Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay... Our party will be done in lime green and centered around the show THE GRINCH WHO STOLE's a classic, I've had it playing twice the past few days while I work, the one with Jim Carrey, love him.
We always have the funnest family Christmas parties, it's big... 50 come and are such good sports...they always know it will be interactive, kind of silly and fun for all ages.
We really struggled to come up with a theme this year...don't know why, maybe lack of snow, letting that R word and the E word get us down,some of our children losing jobs, illness' that keep our spirits low, knowing our mother didn't want a Christmas party this year, she IS the Grinch ,or simply our thinking caps were just not on straight enough.
We can come dressed as simple or extreme as any character from Whoville, a Grinch Santa will suprise us and handing out presents to the children. Food is lime green jello salad, who-hash will be main dishes, dessert is brownies with green chocolate chip ice cream.Probably green drinks...AND diet coke AND Dr. Pepper!
When a bell is rung, like 25 times, who ever answers a question from the movie right gets a prize. Also we each bring a gag gift which cant be bought (because in the Movie its theme is Christmas cant be bought from a store),my goodness, cant wait as my brothers and sisters families are MASTERS at GAG gift giving. We all contribute, making no burden on anyone.
Instead of giving presents to each other we will take that money and donate it to the XO-Love orphans for their next trip.
We will have the grinch and Horton movies playing in the theater room, among some other comedies and the night will go by waaaay to fast.
Hope your parties too will be memorable...the time is slipping away fast. Especially if you are one that does not have Christmas purchased at this point. dont feel alone, we hear it every's okay, it WILL get done, always has, always will!
Would love to hear about your Holiday parties by now many have already been given and many will continue till New Years Day.


Anonymous said...

The kids love that movie - and what a cool theme for the Holidays!! It really is a classic :) I also love the tree in your other post, tilting over at the tippy-top...I am going to do that next year!! It just makes it look fabulous and well, perfect!! Have a great Sunday, xoxo

Mimi Sue said...

You guys are so creative. What a fun party. You're lucky to have a big fun family. Mimi