Saturday, January 12, 2008


FAT BE GONE...5 LBS OF IT!(butter) ......I just had to celebrate with You!
I have been exercising and watching what I eat since the day after Christmas .
My new goal is to lose 5 lbs of SUGAR.
Here are two things that I am trying now: One is called green tea extract all natural fat burner and the other all natural starch blocker. The tea is taken in the morning and the starch blocker before a starchy meal.
My daughter and I have been asked to try these by Dr. M.Kennedy @, so we are curious to see our results.
Couldn't do this without the good old treadmill...I have a date with it every morning BEFORE I get on the computer...eeeew that is a test of How bad I want to get this excess fat off me!
What works for you in losing the extra pounds?


Anonymous said...

Brenda, hubby and I are dropping some weight too we started in Novemeber due to his high blood pressure, I am in for support and weightloss. So far I have dropped twenty and he has dropped 40. We eliminated salt, anything with high sodium and all canned and preserved foods. I wood like to say we eliminated sugar but I have replaced a lot of our sugar items with sugarfree sweets and Splenda. I really would like some of your snow, love the newsletter idea and the memory keepers.

Anonymous said...

I really do spell well, but I type