till then)
I barely know how to answer this thing.
to say the least!

shop Farmington this Christmas!
thursday. friday. saturday. monday.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

recipes are like a dating service

It's a good thing you can't gain calories
from pinterest photo's...

(since the beginning of fall I have never seen so many
beautiful goodies in my whole life!)

do you agree?

we're having a BALL (hint hint) with Christmas
come see

Mary Janes Glamping book will be in the shop
fun. fun. fun.

I was gifted with a Smart Phone tonight,
Galaxy 3
quite a luxury
(I've only had basic phone use and have never
texted...for real!)
Learning how to use it and will try out the camera
tomorrow on what's new coming in.
It's a beauty!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dreaming of a White {and Healthy} Christmas - Guest Post

Now that your bellies are full from Thanksgiving you may be experiencing turkey remorse or hoping you can stay healthy in time for Christmas to roll around. I know I can count a couple of times where I've been sick on Christmas day and it's because I didn't take care of myself by eating right, exercising, and taking time to relax when I know I'm overdoing it. I admit it's really easy to get sucked into the craziness of the season and if you don't take time to take care of yourself before and during the holidays you'll find yourself becoming run down and sick. So how do I rejuvenate myself during the holidays so that I can gear up for my perfect white Christmas, which includes fun activities with my family, shopping events, and traveling? Here are some simple ways that I've applied to my lifestyle that help me through the holidays and all year round. 

One way to stay healthy is by taking vitamins on a regular basis. I'm not talking once a week - I'm talking once a day with a multi-vitamin or individual vitamins depending on what your body needs (I take extra Calcium vitamins because I'm allergic to dairy). Vitamins not only help you stay healthy, but they keep your body strong and ready to fight off bugs should they threaten your body during the winter. is a great site to stock up on your vitamins and order them online - it has everything from vitamin C to glucosamine. That way on Christmas day instead of fighting an ugly cold, which I did when I was in High School (not fun), you'll be smiling! Not to mention you'll be full of vibrant good health thanks to proper nutrition (don't think that vitamins are a substitute for good health though!) and vitamins that help improve your daily living. 

Are you remembering to sit back and relax? I for one am guilty of getting wrapped up (ha ha literally) in staying busy, wrapping presents, and forgetting to enjoy Christmas time. It's easy to want the best looking house with pretty decorations, the best presents for kids and grand kids, or to simply fall into the "let's stay busy" mentality. However, the reality is that Christmas comes and goes and you need to enjoy it while it is here! If this means slowing down the pace and really enjoying it, then make time to do so. Go shopping and sit down for a bit and enjoy the Christmas tree at the shop. Take your kids to a park with lights. Eat more dinners in and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Believe me, this is what will get you in a holiday spirit; not focusing on decorating and staying busy (even though that is fun too)!

Another way I stay healthy during Christmas time is by exercising. Oh I know how easy it is to stay inside where it is warm. I find myself very addicted to my fireplace in Utah! However, this isn't going to keep your body in tip top shape either mentally or physically. Your body craves exercise whether you choose to believe it or not and when you're cooped inside due to having a foot of snow outside your door - it's okay to shovel and take off to the gym for a quick workout - your body will thank you for it. Plus you'll feel a lot more healthier and proud of yourself! 

So I hope you have a very merry and white Christmas. Don't get discouraged if you often would like to ditch the diet and not exercise during the holidays - believe me it's tempting I know! The reality is that you'll feel a lot better that you made the extra effort to stay healthy during the holidays while still enjoying everything lovely that comes with having a white Christmas. Have fun decorating and soaking up some Christmas memories, while maintaining your health and your sanity! ;)

Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at Ocean Dreams. She loves dreaming of a white Christmas while staying healthy simultaneously.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

stuffed cars

Cars stuffed with Christmas goods
top to bottom
as Thanksgiving week-end comes to an end.

THANK YOU for your support this week-end
and Small business Saturday

you're the best!

Shop small business today

Celebrating with a shop filled with great stuff
and a 10% savings
off your entire purchase.
Come see us
Small business Saturday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas at last...

Have a comforting Thanksgiving day

It's arrived...and will be in the shop
friday: 10:00-5:30
$20.00 includes tax
and if you'd like it shipped do a paypal
on the blog sidebar or send payment
to this email:
will ship daily.

in Farmington
at Just a bed of roses!

