Friday, December 19, 2008

GRINCH showed up to see CINDY LOU WHO!

Ahhh to be a child at Christmas time...wonder what little "Cindy Lou Who" thinks about The Grinch(alias her daddy) showing up at her house?
Daddy wasn't able to slip away from an appt. to get to "Cindy Lou who's" school program, so mommy says "daddy MUST DELIVER all our neighborhood gifts IN THE GRINCH outfit" and Daddy says "I would LOVE to...and he did, he went straight to work delivering AND scaring to death many friends and neighbors when they opened the door. I know what I would do...SCREAM!
Luckily he delivered something wonderful to smooth over the fright...Mini's cupcakes! Shellie discovered this shop in Salt Lake 14 E. 800 South and fell in love with the Breakfast at Tiffanys cupcake. Here is the so you too can visit when shopping in Salt Lake. I know Julie M. found this place also and fell in love with it immediatly.
The curlers & peppermints...that's MY hairdo for the Grinch who stole Christmas party coming up. Would love to hear about YOUR parties (hey we need ideas for next year).
Big snow day this afternoon...this morning jump in your big warm sleigh on wheels and go Christmas shopping, just drive cautiously. Nothing prettier than new snow falling.
And once again...we have some fabulous "last minute gifts." Christmas IS coming!

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Kelly said...

Curlers and peppermints... sounds a little um, unusual, Brenda.. I want to see photos!!! I'm going to check out that cupcake site.. I was going to come in today and Christmas shop, but I chickened out with the weather!!
See you soon,