Friday, December 12, 2008

ROMANTIC to RUSTIC...a story of 2 customers

I should be telling you about all the NEW PURSES clutches, jewelry, the Christmas decor sales going on at Just a Bed of Roses.
HOWEVER... I had the funniest day yesterday working...I just have to tell you this know on the window it says "Romantic to Rustic"...this is why:
First Julia Bradley bounces in from teaching tennis, exercising and has to get her Just a Bed of Roses fix...she FINALLY TOOK DOWN HER HALLOWEEN & THANKSGIVING...oh Julia, just in time girl! Julia loves REAL antiques, dark rich colors, loves the rustic florals and spends a GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME as she checks EVERYTHING out in the shop, no stone unturned.(I should order her in lunch...why didnt I think of that until now!) Her heart is golden, her personality positive and uplifting, she actually sings along to the radio when she shops (none of us mind at all) and she makes everyone happy that comes in while she is shopping.So...she started her RED pile on the counter,(and you know how big the counter is!)she also fell in love with the antique ringing bell santa and bought it for her birthday.
In walks Jeni Carlson...the QUEEN OF BLING... I would be quite comfortable in saying that Jeni's Christmas was started BEFORE HALLOWEEN! This time Jeni was not dressed in pink, very unusual, still glamorous... Well Jeni sees the pink sparkle snow house that just arrived an hour before and says "I have to have it" well Julia looked at her and said "WHAT you want a PINK house?" Quite entertaining for customers and myself watching these two opposites in style, but NOT in heart and SPIRIT.
Not unlike Julia, Jeni lights up the room too when she walks in...I am sure its where ever she goes.( I've rarely seen these ladies down) Jeni's always happy, positive, high energy,loves what life has to offer, dances and loves everyone as deeply as Julia can and you just know it when your around her.They both love children and are teachers of children. So... Jeni says to me, I will start my PINK pile on the counter...then it started... Julia says "well don't mix it with my red pile, and Jeni is like... YOU dont need to worry about my Pink sparkle stuff getting mixed with YOUR red antiqued stuff! And so it continued.
You can see jeni's new pink sparkle house here on her blog: and see her beautiful new couch.
Being the salesperson in the shop I say to Julia "did you see the rhinestone ball caps we have in Jewel tones?" (knowing she is not going to go for the pink & aqua's)she looked at me like I just had just come from Mars. I said I really thought you would love them, again that look of your an alien! She says very bluntly that when she plays tennis with the girls dressed in their cute little outfits, jewelry, and all those diamonds...she literally knocks their socks off! If she woreany kind of stones, she would not play well AT ALL and tennis winning was a whole mind set. Boy, little do I know about tennis. I just thought thats what it was all!
Anyway thanks ladies... I entertained my thoughts about you two all the way home and then some!
The picture in this blog is Shellies PINK HOUSE...she DID get the FIRST one and its in her blue shabby bedroom, isnt it pretty. We have one pink and one light green in the shop today...wonder who will get them? The little make-up totes were presents we gave to my granddaughters who shared birthdays last sunday...ones birthday is on christmas, she just doesn't know it yet. We have neat ones in the shop, think of the possibilites to make someone on your gift lists Christmas Merry and!
Okay, tomorrow I will blog about our family Christmas party coming up...we finally came up with a theme...thats the hardest part of our parties, but boy when we do decide on it look out...we have as much fun planning it as having it...theme given tomorrow!
Check back and see you at the shop...we DO have what you need to fill in for a fabulous Christmas Day!
P.S. oh I forgot to mention HEATHER...AND HER HAIR!!! Thats for another story! If you know Heather, then you will know what I am talking about! Love her & family.


jeni said...

Hi there. It's the queen of bling. What a fun day that was. It was really funny wasn't it. I love everything a got! I am also in love with the furniture Shellie placed her pink house on. What a gorgeous piece! I might need another tour of her fabulous home. I'll see you soon!

Kelly said...

I'm sitting here in my robe this morning reading your blog... laughing out loud!! I can just visualize it all. I don't know rusty red Julia yet, but I do know the pink queen of bling! Very, very funny story Brenda, and really well written.