Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wrapping Presents? Have you tried CRAP WRAP?

Are you wrapping your packages? On tv yesterday was a funny news clip about Crap husband insists we wrap our White elephant gifts for the Christmas party this way...Here is how: use your crinkled wrapping paper, tape with the big shipping tape, tear some places not with sissors and then tape those pieces back on haphazardously and tape back on...taaa dah! Hope someone notices I went to all that extra work!!!
While wrapping packages, how about having a touching Christmas story about Thomas Kinkade, I have a new appreciation for him now. And you'll need the box of Kleenex.
You'll see how he was inspired to paint so successfully. Neat story.

Christmas where I live isn't Christmas unless you go to Smith & Edwards,some of you may know I have lived in the Country for many many many many years, this was a great place to buy my 3 sons and husband some of their Christmas in years past. Today I found myself driving out there wondering what I had been missing for the past 12 years or so...well, the parking lot was full of big trucks, there were men in big hairy beards, cowboy hats and even women that were quite burley,meaning they scared me! I wandered around with my big shopping cart, scanning the huge store quickly, bought me a pair of gloves and my son a red cap for the Christmas party and then got the heck out of there, probably never to return for another 12 years. Maybe some of you love Smith and Edwards...but I will take my shop anyday!


Anonymous said...

My packages have to be perfect...I sometimes wish I could just crap wrap though!!! I am going to search for the Christmas Cottage, I want to see it!!! I love Thomas Kinkade...Oh my, just gorgeous work. Do you carry his Prints and Paintings at Just A Bed Of Roses? I remember my mom carried Glynda Turley in her shop long ago, and Oh wow...Kinkade & Turley are my favorite artists by far. xxoxo Merry Holiday my friend :)

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Brenda ~ Crap Wrap is hilarious ! It actually looks like way more work than pretty wrapping :)
I haven't even heard of the Thomas Kinkade movie but I do love his work so I will have to look for it ~
Have a wonderful Christmas ~