Monday, December 8, 2008

Jayna's Funny Bone Magnets...& snow!!!

Hope Jayna doesnt mind us calling her new magnets Funny bones...because thats exactly what it does...hits our funny bone! The first one that sold was: fix you own dam dinner! The ladies were buying it for a friend, they are in their 60's so can you relate?
From now thru New Years she is having a Sale...that's right, it doesnt happen much with her handmade pieces.
Here it is...when you buy 2-3 of her neclaces on SILVER BALL CHAINS the sale is 10% off. When you buy 4 or more the sale is 20% off! whats so awesome about this think of those you can cross off you Christmas list with her one of a kind neclaces!
Wow...I'm looking out the window and seeing an unfamiliar sight...SNOW!!! The last snow we had I was in Florida and the storage roof caved in at the shop...its been repaired, so all is good.


Marie said...

Funny Bone Magnets is a great name. Love them; they made me smile.

Carolee Crafts said...

Funny Bone Magnets they hit the spot, very good naming thank you for making me laugh.

gail said...

Hi Brenda, I hope the holiday shopping has been great in your shop. I love the funny bone magnets. I really like the Twilight ones. I am a huge fan. :)
Have a great week,,, hugs, gail

Debbie said...

Hi Brenda...I love those FunnyBones magnets!

Happy Holidays!

Patricia said...

That's a great name for the pendants. Very nice sale!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the ones featuring the movie "Twilight" - I had heard it was popular, and so I picked up the first book from Stephanie Meyer, Twilight and I can tell you I read it in 2 hours never putting it down until finished!! GREAT Book, and those magnets are probably selling like hotcakes! Love them! xoxo

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Brenda,

The funny bone magnets is really good, I also like "Make your own damn dinner". It makes me laugh. Could do a follow up with wash your own clothes..

Pei Li