Sunday, January 13, 2008


Our family feels so BLESSED to be able to CELEBRATE & HONOR Our Dads 80th Birthday & life last evening.
We partied at my sisters newly remodeled updated home which was so much nicer than going to a noisy restaurant. The food was incrediblely good, my dads favorite dessert is coconut cream pie. There was 12 of us as they have five children, I am the oldest. My husband on the left in the white shirt and I'm snapping the pictures. With no kids at this party we were able to have a nice vist, usually tons of children are running around at our family gatherings.
Each child wrote a page about him for keeping in a book. I have to say my sisters and brothers really out did me on this, I must re-do mine.
My dad is a man of SERVICE, CHARITY & COMPASSION, he is just the nicest and has a gift to talk to anyone comfortably. He can be laying nearly dying in the hospital and he wants to know what WE need, what HE can do for us! He is always loving and concerned about us and his grandchildren. He bought a family cabin that we can be together often. He is a spiritual person, LIVES WHAT HE BELEIVES to the fullest and for this I honor his integrity. I cant even imagine my dad not wanting to do the right thing. His profession was 5th grade teacher and elementary principal, so yes...I was suppose to be good so I didnt get sent to the Principals office! Heck, I got sent to the principals office & sent home when I was a senior for wearing LEVIS to school...bad girl!!!
The past 20 years he has had 2 open heart surgeries + more health problems...we thought he would die then, He is just too strong, he works physically really hard and that is probably what has kept him alive.
I think I get my creativity from him as he has a love for making things only HIS PASSION IS ROCKS, yes I said rocks! He makes rock jewelry for everyone and has for years. He even likes to quilt, something he learned from his mother. He wants to live LONGER, we hope he can, but if he doesnt he has lived a BEAUTIFUL LIFE. I could go on and on about my dad...thanks for letting me share my dads milestone with you.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to your dad ! He sounds like an amazing precious man !!! You are truly blessed ~

Antique Paperie said...

You are blessed indeed - and so is he! What a wonderful family you have Brenda - I wish your dad nothing but another 20 years of Blessed Birdthdays!!! I shed tears reading this post - How I miss my beloved Grandma - but you know we are all blessed, those of us who know love and have been loved. Fabulous photos - he looks thrilled!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
xoxo Sherri

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

What a wonderful and precious legacy your Daddy has to leave to his family.
It looks like everyone enjoyed his birthday and had a great time.
Thanks for sharing this love story with us.


Grandma G said...

Loved reading about your Dad....what a special man! Happy Birthday and many more! You and your family are truly blessed to have him as the head of your family but I'll bet by your description of him, he feels that he is the one blessed!!
Thanks for sharing such happiness with us!


Cottage Collections said...

It sounds like your dad is an amazing man Brenda. Now I see where you get some of your caring and compassion and love of life. You must be very proud of him as I'm sure he is of you.
Happy Birthday Brenda's dad!

Mama Bear

Dianne said...

Brenda, Thank you so much for sharing about your amazing Dad! I love hearing happy family stories more than you can imagine. I am so happy for you that he is such a good and loving and giving father, what a blessing it is for your entire family and those who ever meet him. I feel blessed just reading about him! Tell him Happy Birthday (belated) from your pink friend! I'm invited to a surprise b-day party this weekend that my left side neighbor is giving for my right side neighbor, a very sweet lady who is also turning 80! Have to figure out a gift! You're post makes me look forward to celebrating with her even more!