Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby it's COLD OUTSIDE...dress warm and come on in!

We aren't use to this cold weather are we? We have been a bit spoiled with no snow, no cold or its here so dress warm as you are finishing up your shopping. Kids probably have their last day of school today. I will take the boxes of ornaments into the shop today along with the vintage shabby pink tablecloth. there was no bidding so maybe they need to be seen in person and I can adjust the pricing a bit. You may call me: 451-2556 or 628-0890 if you want to make an offer or buy them before someone else. they are little treasures.
The shop has SO MANY fun "last minute" gifts in, you probably havent seen our chocolate dipped spoons for stirring hot cocoa. so here is a sweet warm idea...we have these ceramic christmas cupcakes with a lid, you could put some packages of hot cocoa inside give a few spoons and you have the neatest gift! The cupcakes are discounted 40% until christmas, then I will give the rest for my last minute gifts!
Plus...I don't have pictures...but do you remember Karens granny smith apples that are dipped in caramel and chocolate...THEY ARE BACK...who wouldn't love one of those?

And we are wondering if the TRUE LOVE zebra wallets and purses will show up today...I say better late than never, just we need them for christmas day dont we?

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