Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Curiosities...perfect name for this movie

When the movie screen showed the title "The curiosities of Benjamin Button "there were just millions of buttons splashed all over...I knew instantly I was going to love this movie...and I did, it is so appropriatly named because every second you are so curious about what was coming next. I am always saying that we were made wrong, that it's only fair that at age 50 we should keep what we have learned and then get younger. I have changed my I think we should get younger but stop at maybe 25 years old.Of course, maybe that's saved for the next life, I hope.

The story was interestingly written and it begins in the middle of Hurricane katrina with a dying lady and another girl and she is reading a diary to the dying lady. You don't know who they are for some time. So the story is coming from the diary of Benjamin Button.
It's beginnings are in the 1940's settings, awesome. A life and Love story with Brad Pitt the main guy...ahhh! He starts life being born as an old old man and then ends life as a baby. Its theme is that life is always changing...enjoy where you are at because it changes fast, nothing stays the same. There's certain stages in life that we must be in for certain people. There was alot of comedy too, his mother died right after giving birth and his dad gives him away to a colored lady who runs an old folks guy keeps talking about getting hit by lightning 7 times, oh, that is so funny because they show you how each time happens, you will laugh.
That's about all I want to expose except that you do need kleenex, you will cry, in fact I wanted to just sob out in the car, but couldnt do it in front of my husband.
It's a good cry, not a depressing movie, its just life and the movie gives you alot to think about and so fun to see life go backwards.
It's a must see!
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Cyndi said...

I saw this movie last week and I can't stop thinking about it! My daughter and I loved it; although she cried through the whole movie. I seemed to have had a delayed reaction to it, and didn't start crying until two days later! It's very strange how Benjamin and his true love only have a short window of time when they have the same interests. Sad to think that they couldn't grow old together! I highly recommend this movie. I'm sure you all will enjoy it.