Monday, December 22, 2008

Part of the wont finish downloading

I will finish up this party this evening...the pictures wont keep downloading and I need to run to work before the storm...see you today in the shop and this evening to finish up the party ideas and to tell you who won the drawing!

Let the Grinch who stole Christmas Party begin...
All the girls were wearing their hair teased up in pony tails on top of their heads, the men were hanging grinch movie theater posters in the theater room, the children were getting their WHO clothes on and grandma (me) was doing a great hairdo on little cindy Lou who.
Finishing touches were going on the Gingerbread houses that Jurian, Shellie and Jeff made...arent they awesome!!! Look at the detail.
Ummm...the food that sister made this enormous pistachio green salad...we ate 1/2 very funny! Lots of meatballs & rice, brownies & ice cream, snacks.
The Grinch came and handed out presents for the children and the white elephants included a pair of used underpants, lots of weird odds and ends from garages, and my sisters took a picture of themselves at chucky cheese and had it made into this picture...I made sure i got it so I could use for blackmail SOMEDAY.Shellie made the burnt Gingerbread cookies for a white hard of hearing father got them...hope he could hear they were a joke! That's just such a Grinch thing to give isn't it!!!
Signs of whoville, beware of Grinch, go Away were placed here and there,relatives looking a bit like people in whoville with their red/whites and whimsicals, dame edna glasses and clothes of the 50's.
My husband kept taking the camera from me, he was afraid I would lose it...or there would be some more detailed pictures.

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