Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our caramel chocolate dipped pretzels are so yummy. They are packaged 5 in a bag for $4.00 and our Holiday Pretzels have arrived!They are chocolate and white chocolate covered in red and green assorted sprinkles...very festive. Karen packages these sweet treats in a nice bag with cute handmade stamped tag...so neat for those you want to gift in just a simple "hey thanks I love you" way, neat favors too. And don't forget to buy yourself a package while youre out doing your Christmas shopping.
I would show a picture...I swear I brought home a package to photo and give to Mr. Bed of Roses for all his honey do projects today...but I went out in the freezing cold, search the car high and low...and no package.
WEll...BACK TO PRETZEL TUESDAY...That will be the day in Dec. we have fresh samples for you to enjoy while doing your shopping.
I just remembered that karen says she is bringing in 2 jars of pretzels tody where you can hand pick a big pretzel rolled in almonds or M & M's...sounds like chocolate heaven to me!
Pictures will be taken Wednesday...come see & taste them for yourself today!


Anonymous said...

We love Chocolate covered pretzels at our house! As a matter of fact, the kids and I will be doing some of our own this Christmas. Pretzels are just YUM!!! Sounds delish rolled in M&M's! I bet your store looks really beautiful this time of year~ Wish I could stop in! xoxo

Jenni B said...

Fun stuff!

Pop over to my blog to say hi and enter to win a fab giveaway! I'm giving away some of the ornaments I had on the Martha Stewart Show with me last year (which Martha actually took home with her)!

Jenni B

Fleur de Bee said...

Just discovered you through JenniB. I had no idea you were so close and here I thought I had hit all my contacts etc in Utah! I teach ballet at Bountiful Ballet so I will have to pop over to visit one of these days soon and introduce myself! Lovely blog here, you are making my mouth water with talk of scrumptious ediables...yum!