Tuesday, December 16, 2008

VINTAGE PETITE 3" ESTATE ORNAMENTS...who wants them the most?

Wednesday , one day only sale,you will be able to email me with your highest bid on these 3 boxes of petite vintage estate ornaments...I picked them up at an awesome old estate years ago and would love to sell them if the price is right! That sounds like a game show doesnt it? They would be absolutly to die for on our small vintage gold and silver tinsel trees...which are on sale right now, with only a few left.
These ornaments are in mainly pastel shabby colors, with a few reds and blue,2 purples. all in great condition, none are broken, there are no hooks for hanging.Many are handpainted & glittered one in the middle has a skier painted on it. One box has the lid as shown, and the other boxes are original but have no tops. There is no other information on the boxes, so this is all I know. One picture shows the company which I am not sure where it is from, do you? and it show the original pricing. should date them, probably the 1950's? There are 43 ornaments in all, that includes some of the little tiny pink ones. Enlarge the picture and see how really beautiful they are. Most ornaments are 3" tall.22 for sure say poland imprinted on the top, a few say made in usa, one small red one says Japan and the small pink ones i cant read well, may say japan. the biggest purple says west germany. hope that helps in determining their value. These arent the tiniest ornie, they are in the middle of small and big. Like i say, just perfect for some of these smaller tinsel trees.
Starting bid is 25.00 a box.. In the picture is a big pink and white handmade vintage doily, so shabby chic...the starting bid 40.00 its immaculate and from the same estate. It is ruffly on the edges and measures 33" across. No flaws at all on it. The last picture is a bonus, its a smaller estate doily, you will receive it or a pink and white one if you are the winning bidder!
The bidding will end Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. Mountain standard time. I will email the highest bidder and bring them into the shop on Thursday for pick up.I would prefer not to ship as with this christmas time mailing rush they could easily get broken.
Hope you enjoyed Pretzel tuesday...one more to go before Christmas and we have lots and lots of new bags of pretzels, making easy for your gift giving.
Here is my email: justabedofroses@hotmail.com
Good luck on these antique christmas treasures...Brenda

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Mimi Sue said...

Can't wait to see the goodies. Your daughter's home is lovely. Love that aqua and pink tree. Do you sell the white trees at the shop? I'm thinking of getting one for the craft room. Our home tour went well. At least no snow tonight. Mimi