Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting ready for the FAMILY CHRISTMAS Shellies

Here is just a SNEEK PEEK at some of shellies decorating for Christmas...we are ALWAYS thankful she opens her home for the family Christmas party, we fit, and its just so full of the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AND EVERYTHING is decorated. I will post again today about the party, my computer is so fussy about adding pictures.
Wanted you to see the "beyond spectacular" (julies famous words) entree florals done on the stairway posts created with greens/ferns and CLUSTERS OF RED ROSES and then drapes onto the floor.
At the bottom of the stairs are two very large nutcrackers...(that's my sons daughter wanting grandma to take her picture)the main theme for her kids this year for Christmas and sweet little Jurian who is 7 asked grandma for a nutcracker for Christmas. He is also an artist and is making art work to sell at the christmas party for the orphans for shoes and food.The tree is all nutcracker figures along with the fireplace mantle, plus a nutcracker stage in miniature.

This CROOKED TREE may be a clue as to what the theme of the Christmas Party is this year...without the gingerbread you may be able to figure it out? Anyway THIS tree is whimsical and standing on her kitchen counter...I love it there.
Okay...I need to get back to work making the "Queen" ivy florals...maybe I can bring them in Monday.

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Counting Your Blessings said...

Her tree is just stunning. And I love that's crooked for the Grinch theme! That's a huge nutcracker - oh my! I've just started getting the holiday decor out. I think I'll work on it today. Blessings.. Polly (p.s. hopped over from Sher's blog)