Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Tonight I was going through the computer pictures and came across a Nice warm beachy vacation a few years ago to Puerto Rico. It was so we went with our daughters family and enjoyed our grandchildren so much. So come take just a little Mini Vacation in the comforts of your warm home, and it wont cost you a thing...
Just picked a few can see traveling to a tropical romantic island is much different with 4 children under 8 than just Us two! Baby decided not to keep her milk down, so grandpa got it all over his shirt, good thing he is a pleasant grandpa. The water and climate were ideal, Very green although Puerto Rico is a bit scarey. I wanted to share a Walmart with you so you appreciate the somewhat cleanliness here as to there, there were cop motorcycles, and check out the tall guard station in the parking that makes one feel real safe...Not! Weird weird store there.
Kids love pools dont they along with real sand dollars (its name was Sandy), and an iguana (we named tea bag?). Puerto Ricans are quite comfortable using duct tape on their vehicles!
The blue brick street is in San Juan and so is the Huge cruise ship, I have never been on a cruise, and when I saw this magnificent ship I was speechless!

Traveling with small ones means you take home with the picture at the airport really is all our luggage, from what I recall there were like 17 pieces...too hard on grandma and grandpa!

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