Monday, December 15, 2008

Just for fun...the shoe

Just watching President Bush getting a big shoe thrown at him...probably not the first time a man has had a big old shoe thrown at them...but more likely from the spouse!!!
Hope not to be disrespectful here okay!


Mimi Sue said...

We went to see the Christmas thing at the conf center on Thurs for the dress rehearsal. Not a good day traffic wise since there was a jazz game that night too. But LOVED the performance. I love all that kind of stuff because I'm not musical at all either. But my husband pointed out that we are really good at being the audience. Someone has to do it! Anyway, sorry you can't come to the home tour but we do it every now and then so maybe next time. Sometimes in the spring to see the pretty gardens etc. Don't work to hard today. I'm going to get down there sometime this week. BUSY week. But at least no weddings! Mimi Sue

Kelly said...

It's okay... I've mentally thrown rotten tomatoes at the man for several years ;-)