Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pretzel tuesday...Come sample while picking up your last minute gifts!

Shellie, I hope you don't mind I took decorating pictures of shellies daughters rooms and the Master Bath and bedroom mantles and a few trees...the first picture is vinyl lettering on the mirror in the girls room. SWEET isn't it!
It's Pretzel tuesday again...come have a sample while picking up your last minute gifts...Crown the princess in your life...we have some neat cast iron wall hooks in off white and rust, and what do you think of the Crown credit card or business card holder...to die for! I brought in some big rusty crown florals, they arent priced yet, will be on Thursday. The Twilight charms and neclaces are fabulous and have been restocked just in the nick of time PLUS a new shipment of PAPER TAGS and are as stunningly beautiful as ever.
Only a few giraffe bags left, plenty of giraffe wallets now, and the zebra purses should arrive anyday, they have a heart logo on them that teens will adore, wallets are coming that match, making some fabulous gift giving.
Also we have some great polka dot items and what do you think about the black and hot pink peace sign bag! Don't you love it!
Lots of fun bracelets and neclaces have arrived too.
Plus...Christmas is really discounted now...come finish up your decorating with our vintage style christmas goodies.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Brenda, Gorgeous photos!!! I simply love the white tree...I may do one of those next year!! Wish I could sample Pretzel Tuesday!!! xoxo