We are celebrating
by gifting you
10% off your entire purchase
both days!
We have new gifts in and on their way,
scents, charms, vintage decor etc.

CANNOT wait to share my book review
Glamping with Mary Jane,
it was gifted to me from
Suzanne (former General store owner)
It is 100 times more than I
could have imagined it to be.

We will be carrying them soon.
In fact...I think we'll do a glamping week
at the shop when they arrive.

You can prepay for one with the 10% off
Friday/saturday this week if you'd like.

BEST gift for those who love to travel,
or contemplating it.
Fun Fun and more fun
well, it's a riot and full of detail!

I'll bring it in Friday okay.

a card I sent my sister

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Giving season challenge...

Challenge yourself to give

starting TODAY

thru New years Day,
let's just see
how poor we are!

Anne Frank your words live on
and inspire.


A few years ago I was prompted
quite heavily to give a large family
a decent amount of cash.
A family I REALLY admire
 but I don't know them.
I did not follow that prompting
for dumb reasons I suppose
and it has always bothered me.
This week I am prompted again...
they are expecting child # 10
good enough reason isn't it.
Heading to the bank TODAY

follow your promptings...
have no regrets,
lets have our VERY BEST "giving season"
this year and make
Thanksgiving and Christmas
what it's suppose to be!

today I did my giving and PREPARED for more...sent a package to a favorite friend and her daughter who 
It's Dixie and Annie
I mention this because everyday Dixie sends
a special saying or thought to me and her friends thru email, and Annie, I love that she makes me laugh,smile, tear up with her photography talent and shares her life on her blog.
aways and forever you two!

There were a few SIMPLE things that
touched me today:
The barber raked my leaves,
*A LONG story short, THAT was BIG.
(don't even make me go into this story!)

I took a shopping cart back into the store
(instead of leaving it in the lot)
and a lady coming into the store thanked me,
how nice of HER.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

always. always. always.

no matter what

Playing Susan Boyle
standing ovation cd this week
so very touching

New selection of holiday fresh florals in.
Bringing the outdoors in for the holidays!
we are open this week:
monday: 10:30-5:30
Friday: 10:00-6:00
Saturday: 10:-6:00
Small business Saturday
more on that, check back this week!

Did anyone get their twinkies this week?

When it was children raising days we had
our more than fair share of Hostess products.
Sorry so many will be losing their jobs.

Widdle your middle contest
is over monday morning for Mr. Roses.
Measurements and weigh in finally has come.

Tonight he had 2 grapefruit and 2 lemons.

Monday night we are having an ice cream party
Farr's icecream that is!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twas the Saturday before Thanksgiving...

Because he can...
his loads have been delivered to us for you to check off
your lists
for gift giving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Our adventures in home improvement

I love working the shop and meeting our new customers...especially ones such as Pam who came in today. (love you regulars too, seriously!)

She and her husband are AMBITIOUS ONES...another plus, they are TOTALLY on the same page with each other, same drive to repurpose, to reclaim items for living a vintage lifestyle.

I've been peeking through her blog archives and I'll surely be back... just like she said to me when leaving today "I'll surely be back!" I KNOW SHE WILL, we love the same things, like getting dirty with  old stuff, giving them new life.

I noted they love the outdoors, you must see their yard and garden... a naturalistic lifestyle, with a fish pond which their wonderful dog Max goes for a little swim with their fish! There is a wonderful game room in their home.

 She will show you how to's, how they did it and why. They have some wonderful antique scales they have repurposed. My husband too LOVES old scales. He will have scale envy for sure.

Hope you enjoy meeting Pam and her meticulous husband also.

I still can't believe I haven't run into Pam all these years, maybe digging in the same box or being in the same garage/basement, or at an antique show.

Welcome to Just a bed of roses Pam...see you soon!

anyone you know?

enough said!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

YOU better WATCH out...

Antique brass watch neclaces 
check out our Steam Punk watch
many style to chose

many new box style sayings in
along with beautiful shades of wrinkled ribbon
for creating

trim the tree:
glass chandaleir crystals on
ornament hangers
available now
2.00 and 3.00 each