Thursday, December 4, 2008

The 12 Florals of Christmas...ha ha ha!!!

Make your home a little more christmas cozy with the 12 florals that are coming in today...some with pink glittery gumdrops and lime green, others with big gingerbread boys, a sleigh and a sled, even santas in sifters, fluffy flocked greenry, tea dyed linens & ribbons, some very white shear ribbons still all done with my vintage "attic style" look. ,
Better get on my loading them up for the shop! Hope your shopping and decorating is coming along. Many of you have the "sick" bug, hope it doesnt get you down too bad. Hey, Christmas will get done, so rest up while you can. Glad Lisa and I have gotten our bugs gone, we need all the strength we can get to help make you a very Merry Christmas this year!
In fact, lets do a sale...this Thursday Friday & Saturday all Christmas is 10% off.
Including florals, sorry I cant do any better than that, but the florals are marked low to start with...and I do have to pay the bills!!! See you soon!


Jessica said...

I need to come get some of those giant gumdrops! I LOVE them! I need to find time to stop by soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the first photo with the sparkling pinks and greens, that is my favorite!! - are those the Gumdrops?? How ingenious!! You make the most beautiful florals...They should sell like hotcakes this time of year! xoxo

Mimi Sue said...

Your florals are beautiful. I have a place for one so I'd better get down there. I'm finally feeling better. I've been sick for 2 weeks! NOT good timing. Mimi