Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Staying HEALTHY still TRYING!

It's just something you do after you reach 50...try to stay healthy. Here are a few more samplings of what we try to do around our home to fight the aging process:
We find that if our home is stalked with these things then it's so much easier to fight the battle, so we always have bananas, apples, lemons , limes and a case of oranges . Plenty of V8 juice along with salad and low fat no fat dressings.
I have been big into the Omega 3's now as the choirpractor says I have alot of inflammation in my legs , arm and neck muscles that's chronic and JOB related (refinishing furniture pieces, shopping lifting, standing and displaying all day long). Almonds bought in bulk are kept in fridge and take 7-8 a day, fish oil pills that dont make you smelly and salmon 3 times a week. Flax oil and seeds are really great, we sprinkle on salad.
Not being a coffee drinker and liking a hot drink I chose to use Pero & it has no calories.
The aquave sugar is like a liquid more runny honey, great in hot drinks and toast. doesnt increase your blood sugar levels.
Darling Husband made the HUGEST batch of SOUP thats healthy yesterday, our son recovering from major surgery got his share and I feel like there's enough to feed the neighbors. It does help with the battle of the bulge though, so I certainly am not complaining AND he is a great cook too! And NO I am not sharing him!
I still have more, but dont want to go into an overload. Am I losing weight...slowly but surely. More slowly than I would like... however I am on the right path, maybe I am the turtle!


Antique Paperie said...

Brenda - I am SO not eating at your house!! What in the world...I am speechless as this is exactly what grandma used to have in her cupboards...I remember Flaxseed and she always had the V8 drinks, the Cod liver Oil pills....Uuugh!

I tried Low Fat once...Give me the creamy buttermilk ranch any day...
Fish Oil? Salmon?? Brenda!! Reading this post makes me want a huge 10 foot hoagie loaded with honey mustard, 7 kinds of fatty cheese, pickles, olives, jalapeno peppers and stuffed with salami and honey roasted turkey. Maybe some Bacon on it too. :)
xo Sher

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Sher, then I really am your grandma!
Sher...I USE to eat like that too...until I got to be 50 lbs over the limit. And the limit is what I weighed when I delivered my first child!
I'd MUCH rather sit down to a 1/2 gal. of Rocky Road ice cream anyday.
Too funny thanks for posting Sheri.